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The swims of St Mary's part 2

The Swims of St Mary’s Part 2

Image showing this weeks swims.
We continue this week with a look at the various common swims around the loch as experienced by Archangel an experienced angler on the lochs. There are many areas that are not covered by this treatise but the more favoured ones will certainly appear. If you like the looks of an area and it feels “fishy” just go and fish it and find out for yourself!

The Boathouse

This is a well known swim that has given up many twenty plus specimens over the years. I myself have had many excellent fish here over the last ten years. Directly in front of the boathouse there lie significant amounts of rubbish in the form of old tyres and iron ware. It is very easy to get snagged up here and lose tackle so be careful. To the right of the boathouse the bottom is clearer with a soft muddy bottom with some significant weed growth ranging from 10 – 25ft in depth.

In the summer you can see huge banks of weed just protruding the surface and many fish have been caught here. A great place to troll just in front of the bank of weed over the years has seen many good fish caught. The area is usually a good place to try a stick float and some maggots for the perch with some heftier specimens appearing every year. You must keep to the boathouse side of the fence as beyond is Rodono’s garden. Depth is largely as above.

To the left of the boat house (The Selkirk end) lies a good area where many pike have been caught from ten to 70 yards from the bank. The depths here are from 10 – 45ft all depths giving up pike. The bottom is largely soft mud and further out has minimal snags the snags appearing the more one veers towards the boathouse. Large weed banks become apparent as one looks towards the Selkirk end and fish are often found here.

Verdict – a smashing swim when conditions are good, always worth a shot.

The Secret Swim

Although it is called such, everyone who has been around a few years knows where it lies. In the vicinity of a spawning area the area consists of a sandy bottom with the odd outcrop of underlying stone. Getting snagged is more likely the more one casts towards Summerhope casting straight out is unlikely to lead to getting stuck. We are talking here of depths ranging from 5 – 50ft with the latter being encountered on distance casts over 60yds. Many good fish have been captured here with some crackers in winter. Straight ledgering is all that is required even in summer. Various wedded areas out in front and trout anglers often catch here as well. Casting from some points on the bank can be difficult but with some judicious wading there should be no great difficulties.

Verdict – A very good swim that can lead to some big fish, a good winter spot, should always be on your list of venues.

The Village Hall

A large sandy bay ranging from 3 – 25ft in depth for over a hundred yards, this too is a known spawning area. There are long straggly weeds breaking the surface straight out and towards the boathouse end, whilst to the left there is a steep descent into fifty feet of water and deepening quickly the further out you cast. A short distance to the left is the deepest part of the loch at 154ft and you don’t want to be there although I remember it was reported in these pages that a 1.5lbs brown trout was caught in a gill net set for Arctic Charr at 148ft.

Many good fish have been caught in this area and it is a good productive area even in winter Lucifer having caught here twice on successive New Years day. Most anglers limit themselves to thirty to forty yards but the area is flexible enough right out to the max of 150 yds thereafter it rapidly deepens. I have caught a few on the float from this area and it seems amenable to most methods of fishing.

Verdict – Always on my list of venues to fish once you have caught a couple of good ones the attraction is even greater. Give it a go.

The Graveyard

The swim that lies in front of St Mary’s Churchyard where a blocked off tarmac road lies. This is a popular spot for campers due to the large flat area but probably less popular with anglers. There are no hindrances to casting here but the water gets fairly deep not far out from the shore. Depths can range from a few feet to fifty to eighty feet deep twenty yards out.

I have managed a few fish here but none above six pounds and always in less than forty feet of water. Ledger or pop ups seem to be best here. However what always springs to mind is the time when some visiting anglers caught a fish here they thought was close on thirty pounds and as they were able to give the club the tag number of the fish they were able to verify that the fish would have been between 28 and 29lbs using the spawn build up rate. So irrespective of what I think biggies have been caught here.

Verdict – Not a first choice venue for me but what do I know!

Once again a big thank you to Archangel for this most interesting summary of the swims of St Mary’s, look forward to part 3 next week! In answer to a query received about baits, records show that Mackerel is top of the list but not the soft devoid of oil frozen stuff from tackle shops rather the fresh whole supermarket version, it’s far superior!

The wider world in my view!

Of the current goings on!

Firstly the recent by election result brought a warm glow to my cold heart! Labour stepping ahead and showing the way and parasites on the Tories UKIP shoving the Tories down into third place. Perhaps most embarrassingly for Puppet Clegg, the puppets, for the sixth time in six by elections, lose their deposit. A right and proper punishment for a bunch of soon to be extinct lying collaborators!

The Bedroom Tax is now universally condemned as a failed policy, a policy which negates the human element in housing people! A policy which was poorly researched lest they would have found out that there is a desperate shortage of one bedroom houses leading to the very poorest in our society being penalised by 14% or 25% depending on how many “spare” bedrooms they have!

Only a clueless, rigid, equality busting Tory party could have implemented such a policy which unequivocally punishes the very poorest in our society whilst achieving nothing at all in terms of clawing money back into treasury coffers which after all was their primary aim! It was interesting to note that a few reports are now coming out with the conclusion that the inequality divide has dramatically increased under the policies of these idiots, not that most people would need telling, it’s on the news every day under a variety of guises!

Yes with the aid of the spineless puppets they are covertly dismantling the National Health Service allowing their posh boy pals in to cream off the lucrative components leading to a worse service to the users. It is shameful in the extreme! Not content they strip back public bodies such as councils to the extent that now they are asking the public to cut the grass in sports grounds and cemeteries! They are fooling no one, they are intent on removing all the services we hold dear, introducing systems based on payment all with the aid of the nefarious lying puppets!

Minister without a clue posh boy Gideon Osborne ramped up the rhetoric for the anti independence campaign by stating there was no way he would allow Scotland to use the pound! This was backed up by gormless Ed Balls and puppet Alexander! In a completely negative statement they stated that an independent Scotland would have to look elsewhere for a new currency.

However it looks like now the Scottish people are seeing these Westminster idiots for exactly what they are – a bunch of losers, out of ideas and forced to respond in completely negative terms treating Scots with utter derision! Yes Scots are tripping over themselves to put down these upstarts saying if the Scots were to adopt the Italian lira they would still vote for independence and believe me that would be a difficult one! Remember the bully boy from a few weeks back who was laid out cold? Keep that in mind as the story unfolds bullying never works, this will backfire on them, and looks like these buffoons could be the biggest asset yet to Scottish independence, oor Eck must be laughing up his sleeve!  Expect more detractors over the coming weeks but worry not they will make no difference!

In regard to the response to the floods Lord Snooty has yet again found to be wanting! How can you marry the concepts of cutting 97 million pounds of Environmental Agency money making redundant 550 staff directly involved in flood prevention with a speedy tailored and effective response? The response was ill targeted and feeble. In a poll published today 63% of people polled said the response was abysmal! Yes Snooty has now brought in the army and is frantically scuttling around praising the overburdened workers trying to get on top of this mess!

It won’t do, the man who is trying to be all things to all people as usual ends up chasing the game, as he has done for the term of his office. This administration can only see austerity and they cannot even get that right! They have no cognisance of the human element involved in these disasters. The bottom line is that true to form the bungling continues albeit now on an industrial scale. The question needs to be asked, can this country put up any longer with the aimless ideological nonsense relentlessly churned out by these fools! Independence looks ever more like a prudent choice!

The Archbishop of Westminster!

 Archbishop Vincent Nichols has slammed the Con – Dems for the way their welfare “reforms” are punishing the very poorest in society removing the basic safety net. Yes indeed here we have a right thinking cleric without guile who has the balls to speak out on these reprehensible policies. The Con – Dems would have these people begging on the streets for scraps the posh boys care to give! Of course they deny this and say their “reforms” are helping countless poor people. The most worrying aspect is however if lame duck failed Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith ever gets this universal credit sorted out yet more will be pushed into poverty!  . Thank god for good men like the Archbishop!

Of two prince’s!

It was interesting to see prince’s William & Harry “helping out” moving sandbags. Of course the silver spoon in their mouth’s allowed them to do this! Would it not be the case that many of us working class people had been there if our financial situation allowed it? I don’t know if this pair actually has jobs, I do know however that they get huge handouts from our taxes! Let’s have less of these publicity stunts it is gut churning to the oppressed working classes!

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