Sunday, 5 January 2014

Photo 01 - Before the wind got up!
Every cloud has a silver lining!

Following our meeting with the police where we were given a resume of race equality law we feel that we are now better prepared to move forward without fear of impinging on this legislation. We were thoroughly surprised on hearing of some of the legislation and completely ignorant of the fact that we were close to contravening this law. None of us however are race relations lawyers and I suspect the vast majority of the public would be ignorant as to the workings of this legislation! With this in mind we have withdrawn our notice following the deplorable incidents that have taken place on the lochs this year and redrafted it to comply with the legislation. The updated notice is set out below and is for distribution to all our recommended dealers and other outlets to maximise publicity of our quandary!

 An appeal to the angling community!

 There are many genuine anglers out there some who visit us regularly and behave in an acceptable manner; it is to you anglers that we issue this appeal! Some anglers seem intent on destroying our fishery by fishing illegally without the required permits, by using practices outlawed in this country such as employing set lines and by fishing on an industrial scale and removing fish from our lochs which are protected! The predominant mode of fishing is that we practice sustainable fishing whereby anglers are encouraged to return fish safely to the lochs. If you would like a couple of Trout for the pot we have no problem with this! We cannot and will not tolerate fish removal on an industrial scale!

 The perpetrators of the heinous barbarity below were seen exiting a red/maroon Citroen Picasso people carrier and a hatchback saloon in silver thought to be a Kia or a Hyundai. They were seen heading in the direction of Galashiels! Unfortunately we do not have the registration details for these fish killers because if we did they would already be in the hands of the police! These people are completely out of control pillaging our fisheries; they must be stopped and brought to justice!

 Some of you however must know the identity of these fish thieves! We would say to you right thinking decent people – give us the identity of these thieves so we may bring them to the attention of the law!


Feelings at the lochs are now running very high as we see and hear of our valuable fish stock being mercilessly butchered and with them our future sport. We should also at this point stress that if we catch you red handed breaking our rules, the rules of the UK fishing community or EEC laws regarding the taking of Eels we will go out of our way to have you prosecuted to the full extent of the law! We will make an example of any fish thieves caught to the extent of taking out a private prosecution if that is what is required! You can do so by phoning or texting (anonymously if you wish) to any of the following contact points.

Aaron - 07724523777

Mr Xxxxx - 07780922756

 Richard – 07980350031

Or e mail -

In any case your privacy will be respected.

This is our policy on taking fish. If you have a valid permit you may take up to 4 Trout (in season) or 4 Perch. You may not under any circumstances remove any Pike or Eels from the lochs!

Life is a learning experience and we must all learn from our mistakes, only by reformulating policy in light of learning will we progress forward. Although no complaints were received during the time our notice was open to public viewing we would like to extend our sincere apologies to anyone who was offended by what was written. We published the article in good faith with no malice or racial intent whatsoever!

Throughout our discussions it soon became apparent to the police that we were under a huge amount of pressure regarding the illegal taking of fish from our lochs. We have previously tried to obtain help through the Border Federation of Angling clubs but our efforts led to nothing at all! We are to meet with the police in four weeks time to formulate a strategy to better tackle the problem facing our club. A representative of the River Tweed Commission will be present to input what they may offer. This development may offer us our best hope yet in combating what is the biggest threat to our club since it was formed in 1933!

Yes indeed, every cloud has a silver lining!

Photo 02 - Archive photo showing the old tree that is no more!
Membership renewal!

Memberships are now due, the fees are £35.00 for renewing members and £55.00 for new members. Spaces are limited so please be prompt with your applications. All applications should be sent to our membership secretary Robert Simpson 105 Halliburton Place Galashiels making cheques payable to St Marys Angling Club enclosing an SAE for quick turnaround.

The wider world in my view!

The great debate & our future!

Of course I refer to the independence debate called for by oor Eck the leader of the SNP. He has called on Lord Snooty to come and debate the pros and cons of becoming independent! Lord Snooty is none too keen preferring to palm off the responsibility to Alex Darling the leader of the anti independence campaign.

I am not in the least surprised by the stance taken by Lord Snooty! As far as debating skills are concerned Snooty will always end up as a poor second! Oh he is fine reading pre scripted lines always including the terms “hardworking families” “our country” and “doing the right thing”, but the prose in between is largely aspirational rather than factual and achievable. He has no capability for thinking on the hoof and most importantly he is a posh boy without the slightest idea of how the working classes are toiling under their ill thought out and in many cases bizarre policies! If indeed there is an economic recovery underway which I very much doubt, it is not because of their policies but in spite of them!

Yes Eck has the better of him in every respect and for this reason Snooty will never agree to such a debate! The bottom line for Lord Snooty is to “win the hearts of the Scots”. This will never happen to the extent that many Scots will vote for independence simply as a means of ensuring a Tory government never again destroys the very fabric of Scots communities as Butcher Thatcher did!

The pollsters have predicted a much closer vote than the current polls predict and as time moves on the gap will lessen considerably! Scots are passionate about social policies and deplore the poor bashing policies being promulgated by the jokers that are the Con-Dems! Yes as a nation we view the widening rich poor divide much more seriously than do the English, having a social conscience is a worthy trait and this also will be the undoing of the anti independence faction.

Scots people are now realising that the choice is more of the same damp squib reactionary politics or a new socially based government who place fairness and equity at the top of the agenda! Detractors of course say that there are a huge number of topics that require to be addressed and sorted and this is correct! It is also correct to say that already after three years of Con-Dem bungling there are a myriad of problems that will take years to put right, interminable and persistent bungling has led us to the precarious place we now find ourselves in!

Independence will not be plain sailing it will be a choppy journey with many unforeseen difficulties, but it will also be a new start with a blob of Plasticine which can be moulded to reflect the wishes of our society! I am now convinced that the way forward is independence, a fresh start where the excesses of rampant capitalism can be broken and thrown out in favour of people centred policies and most importantly to banish the greed in our current society which has been ramped up by the inept Con-Dems!

Far too many people in our current society are being forced to live like Dickensian peasants  not through fecklessness but due to lack of opportunity in a country with great wealth, much talent and a growable manufacturing base the current situation is quite simply unacceptable! 2014 could with the will of the Scots nation be the year to cast off the garments of social inequality and assume the ones of equitable prosperity!

Only a few days in......

Another cracking bungle this week from failed Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith this time he has only cost us 130 million pounds! Yes small beer given his recent past. His flagship policy to cut the number of benefit cheats and inept DSS staff has seen the 3.4 billion lost on illegal claims and overpayments rise this year (2013) to over 3.5 billion! I suppose given the usual magnitude of Con-Dem bungling this is actually very good!

Yes some people getting no benefit at all, many underpaid as yet again the Universal Credit system is once again revamped! I’m not sure between minister without a clue, cocaine snorting Gideon Osborne and Diddy Duncan Smith who should merit the title Bungler of the year 2013! The amount of money squandered by these two could have fully funded to the nth degree the NHS! It’s an absolute shocker, only a few days into the New Year and the bungling starts again! A dull and inept government, is there no respite from these fools?

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