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A meeting of some importance!

A meeting of some importance!


Photo 01 - Archive photo showing area of possible car park!
Yes a meeting has been arranged with the police which will also be attended by their wildlife officer and a representative of the River Tweed Commission towards the end of this month. The problems we have experienced this year have in a roundabout way led us to this point. It is clear that we cannot indeed no fishery could endure poaching and illegality on the scale we have had to endure and we desperately need the additional resources that can be offered by the above enforcing agencies. 

Naturally we go along to this meeting with open minds hopeful that we may be afforded some degree of support in ridding ourselves of these wretched individuals. Whilst this may or may not meet our expectations we are positive in our outlook. We must however impress upon club members that much reinforcement of our policies must come from you! Members are the most common users of the lochs and will possibly see things that may assist us in combating these Neds! If any member does see anything suspicious they should immediately phone our loch keeper or bailiff or if the occasion merits the police or River Tweed Commission Bailiffs!

If we are to successfully combat this assault on our recreational sport then we must all be proactive in our outlook, looking the other way is no longer an option! We must protect that which we have before a point is reached where what we have is no longer worth keeping!

Club membership

Renewals and new member applications are now due. All applications should be made to our membership secretary Mr Robert Simpson 105 Halliburton Place Galashiels TD1 2JG making cheques payable to St Mary’s Angling Club enclosing an SAE. Places for new members are limited so early application offers the best chance of membership of the club.

Fish stocking

I received a letter this week from the River Tweed Commission stating that some are still stocking ponds with fish and not adhering to the policy of stocking in the Tweed basin. Although the letter was copied to us it is simply for our information as we have not and will not stock fish in our lochs! Obviously from the tone of the letter someone has stocked in an inappropriate fashion which is not the greatest idea as the regulations are in place for good reasons!
Welcome visitor!
At 06.30 yesterday I thought I heard a Song Thrush singing, early but entirely possible. Turned the TV off and opened the door and sure enough a rightly proud Song Thrush was giving it some welly. What a treat to hear one so early in the year. No sign yet of the hooligans (Oystercatchers) at the loch but it will be soon. Also noted Blackbirds pairing off in a loose fashion and battling all day long. Seems nature is about to move into spring mode, hope it doesn't tempt fate!

Image 01 - Electric vaping starter kit! see below.
The wider world in my view!

Hollow words indeed!

Minister without a clue cocaine snorting posh boy Gideon Osborne this week announced that he would like to see the minimum wage upped to £7.00/hr! What a benevolent stance from a fool who only two days earlier rebutted Labours call for an increase! Fooling no one this dimwit cognisant of the fact that the Tories need to attract a significant slice of the working class vote offers the bribe to reinforce his oft used slogan “we are all in it together”! Of course we are not this ninny knows nothing of the struggle faced by working class people on a daily basis!

The arrogance of this fool is staggering to say the least! An increase of 70 pence an hour is absolutely nothing; it has no buying power whatsoever! It is simply a piece of obtuse political manoeuvring targeted to reduce the benefits bill and appease the more gullible types of working class poor!  I would rather have heard that he was to curtail the payments in wages and bonuses to his own kind who legally evade and illegally avoid the payment of taxes which in many cases run upwards of six figures. Of course ever since the days of Butcher Thatcher when the greed virus was released and she proudly proclaimed that there is no such thing as society, the rich have gained hugely compared to the working class poor! This and this alone is the reason for the huge inequality in our current society!

All the rhetoric spurted out by the Con – Dems is irrelevant as it is based on the status quo they do not offer a change to move towards equality! We have as our leaders a bunch of millionaire posh boys completely insulated by their bank balances supported by a band of lying puppets incapable of being trusted, their every move dictated by their need to cling on to power! It seems like a very strange recipe for good governance and so it has been!

Taxing hot pies will go down in history as one of the most crackpot ideas ever and the blundering has continued to the present day unabated! Now this could have been somewhat palatable if everyone was affected by their bungling, but as usual it has been the hard pressed working classes that have borne the brunt of their ineptitude! A government best described by words such as incompetent, inept and downright clueless they offer nothing to the wage earner in the country. There are many phrases that could be used when talking about these fools being in it together is certainly not one of them!


The cynicism of government and medical intransigence!

You can now see them all over the country people with the strange looking devices billowing out clouds of smoke (water vapour). Yes there is currently a revolution taking place with ever increasing numbers of smokers ditching the weed in favour of the electronic devices. Over the next few years it is predicted that millions more will become devotees of the vaping devices!

Having been an inveterate smoker of 40+ a day I have now been vaping for 17 months without even thinking of trying a “real” fag! The reason for this is quite simple, it is the routine involved with smoking! Yes the hand to mouth movements, the routine of filling the device and caring for it on a daily basis. Conventional methods sponsored by large pharmaceutical companies such as patches, gums and lozenges fail miserably in comparison to the electronic devices! The pharma giants rely on smokers trying and failing with their products only to be re referred by the medical agencies to try again keeping their profit levels sky high!

I myself have been through the medical structure many times and all through that time was never free of the intense desire to get back to proper smoking. That situation has never been re visited since I took up the electronic marvels, the movement from real cigarettes to the electrics taking a mere stress free two days! I have found this situation to be commonplace on speaking with others who have converted.  This being the case countrywide, why then are the medical establishment and government silent on the issue!

The BMA acknowledge the vast transformation taking place but since not enough time has elapsed to review long term studies will not commit to encouraging smokers to make the switch. The government are currently silent but are poised to pounce on vapers (user of these devices are called vapers) and slap them hard with tax as the huge amounts raised through cigarette sales drops quicker than a lead balloon!

You might have thought that a pragmatic view should prevail because looking at the facts vapers take in typically 4 chemicals, nicotine, vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol and flavouring all being manufactured to pharmaceutical standards. Cigarettes however have over 4,000 chemicals many of which are known carcinogens not to mention the lung clogging tar that real smokers endure! It looks like a simple choice to me and many others!

All however is not what it seems, many cigarette companies are now buying up the electronic cigarette manufacturers; many large pharma companies are lobbying to gain the rights to manufacture the E liquid to their own standards naturally massively inflating the price of such liquid to swell their already gross profits!

There is here the potential to save potentially millions of lives, to save the NHS millions of pounds in not having to treat smoking related illnesses, and generally to make for a more pleasant society.  Yet still they do not act! There may be long term adverse effects of vaping as there are with most of the food and drink that we consume! The adverse effects however must be hugely lower than that associated with cigarette smoking. This is an issue now being decided by public pressure, people desperate to give up cigarettes having had no joy by going through the medical system!

The situation however will soon change as the price of vaping equipment rises steadily as medicalisation of E liquids takes place and taxes are levied by government! In the history of tobacco this is the most significant development in getting people off the weed!  Let’s just hope the big pharma and government don’t ruin it and the health of millions!

If you would like to make the switch (don’t try the ones that look like cigarettes they’re crap!) and believe me it is incredibly easy, search vaping suppliers on the web or if you are local to Galashiels nip in to Vapourised in Market Street and they will get you started along with some great advice!

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