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When a 5 pounder feels like a 30!

Photo 01 - Long and lean, a male 5 pounder!
When a 5 pounder feels like a 30!

It’s probably a difficult concept to grasp when the difference in weight is huge and it would not be likely the 5 pounder would give anything like the fight of a 30 pounder. With reference to “plastic” Pike fisheries where soft flabby 30s are common enough I make the comparison between a muscular wild 5 pounder and a “plastic” 30!

Yes yesterday I connected with a wild 5 pound Pike and indeed it gave a good account of itself pulling line and putting every ounce of energy into defeating the rod, reel and ultimately me. Of course catastrophic tackle failure aside there was only going to be one outcome and so it was! A lithe 5 pounds Pike probably a male as there was no abdominal distension whatsoever. I took a couple of scales and looking at them this morning I could see that this particular Pike was around eight years of age writing in a tablet of stone that it was indeed a male Pike!

I was delighted on his capture that my choice of swim was good and that the bait was good enough to tempt him into taking it! So is there a difference between the “plastic” variety and the wild one! Absolutely there is! “Plastic” Pike are stocked to such a density that it matters not where the bait is placed nor does it matter which bait is selected, these normally important considerations are nullified completely in the plastic setting!

And what of the ensuing fight? When you have bait fish stocked to the max the number of casualties is high allowing these engineered creatures to simply scoop up a high protein lunch whenever they want, therefore muscle density is not the equal of the wild variety who have to expend energy and stalk their intended prey! Similarly their ability to fight is compromised with initial vigour in trying to evade capture but then rapid capitulation as the low level of stamina is eroded and it comes to the net like a sandbag!

Yes our band of wild fish hunters understand this only too well and recent conversations reinforce the fact that wild is best! I could think of nothing more mind numbing than landing one “plastic” Pike after another without respite! It would be a joyless venture and one I would most definitely refrain from mentioning in the public arena! It boils down to two types of angler the first the wild Pike hunter who is content to take what comes including blanks but at the same time planning his next move, trying to think ahead and outwit his formidable adversary in terms of swim selected, bait chosen and presentation of that bait! The alternative “plastic” version is arrive at any swim you like, throw out any bait you like presented in the manner of a sack of potatoes and simply reel them in one after another with photos galore to plaster on your wall! I wonder if you can really call “plastic” catching fishing, seems to me to be very much like pheasant shooting where the birds connect humans with food and run towards the guns! Surely these anglers know they are angling in the second division, seeking the easy option by crossing the palm of the fishery owner many times over with the aim of acquiring the false, worthless kudos that catching a “plastic” Pike brings!

No for me, this is not fishing, it is simply an aberration beneath real anglers suitable only for dissenters, the inept or desperate must catch a 30 brigade, and in my book a wild 5 pounder beats a sandbag “plastic” 30 any day! Which group do you fall into?

Photo 02 - A trusty tool the Fladen Warbird!
Long term test, Fladen Warbird fixed spool reel!

I bought two of these 70 size reels around two years ago and am pleased to report that under a variety of conditions they have performed admirably. Yes there was an initial setback when the free spool mechanism gave up the ghost only days after I had purchased them. The reel however was replaced without question one of the benefits of buying from a bona fide tackle dealer!

Being a 70 sized reel the spool capacity is copious giving loads of line nicely laid down line avoiding annoying tangles. They are extremely robust which is great for me as I give my tackle a really hard time suffering all manner of maladies! Even the finish has largely remained intact which these days is amazing! I do however grease or oil moving parts once a year just before back end Piking begins in earnest.

Performance wise I cannot fault them being smooth in action and the big side handle asking for heavy cranking. The clutch is smooth and progressive from almost free spool to total lock! The bait runner system allows complete free spooling to heavy drag depending on what you are fishing for.

The model shown has probably now been superseded by a new model but I hope they have kept the fundamentals the same! It is a lump but it is after all a 70 sized reel giving a nice feeling of a solid well built product! I used to use nothing but Shimano but their quality of late has been suspect whilst still demanding a hefty price! Supposed high end products like the Fox reels I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole, just read some of the reviews online. If you really want high end go for Daiwa but be prepared for shelling out large sums of money, high class precision engineering does not come cheap!

For me these have been excellent reels coping with everything I could throw at them, no fancy high end price or claims to be the best, simply a reel that does what it says on the tin!

Membership renewals!

Members are invited to apply for renewal by sending a cheque payable to St Marys Angling Club to our membership secretary Robert Simpson 105 Halliburton Place Galashiels. Non members who have been accepted for membership should send a cheque for £55.00 to the above address. Please remember that Robert is away for another week and allow a reasonable length of time before contacting us about non receipt of ticket!

Fishing Thursday at ALDI!

I won’t list all the items but click the link below to see their fishing offers. There looks to be some really decent stuff on offer especially the clothing so nip down and see what takes your fancy! Within the offers is bound to be a super Christmas pressie for an angler! Mark my words this is a store that’s going places!

Photo 03 - The remnants of a mouse's meal wonder why they don't eat the fruit?
The wider world in my view!

Where we really are!

Yes minister without a clue posh boy Gideon Osborne let rip this week of how well he has done in reducing the defecit and preparing the ground for recovery! With further austerity planned the future for the working classes look grim indeed! I listened to a programme on the BBC World Service recently which was very revealing indeed, the public debt to gross domestic product ratio was 50% following the rescue of the banks up by around 10% on the previous ten years. All the figures mentioned are historically and internationally low and not seen as a problem by financial analysts.

The Con – Dems set out to cut this debt even after being told the situation at that time was not problematic and guess what, they have failed miserably! Yes their own creation the Office of Budget Responsibility is currently predicting that in 2015 the debt ratio will be 85% of GDP! Borrowing under the incompetent Con – Dems is now predicted to rise in 2015 to 539 billion pounds up two hundred and seventeen billion pounds from the current figure! Yes its clear they have no idea of what they are doing, its fumbling in the dark, its gross incompetence and downright ineptitude, one thing it’s not is good responsible government!

Setting new standards!

It’s not often I am able to write something positive about the bums that call themselves our government! This article is no different! Unbelievably we in this country now have for the first time ever more people who are classified as working poor as opposed to the workless poor! The astute will immediately link this to the million new jobs created in the private sector much heralded by Lord Snooty et al!

Yes Snooty’s pals have halved jobs created low paying, part time dead end jobs to allow the Con – Dems to spout their claim of getting people back to work by bumping up those in employment even though the majority are worthless jobs! People earning wages insufficient to allow them to live above the poverty line, if ever there was a damning indictment on our society then this is it! People turfed out of decent jobs brought about by the Con – Dem cuts invoked by these fools!

Other countries can see what a lame duck this country has become, even the Chinese stating that this country is insignificant, suitable only for tourism and students! We manufacture nothing Butcher Thatcher saw to that, as I’ve said before many times a nation of shopkeepers selling foreign goods! To see ourselves as others see us would be a virtue indeed (middle England take note!). Of course this government was not elected but concocted by a Tory windbag and a power hungry puppet and boy are we now reaping the rewards of this set up!

A group of clueless people, filling up their days living off their inheritances, with no idea of the hardships being faced by working people. Out of touch fools running on instinct making the rich richer and pounding us into the ground! I have seen a few governments in my time but this one is the most naive, inept and pompous group of fools I have ever had the misfortune to endure! However all is not lost for soon we will become the country with the biggest rich/poor divide in the world! Yes the green eyed monster spreading rampant greed is indeed a busy being! Shame on those Con – Dem noddys!

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