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The second Pike 0f 2013!

Photo 01 - Its been a long time coming but she's coming in!

The second Pike 0f 2013!

Yes its true yesterday saw the landing of only my second Pike of 2013 my first Pike of the year being caught at 14.14hrs on New Year’s day! A pretty poor, nay diabolical catch record! All however is not what it seems as my actual instances of Pike fishing number eight in total for the year to date. During the Brown Trout season I spent a little time fishing for them note I do not say catching them! The rest of the year was taken up by abandoning fishing sessions to have to deal with the large numbers of fools, charlatans, fish thieves and Muppets we had the misfortune to encounter!

If my time wasn’t taken up by the above it was carrying out work with the usual bunch of workers motivated to move the club onwards. Our long spell without a loch keeper meant this duty also fell into my lap. I must admit however some of these tasks were not onerous and in fact turned out to be the most amicable of duties. It has been one of the worst years I can remember with interrupted fishing sessions becoming the norm. Now however that we have an incumbent loch keeper and bailiff I am looking forward to getting in a good spell of fishing, specifically hunting the wild Pike that reside in our lochs.

I don’t expect it will be Pike after Pike as the loch is not a “plastic” Pike fishery where the terminally challenged lob a bait anywhere into the water and voilla before you know it you’ve hooked a flabby thirty pounder that comes to the net like a wet blanket! Minimal satisfaction and not really something real anglers would care to mention in public, in fact it’s rather embarrassing!

Yes the going will be tough with many outings simply being put down to experience! Sometimes a break makes the yearning stronger, the mind sharper and the fettle brighter, it was a great feeling yesterday to be reacquainted with an old adversary that was undoubtedly up for the fight! They are fighting hard due to the excellent condition they are in with Mother Nature in charge it can be no other way and if you are fortunate enough to catch one be prepared for a mighty scrap! I wonder if I will have to wait until New Years day for my next encounter!

Thanks for your company yesterday Stevie, a most enjoyable day!

photo 02 - My personal drought ended!
The Bowerhope saga!

We have received a response from the owner of the black Audi highlighted a few weeks back suspected of fishing without a permit and leaving rubbish behind. The chap who we will not name admits to fishing without a permit and leaving rubbish lying instead of taking it away. These are very serious matters and yesterday we spoke with the tenants on the Bowerhope estate and they are keen to see this problem ended.

There is no failure on our part in policing the lochs, we cannot survey the loch 24/7! People will always slip through the net and it has just been unfortunate that the last two incidents have taken place on the Bowerhope estate. We must stamp this problem out and it is likely that we will deal with these instances in a fair but severe manner! The chap mentioned has apologised profusely for his misdeed which is good but this however does not change the fact that the offences were committed! Had it not been for the right thinking actions of the shepherdess at Bowerhope he may have gotten away with his actions unchallenged! The club committee are currently considering the above issue and will reach a decision soon.

The chap mentioned above is Polish and the only reason for my mentioning this was that in his e mail to us he states at the end “if we want to ban foreigners we should make this clear on our main website”! Just to make the situation crystal clear we have no issue whatsoever with foreigners coming to fish our lochs and to suggest we do is completely wrong! We currently have two Polish members and they are model members in every respect!

We have a further two right thinking respectful Polish anglers on our waiting list to join the club next month! We have no issue at all with the nationality of our anglers; it however remains a fact that approximately 80% of all wrongdoings carried out on the lochs are perpetrated by anglers from other countries! This may give a small hint as to why anglers with this heritage are more rigorously surveyed! This situation is not of our making rather the deviant anglers themselves. It will now fall on anglers from those other countries to be seen to be squeaky clean as much remedial work needs to be implemented by this group of anglers to put their house in order! We will be in touch with the fellow once a decision has been reached.

Club membership!

Applications would normally be accepted at this time however our membership secretary Lawson Simpson will be unavailable for the next two weeks. By all means send your application in but remember due to the above there will be a commensurate delay. The new subscriptions are -  first time member £55.00 per yearly season and renewing members £35.00 per yearly season of course in both cases members are now allowed free boats but engines will be charged. To avoid confusion all intended usage of boats must be done via our loch keeper.

Full blown migration!

Speaking with one of the locals yesterday whom I run into quite frequently traversing the Bowerhope road I was told of the large number of Salmon moving through the regulator midweek. Yes we have seen many over the last few weeks leaping as they head through the lochs seeking the place of their birth to lay the seeds for a new generation. It’s a thrilling sight to see these creatures near the end of their mammoth migration. Just another of the delights to be seen by real anglers! Anglers are reminded that no lure fishing is permitted beyond the white posts at Kirkstead and directly opposite, it is vital that these creatures are not interfered with! Anyone found fishing in such a manner will be instantly banned and reported to the relevant authorities!

The Wider World in my view!

The end of my tether!

Yes midweek was the point that I thought to myself how much more of this Con-Dem bungling can I put up with! It’s the same every week, more U turns, more reactionary politics and evermore bungling! The posh boys that think they run the country seem completely oblivious to their persistent bungles, yes they soldier on plunging us into the ever deepening mire interspersed with retorts that they are helping “hardworking families” when in reality the only people they are helping are their posh boy pals!

Cigarette advertising = U turn, fuel bills = U turn Universal credit = bungle already costing us 500million, bedroom tax = Bungle bringing in only 20% of what it was supposed to and punishing those who can’t fight back! Royal Mail sell off 2 billion pounds lost to the taxpayers is another spectacular bungle; there is now massive pressure on Puppet Cable to hold an inquiry into what went wrong! Sending “illegal immigrants” back home via private jet without having firstly cleared the issue with the receiving country a prize bungle indeed!

The upcoming fiasco on Europe will see Lord Snooty trying to appease the right wing of his party of ninnies and at the same time pay heed to common sense, it is however not possible it’s one way or the other! Puppet Clegg desperate to show his band of puppets are moderating extreme Tory policy when in fact they are supporting them! Each week brings another U turn or spectacular bungle session; it appears there is no respite from their machinations! Simply a bunch of clueless posh boys with no idea of what the term work means no understanding of what it means to have to look after the pennies but why would they! Every damn one of them has money coming out of their ears, running the country? No, just arrogant posh boys at play, simply an extension of their Bullingdon Club days!

I sincerely hope to be out of it next year, to be far from the madding crowd in an independent Scotland! It won’t be easy and there is a huge amount of work to be done before it happens if indeed it does. However looking at the current Westminster set up I am 100% certain in my own mind that in no way could the bungling that costs us billions be replicated in an independent Scotland not even if they tried!

A rather sinister court jester!

Of course I am referring to bumbling buffoon Boris Johnston the joker in the Tory pack. The seemingly harmless diddy much lauded by the party faithful and the affluent of London town! Yes the mask slipped this week when his true colours came to the fore exposing him as an ardent follower of Butcher Thatcher that most hated of politicians! “Greed is good” he proudly proclaimed giving kudos to the posh boys all over the country and pouring scorn on the oppressed working classes! These clowns have nothing in common with right thinking people who look for a fairer society rather than the Dickensian one we currently endure; no he seeks to widen the divide to make the rich richer and the poor poorer! This silver spooned snob simply seeks to perpetrate the status quo.  Zealots like this fool must be ousted and it is up to the people of London to do the right thing! A fool exposed as just another poor punishing utterly repugnant Tory windbag!

Are you sure it’s a recovery?

Coming home from work one day this week I noticed two shopkeepers slinking home in the shadows before the allotted time of five o clock, no doubt fed up of waiting on the entry bell on the door that signals a potential customer but one that was never coming. Times are hard there can be no doubt about that, yet at the supermarket end of the town the dim glow of the main street is overpowered by a shower of bright light and hordes of furtive people rushing around everywhere stretching their credit cards to bursting point.

Yes shopping habits have changed and they will further change with people ordering goods off the internet on their smart phones and seeing the goods arrive the next morning! Things will never revert to what is often seen as the good old days. Times will get harder for wee independent shops possibly with the exception of good tackle dealers where advice on a product is more valuable than the product itself. Yes minister without a clue Gideon Osborne talks of a recovery and some signs are there but it is a recovery based on consumer debt and as fragile as pyramid of cards! WHAT RECOVERY?

The Glasgow incident!

An absolute tragedy, the people affected will remain in our thoughts R.I.P

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