Sunday, 22 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

Feedback received!

Over the last week I have received a lot of feedback on the article published last week. As I said the issue is often talked of in hushed undertones in fear of being branded racists! The majority, in fact all but one of the comments were in support for our stance of targeting wrongdoers irrespective of nationality! Further commenter’s stated that we could not adopt a fearful stance when our fishery is being plundered in a hitherto unseen fashion, such a stance would be completely irresponsible!

The single comment castigating us for being racist in respect of singling out anglers from other countries quite frankly is a joke! For the reasons mentioned last week we are anything but! We have no spotlight on race, we do however target wrongdoers with no reference to race whatsoever! We are custodians of the fishing and part of our remit is to ensure that stocks of fish are maintained and issues of theft on an industrial scale are dealt with swiftly and firmly!

The meeting asked for by the police has not taken place since we have not heard back from them as to a suitable date for the meeting. We look forward to such a meeting because it is important for us to be acting fully within the law. I have done a bit of research on racial equality law and can see no instance where we have broken the law! There are areas where individual interpretation may lead to us being pushed closer to the boundaries but this is personal interpretation!

The reason we chose a shop in Galashiels was that it is for all intents and purposes the hub where these "anglers" tend to meet in the Borders! This is after all where information regarding fish theft was first obtained and the owners were more than happy to display our flyer, in fact also deploring the actions of such “anglers”! Of course if we wanted to be 100% politically correct we should have issued such flyers to all angling clubs, libraries, and our recommended tackle dealers.

But the question begging an answer is why! Why on earth would we waste time, money and effort carrying out this work when we know with great certainty that these groups are not involved! We simply target corrective measures towards the people we know are carrying out these illegal activities! No one I have spoken with has an issue with this mode of action in all cases it is seen as the right thing to do! I have no doubt happenings on this front will remain subdued until the better weather comes then it will again be incumbent on us to pick up the cudgel and take the measures necessary to protect our fishery!

Help for those in panic!

If at this late stage you still do not have all your Christmas presents there is still hope for you! Our recommended dealers Turnbull’s in Bank Street Galashiels and Fishers in Penicuick have everything you need if you are looking for a pressie for an angler, shooter or countryman. Both have a huge selection of items sure to please and combine this with recession beating prices, you are sorted! Very few fishing items are left at ALDI Galashiels (noted last night) so you will need to be quick if you want to snap up a bargain!


Applications are now being taken for renewals and new members. The rates are £35.00 for existing members and £55.00 for new members. Those desiring membership should send a cheque for the appropriate amount to our membership secretary Robert Simpson 105 Halliburton place Galashiels. Those wishing to join for the first time should be aware that places are limited, so early application is advised.

Honourable Hooded Crow?

Sitting quietly yesterday during one of the short respites from extensive downpours I heard the frantic clucking of a Blackbird in distress. Yes the terrified creature was being pursued by what I imagine is its number one predator, a Sparrow hawk! Had it been just the two, the Blackbird would probably have been caught, but just as the pair came into view with the Sparrow Hawk about to strike, a hooded crow crashed into the back of the Sparrow hawk pushing him off course, allowing the Blackbird to escape into the dense fir trees to sing another day! A hooded crow helping a fellow blackbird or just a hooded crow doing what it does, I’m not sure!

Music for Christmas!

As is now traditional we offer links to a couple of pieces of music to lift the spirits or calm the nerves depending on your circumstances. The first is Schubert’s Ave Maria a much loved vocal piece that becalms a troubled spirit. Brandy in hand and feet up let the music ease you to a state of complete relaxation, absolutely peerless!

The next piece is by the Foo Fighters raging metal band that will coil you up into a tight spring bursting to explode and party all night!

Merry Christmas to all our 912 readers who join us every month!

The wider world in my view!

Is this man fit to be Prime Minister!

Naturally I refer to that pompous fool Lord Snooty! I was temporarily struck dumb when he announced that the military campaign in Afghanistan had been a resounding success! The reality is that it has been unequivocally an unmitigated disaster! The objects of the campaign were to disrupt Al Qaeda, rout the Taliban and end the cultivation of raw Opium!

Al Qaeda is still there under the surface maybe dispersed but still there functioning ready to reform. The Taliban have joined with the current government and are busy reformulating policies whereby women once again will be relegated to the status of third class citizen’s, offences by them being dealt with by sanctions such as whipping and stoning! Opium production has doubled since intervention began sending out the drug of misery all over the world! No one in their right mind would call this a success with nearly 500 British soldiers lost and god knows how many innocent civilians! Millions if not billions pumped into this futile campaign, after all if the mighty Red Army could not sort them out what hope was there for a small provincial army that was the British!

Yes the soldiers did a good job and are worthy of our admiration carrying out the wishes of their political masters. The question that requires an answer however is when Snooty and his like will realise we cannot go barging into the affairs of others! We have never improved anything by past intervention simply made things worse coupled with squandering the public purse! Iraq Libya and Afghanistan each and everyone a disaster with increased terrorism being the norm!

I’ve said it repeatedly and will say it again Lord Snooty is like his subordinate Puppet Clegg a barefaced liar, a manipulator of truth! It therefore follows we have to ask is this man fit to be called our Prime Minister? The evidence would tend to suggest not!

An equation that does not compute!

Proudly proclaimed by Snooty et al that the economy is now in recovery but is it really! An emergency debate this week on food banks gave a revealing insight into the machinations of the Con – Dems. Ten years ago there were food banks that you could count on one hand  it is estimated there are now upwards of now 800 with the Trussel Trust alone opening a new one every week!

A rather troubling fact was that up to 40% of food bank users were in work and almost 20% asked for food that did not need to be cooked as they were in fuel poverty. The expected way that the economy should work is that increased growth leads to increased prosperity for all and the need for food banks declines, the actual outcome however is that the “recovery” is leading to increased poverty demonstrated by the shocking rise in the use of these charities!

Just another example of the deception constructed by the clueless posh boys aided and abetted by the backsliding puppets! You may like Dickens as an author but it’s just gone completely pear shaped, prepare to grub around like the peasants in those days, courtesy of the Con - Dems! Nothing short of a national disgrace brought about by Snooty and his puppet Clegg!

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