Sunday, 29 December 2013

Happy New Year and a review!

The year that was 2013!

I’m not sure how best to describe the year as it contained both high moments and towards the end of the year some very worrying developments. The year started with some very fine Pike being recorded and saw the creation of a new habitat area on the Kirkstead burn at the foot of the loch. When mature this will be a haven for wildlife and a producer of much food for our young fish. Many sheltered areas will also be created lessening the risk of attack on our young fish by ever increasing numbers of predatory birds!

Our sister project on the Riskinhope burn however has turned out to be much less successful with trees still to be planted. The number of trees able to be planted will be miniscule compared to what we expected and the project is without doubt a damp squib! Our expose on fishing guides brought about a much needed change in the scene and is currently with an MSP but progress is likely to be slow with all energies being directed to the independence referendum. Our new advisory site on selecting a guide or instructor will be published early in the New Year unfortunately being delayed by other more important problems on the lochs.

The Brown Trout season turned out to be a bit of a disappointment with low loch levels and high water temperatures dominating the summer months. The year also saw the appointment of a new loch keeper in Aaron and a new bailiff in Mr Xxxxx both giving great service on behalf of the club. Unfortunately their initial tenure of the posts saw them thrown in at the deep end when the illegal industrial taking of fish by Eastern Europeans was discovered.

 Numerous suspects were confronted with identifiable ones being exposed and banned from fishing. Some scary characters were confronted which led to us passing a ruling that single handed operation was not a good safe way of operating consequently all such patrols are comprised at the minimum of two people.

The year saw us confronted by some bizarre and horrific events such as gutting a Pike whilst still alive and wholesale harvesting of our precious fish stocks. We continued to be plagued by these people whilst noting two distinct groups of these people. Those who took the time to understand our culture and rules setting a fine standard of angling and are most welcome and those who came and did as they pleased and are most certainly not welcome! Obviously the second grouping is the one that is causing us great concern, their behaviour posing a threat to our future as a club like no other event before!

We have not yet found a way to completely combat these thieves and now it looks like we could be hampered further by racial equality regulations! Our future as a club is on the line if we are forced to stand by and watch our fishery being pillaged and being powerless to act!
Our policy on taking fish. If you have a valid permit you may take up to 4 Trout or 4 Perch. You may not under any circumstances remove any Pike or Eels from the lochs!

Also appended to this was the following (in red) translated into Polish by one of our Polish members translations into other languages are being carried out. No Pike or Eels to be taken! Unfortunately this is an ongoing matter as those who have no wish to fit in with our culture will continue to operate in this disgraceful manner! Our access to the eastern banks of the loch is now on the line following incidents involving errant anglers. Our riparian owners are at the end of their tethers as are we! These selfish individuals blunder on to land and cause us no end of problems by their unthinking behaviour and we will do all that we can to end this despicable behaviour! Restrictions imposed on decent law abiding anglers are unacceptable especially when the offending actions are carried out by others unrelated to the club!

This unfortunately is the position at the year end and I have no doubt this will continue to plague us in the coming year! On the financial front we have continued to keep our heads above the water in spite of the mismanagement of the economy by the Tories and the puppets! Visitor numbers are down and we had to consider if we could continue to provide the services of a loch keeper but with some juggling we have managed to do so.

We lost the services of our treasurer John Wright due to health issues which was a blow but then Elliot Fraser stood up and took on the position which is enabling us to carry on! We continue to move forward with managing the fishing in our lochs due in the most part to the hardworking members who go out of their way to help us out.
To those members we extend our sincere thanks!

The wider world in my view!

No longer “Great” Britain!

Everybody all over the world can see it; in fact the only people who cannot are the posh boys and the puppets! We are now just plain old Britain an insignificant little island according to the Chinese many others! I don’t mean it in a military sense although even in this respect we are nothing, having many weapons but not the personnel to use them effectively!

No in economic and social terms we are less than nothing! We are actively allowing the re establishing of the rich poor divide of Victorian times and creating jobs that pay so little that the recipients cannot flourish being forced to go cap in hand to food banks in order to eat! We actively allow the posh boys and puppets to target the very poorest in society the elderly, the weak and disabled! We avert our eyes on seeing the injustices meted out to these people. We are beleaguered by the incompetence of our government suffering taxes on pies, suffering on hearing of costs associated with projects such as universal credit treble and pushing back implementation dates by 3 years prolonging the public agony and emptying the public purse!

We see billions of pounds given away to the rich by means of incompetence such as the selloff of Royal Mail. Never in my living memory has the country been in such a poor state even in the 3 day week things were better! With these Con – Dem fools in government there is no forward planning merely reactionary incompetence, whilst ensuring the rich get richer and the working classes tramped further into the gutter!

This unelected government could possibly tip us over the edge – our respected policies of looking after the poor and needy are now gone, our enviable NHS now fragmented and in disarray, our previous aims of fairness and equity now abandoned, our standing on the world stage now gone, our word once respected now not worth the paper it is written on, our great institutions once the bastion of proper honourable practice now corrupt and destitute, our manufacturing industries now gone being replaced by a nation of shopkeepers, our once burgeoning High streets now desolate I could go on and on but the picture should be clear!

The next two years will be crucial, certainly if the inept Con – Dems carry on as before then without a doubt we will be sunk good and proper! What we need is a thinking government who will re nationalise all essential public services and cap the excessive antics of fervent capitalists. A government who will implement fairness and equity if necessary by seizing the assets of the super rich, many of whom acquired that wealth by questionable means in the first place! A government that will dispense with squandering of public money by abolishing hangers on such as the royal family!

A government that will end obsolete cold war projects such as Trident whilst maintaining a strong offensive and defensive capability, a government that will reform the NHS back to the way it was envisaged free for all at delivery and minus the money grabbing private companies that seize on the profitable aspects and leave the non profitable activities to the NHS! Yes we desperately need radical change, the Con – Dems being comprised of jesters, fools and puppets cannot rise to this challenge!

There are some strong forces for change in the Labour party but they need to overthrow weak Milliband and come to the fore and offer the people of this country a real alternative to greed inspired rampant capitalism! I do not see this happening in my lifetime, there is a huge amount of wealth in this country, more than enough for everyone to live without the threat of poverty and deprivation, it just needs to be redistributed fairly! The reality however is that we will have to endure another couple of years of pathetic bungling under Lord Snooty and Puppet Clegg, plenty of time for them to take the great out of Great Britain, god help us!

Happy New Year to all our readers!

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