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Some items for discussion!

Photo 01 - Haws, a Blackbirds favourite!
Some items for discussion!

We have tabled for discussion at our AGM the act of night fishing in view of the recent and probably ongoing problems we are currently enduring. We will propose that anyone arriving after 18.00hrs who without the express permission of our loch keeper or bailiff will be deemed to be fishing illegally and removed from the lochs. If an angler wishes to fish overnight our enforcement team must be aware of his intention and grant the necessary permission for such fishing to take place!

The reasons for this have been outlined previously but put simply it means our enforcement team will know prior to checking out who is fishing, who has the required permission to fish enabling them to detect earlier those who are acting out with our rules. This does not mean that night fishing is to be outlawed it is simply a measure towards apprehending those whose intent is to plunder our fishery

In the same vein we will propose that on receipt of a permit to fish the angler purchasing the permit agrees to at the discretion of the loch keeper or bailiff allow his bag and vehicle to be searched. This could be viewed by some as a draconian measure and most likely it probably is best described by that adjective! However honest right thinking anglers who comprise the majority of our visiting anglers have nothing to fear, only those with sinister intent should beware! When an angler takes possession of a permit to fish he is agreeing to this edict and if they do not agree they must fish elsewhere! There have been further assaults on our stocks of fish which make adoption of the proposed rules above imperative. We cannot at this time reveal the wrongdoings but they will be made public when the time is right!

Another proposal received is that members of the club may hire boats free of charge. With this proposal comes a proviso that annual membership subscriptions be raised from the current sum of thirty pounds to thirty five pounds. The idea being that the extra five pounds would cover the loss of income from our boat hire. Hire of engines would remain at the same price. If you would like to submit an item for discussion please let me have it before the 9th of this month. The meeting will take place on the 13th of November at the Tibbie Shiels Inn commencing at 19.00hrs. We are indebted to Alastair and Marie Therese for opening the bar for us.

Runaway boats!

A call from Ian midweek informed me that a couple of our boats were on the far side of the loch with no one apparently attending to them. Ian said that he would get them back whilst I drove up to see if I could help. By the time I got there Ian had retrieved both boats which on inspection looked none the worse for their ordeal. How these boats came to be loose still evades us but these boats are the clubs greatest assets and as such we must redouble our efforts to see it does not happen again!

Photo 02 - Rosehip liqueur just begging to be made!
Of things to come!

Like many of our anglers with an interest in country matters I enjoy a limited harvest of the fruits that nature has to offer. It has been customary in the past to seek a few kilos of Damsons or Sloes to make the winter tipple Sloe/Damson Gin. Unfortunately our Damson crop failed and I did not come across any sloe bushes leaving me with no rejuvenating liquor to moderate the cold nights ahead. Whilst doing a bit of research on the internet I came across a much lauded recipe for Rosehip Gin or Brandy.

On looking locally I was disappointed to note that all the rosehips in the area were soft and mushy making their use borderline. However on checking the situation on the banks of the loch it quickly became apparent that the Rosehips here were still firm and ideal for picking. So without ado I picked two kilograms of the hips from several different bushes to get a good cross section for the initial batch. I was also able at this time to assume the mantle of a glutton and gorge myself with plump sweet brambles which was a real treat! All the recipes seem to be a variation of the one I used below.

1kg Rosehips, 300gms soft brown sugar, 2 cloves, one cinnamon stick, half a lemon rind shredded and 1.5litres of budget gin/vodka or brandy. Wash the rosehips and either use whole or crush. Cover the washed Rosehips with the brown sugar and leave overnight. Add the rest of the ingredients and place covered bowl in a cool place. Stir daily for a period of two weeks then sieve the mixture into bottles. The hairs in Rosehips are an irritant as you may remember from your schooldays when some Rosehips down your back would lead to an itchy back for a good few hours, so it is best to sieve a couple times more. The mixture should then be left for a couple of weeks before treating yourself to a wee nip. Warming alcohol, copious amounts of vitamin c and a pleasant and unique taste make for a truly heart-warming package! Early indications from initial tasting are that my batch will turn out to be truly delicious. Thank you Mother Nature, get your feet up and enjoy!  
Tree planting!
Just a reminder that we will be having a tree planting session on Saturday coming . Give me a shout if you can attend.

Photo 03 - Delicious Brambles still harvestable at the loch.
From our recommended dealers!

Have a look at some of the bargains available from our recommended dealers this week. All our recommended dealers know the ins and outs of the tackle trade and you can be sure of getting a great deal whichever one you visit.

And remember you can order online so no need to get out of bed!


The wider world in my view!

Private healthcare

I find it quite unsettling to see the frequency with which advertisements for private health care are appearing on the television! It is quite clear that under the incompetent Con-Dems the health service is nothing short of a shambles! Yes reform after reform with private practice barging in means that the days of a two tier healthcare system are now with us like it or not! The agenda of Lord Snooty is clear, it is to privatise the health service by stealth by running it down and promoting private health care!

More and more of the affluent middle classes are opting for private medicine to bypass the delays encountered by an underfunded NHS, not for them the goal of a universal first class health service its simply me, me, me! They have the ability to pay to jump the queue, to pay for unnecessary services and investigations to swell the profits of the private provider. Clearly it’s morally repugnant to have health care reduced to the level of treatment according to your bank balance, that however is the goal of Snooty and his band of cynical bunglers!

However what the private health care providers will not tell you is that they cannot provide a service equal to that of the NHS because the expertise and facilities do not exist in the private sector. Oh yes they will repair your hernia for five or six grand but if you develop severe peritonitis you will find yourself back in the NHS for the treatment required! Yes these sharks are very selective in what they will provide, straightforward conditions no problem, just open your chequebook!  Chronic severe conditions, I’m sorry sir we don’t do that, try the hospital for the poor round the corner!

They wear it like a badge of honour, their membership of such schemes and fair play it does say something about them! It says they have no affinity with those who have less in monetary terms; it says they think they are better than the working classes, it says they are content to live in a society where the size of your bank balance determines how quickly you will obtain treatment, it says they proudly adopt the banner of I’m all right stuff you!

Embracing the concept of private medicine is nothing short of a catastrophe for a civilised society! Universal equitable healthcare is a basic tenet of society, it is a leveller of society. Healthcare should have nothing to do with monetary assets it should be free at the point of delivery the way Aneurin Bevan engineered it!

No need to be surprised!

The trademark bungling continues unabated as this week Butcher Thatcher would be Theresa May was forced into a humiliating u turn regarding the proposed bond to be applied to immigrants from high risk countries such as India and Pakistan. Yes the £3,000 that was to be taken as security in these cases of immigration has now been scrapped as being unworkable! Looking at it in the cold light of day it was never going to work, like all Con-Dem policy it starts with a heralded fanfare then ends ignominiously a few months later with much covering up and utterances of being a listening government.

Similarly the well regarded McMillan Cancer Support has lambasted diddy work and pensions secretary Ian Duncan-Smith over the shambles of delayed benefit payments caused by the introduction of the lame duck policy of universal credit. Citing hundreds of terminally ill patients who are being left without cash support they are calling for a radical rethink of the ill fated policy. Yet again Lord Snooty presides over persistent punishing of the poor and needy without a hint of embarrassment! These wretched fools are completely devoid of compassion and know nothing of empathy or they would resign on the grounds of incompetence and let people with the above qualities put right the many wrongs wrought on us by these inept fools! I suppose you could expect nothing less from posh boys with bank balances the like of which most of us will never see in a lifetime!

Am I surprised – no, it’s the way the Con-Dems started and the way they will finish, bungling from start to finish!

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