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From the AGM!

Photo 01- We need to speak with the occupants. See below!
From the AGM!


A good turnout compared to last year with the dreadful weather made for a lively and enjoyable AGM during which many cloudy items were clarified. Stalwart member Stevie Nimmo was elected on to the committee and we look forward to his input as a dedicated, longstanding St Mary’s angler. Not for him the easy option of “plastic” fishing no, its man against wild and wary quarry! Always at the forefront when there is work to be carried out he sets an example for younger members in that unless maintenance takes place we will have nothing!

 John Wright after a difficult year on the health front tendered his resignation as treasurer of the club on grounds of ill health. We reluctantly accepted his resignation as there is no doubt he faces a difficult battle ahead. A pioneering member of the club John was involved with all our major projects and dealing with the many problems we have encountered. Bottom line is that we will miss his valued input but life must go on. All at the club send on their good wishes for a speedy and sustained recovery we expect to see you back on the loch soon John!

Our new treasurer is Elliot Fraser (Scottish Champion power lifter) who thinks nothing to travelling 140 miles in a round trip to help out the club. Like Stevie and John, Elliot is never far away when work is to be carried out, why only last week in addition to planting a barrow load of trees he calmly went on during a break to service his front brakes outside the Glen Cafe and on testing a jolly good job he made! Elliot has been keen to get involved with the club for a good while now only distance preventing full immersion into the turbulent loch that is St Mary’s Angling Club! Elliot and Stevie welcome aboard!

New club rule!

The meeting on hearing of the poaching and thieving taking place had no hesitation in adopting the proposed new rule that it be against club rules for anyone to arrive after 18.00hrs, commence fishing without the explicit permission of our loch keeper, bailiff or committee member! Therefore if you plan on arriving after 18.00hrs you must make contact with one of the officials above. The reason for this is simple, if a Tweed bailiff checks the loch (as they are now doing) after checking with our enforcement team and being told that they know of no one fishing on the loch the bailiff will know immediately the person he is about to apprehend is fishing without a permit! This will increase our effectiveness in detecting poachers and fish thieves! It was also agreed that all members should be vigilant and be on the lookout for suspicious behaviour and if there is any suspicion of illegality report the incident immediately!

Club memberships.

A proposal was received that the annual subscription of £30.00 be increased to £35.00 but that coupled with this, members would now be entitled to free rowing boats. This makes club membership very attractive indeed. Visiting angler’s tariffs will remain at £6.00/14ft boat and £12.00/16ft boat.  On the membership front it looks like with the people being taken off the waiting list our membership will be full in early January!

Work parties again!

This perennial topic was once again tabled as it seems in common with all clubs fishing or otherwise the same old people keep presenting for duties! There was much discussion with various points of view being aired in the end however the meeting came up with a gentle policy as follows – in the course of a year there will be 4 published workdays to be inserted here and on the club notice board. All members who attend will be entered into a draw at the end of the last work session and the name drawn out will be given free membership for the year and as a further incentive to the member most involved with participation in work parties we will offer this angler the opportunity to fish with our competition winner when he has his autumn days salmon fishing on the upper pavilion beat on Tweed courtesy of Major Sir Neil Westbrook. We hope that this will encourage some of the members we have not yet seen to date. In all another eight items were tabled for discussion it is however inappropriate to publish them here. As usual we are indebted to Alastair and Marie Therese for opening the Tibbie for us and the attentive and friendly service given, thanks folks!

Photo 01

With regard to the two people travelling in the black Audi photographed last Tuesday we really would like to speak with you! The Shepherdess working the area of Bowerhope tells us when you were asked you stated that you acquired the permission to fish from the internet! Now things go by us now and then but on speaking to my colleagues no one is aware of our permits being available on the net! You were noted to speak with a foreign accent which is a further concern for us!

We would also like to know why you think it is acceptable to leave your discarded bait fish lying on the banks of the loch. Is it through a sense of benevolence seeing to the dietary needs of the indigenous wildlife or was it just a sense of being bone idle acting like Prats and thinking you are above removing the rubbish that you bring? You have embarrassed the club and your fellow countrymen who do fish in a responsible manner! We would expect to hear from you within 14 days and if we have not heard from you in this period we will have no option but to bar you from fishing our lochs! Yes my friends you have some questions to answer, we are waiting! All cars in the Bowerhope area will be photographed with our blessing in case of actions such as described above!

Photo 02 - Some of what was left!
Our autumn days Salmon fishing!

We are a bit later this year but we are good for go on Friday. Yes competition winner Chris Empson and ace club worker are getting the tackle looked out and hoping for some sport. The last couple of months have been very good but there are no guarantees in fishing all we can do is give it our best shot and see what happens! Personally I can’t wait and I know the lads are on tenterhooks!

The wider world in my view!

Opposition! What opposition!

My jaw dropped on Tuesday when the time came for the hated bedroom tax to be voted on. Initial reports seemed to suggest the inept Con-Dems were about to be embarrassed yet again as a small victory for the anti’s was predicted.  When the result was announced my jaw did drop rapidly, the bedroom tax would continue! It turns out 46 labour MPs did not even bother to turn up and vote! If they had done so they would have carried the day and given the Con-Dems yet another bloody nose! I also noted a few prominent Lib-Dem puppets who have stated opposition to the bed tax also did not turn up to vote!

In the country where the new poll tax is decimating the living standards of those who have not, these lackadaisical fools content to draw large salaries and huge expenses did not even have the get up and go to put an X in a box! These people must now reflect on their inaction and how they have done a great disservice to their constituents and let right thinking voters down badly! When I looked at our local result I saw the Michael Moore MP had voted with his Tory pals and voted for a continuation of the bedroom tax, no surprise there then, a Tory in puppets clothing! Yes Mr Moore and the 46 diddys and a few puppets mentioned above should hang their heads in shame!

Desperate puppets!

It was to be expected in the run up to a general election the apparently beneficial giveaways and strong headlines proclaiming the good things to come! Yes puppet Clegg who has given those on incomes of less than £10.000 £1.70/ week which is instantly taken away by bungling on a massive scale now wants to give the low paid a further pile of pennies as a reward for putting up with gross incompetence! Conning the public into thinking he is on the side of “hardworking families” fighting the nasty Tories he is merely shuffling a few pence around having no effect on available government funds and more pertinently no effect on the standard of living of the working classes!

There are people out there who are naive enough to be taken in by this tat thankfully though they are few and far between! It is important to remember the puppet and his band of backsliders are heading for political oblivion post election for moving in with the Tories and breaking election promises, they will grab any opportunity to try and portray their old honourable but now discarded values! Empty pre election promises of no use to the oppressed working classes!

Similarly Lord Snooty uttered a few headlines for “hardworking families” this week with regard to the health service, yet again with no substance whatsoever behind them! Warning of severe penalties for errant health professionals without firstly reviewing what leads to such problems that occurred with mid Staffs and of paramount importance putting in place measures to deal with the factors that lead to that catastrophe! The result will be a step back to the previous culture of silence with the unsavoury possibility of having a repeat occurrence!  Yet another ill thought out policy from the government that is only competent in the dubious art of bungling!


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