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Frasers Summer Week!

Photo 01 - A taste of things to come!
Frasers summer week!

Yes Fraser Patterson our benchmark angler did indeed spend a summer week at the lochs and promptly sent me a report, unfortunately events at the lochs of significant importance overtook publication of his efforts. So with an apology to Fraser here is the belated report of his week –

to me

Hi dick

Hows it going ? i had a really enjoyable week on the loch.I tried a few new bits without much luck but plumbed the depths and they seemed good so i will try them again another time.I also caught a 6 pounder on a fly  which was good fun.

I had a fish 13lb 4oz in superb condition and when i was letting her go i noticed she had a tag in her but unfortunately she was away so i never got the number.

This my catch return for the week


Sunday 25th - Pike 6lb

Monday 26th  Pike 8lb 1oz

Tuesday 27th - Pike 6lb 8oz

Wednesday 28th - Pike 15lb3oz, Pike 8lb 2oz, Pike 13lb 4oz, Pike 4lb, Pike 6lb, Pike 5lb 4oz, Pike 7lb 8oz

Thursday 29th - Pike 6lb 2oz, Pike 5lb 4oz, Pike 6lb

Friday 30th - Pike 10lb 1oz

Saturday 31st - Pike 8lb


As you can see i caught a few but not so many doubles this time. One night just after dark i caught a eel on my perch rod and when i was bringing it in a pike had 3 goes at it, I never really seen it but the boil it made on the water was huge so I’m thinking it was a good fish.

I caught perch every day but the strange thing with them was i caught the occasional one during the day but come 7pm i was catching them every cast and they were everywhere, under my rod tip to as far as i could cast.

Great stuff Fraser more valuable information for our databank and a good time had to boot, yes this is what angling is about!


Some problem anglers!

The situation over the last few weeks appears to have been very quiet with our patrols not detecting any illegal activity which is good news indeed! We will not however allow complacency to creep in as these thieves are quite resolute when it comes to their fish thieving! There is to be a meeting held on Tuesday of the Border Federation of anglers the top topic being the assault on our fisheries by these people and the measures that could be taken to counter the threat of fish theft.

The meeting will also hear from the chief inspector of the River Tweed Bailiffs as to how they can assist us in ridding ourselves of this problem. If we are to be able to deal with this problem effectively we need the full and unreserved support of this agency and increased visits from them checking the status of anglers fishing on the lochs. I will be proposing to our club that overnight fishing be curtailed in that overnight fishing will be forbidden excepting that fishing which would take place with the consent of our loch keeper or bailiff. This is again a measure that will impinge on the right thinking anglers that comprise the majority of our visitors we hope however that this will aid the detection of the fish thieves and that you will understand the reasons for this restriction! If you are planning on arriving after 6pm at night please ensure that you notify our loch keeper Aaron or bailiff Keith before commencement of fishing!

This would mean that anyone arriving after 18.00hrs who has not obtained prior permission from the officials above would be contravening our club rules. This would mean that the said anglers were fishing illegally and would be removed from the lochs! Such a move would significantly aid us in our endeavours in that if the Tweed bailiffs are planning a patrol of our lochs we could inform them of the number of anglers fishing overnight. Using this method, if no one has been notified as fishing and a group of anglers are found fishing they would be subject to search and then either removed from the lochs or charged with fish theft and then removed from the lochs!

Some of our questions will undoubtedly be answered on Tuesday but it will be crucial that all clubs take note of the problems we have encountered and make their own arrangements to set up detection patrols on a regular basis. This is an extremely serious situation and the outcome we do not want to see is that of simply moving the problem on to other waters eventually settling on one area where no appropriate measures have been implemented! We will be looking for unity and positive action coming from all the delegates attending and pointed letters along with the minutes to those who do not attend lest we find ourselves engulfed by fish thieves and frightening consequences for the waters we manage. I will publish the outcome of our deliberations next week!

Photo 02 Poor photo of the hole in our Arran to be repaired.
Asset maintenance!

It’s never ending, the work to maintain our assets in good condition so that anglers may enjoy their sport in safety and of equal importance that we have the tools required to carry out this work! Yesterday was taken up fully in this vein with one of our Arran boats and our 4.5KW generator requiring attention. With the Arran boat one of the rowlock mountings had disintegrated two weeks ago when two anglers rowing the heavy beast had to be rescued by our loch keeper and bailiff Aaron and Keith after the mounting point gave way (in no way due to them) requiring a tow back to the boat house. As is our normal practice the anglers concerned have been offered a free day and boat by means of compensation for their ruined day.

The work entailed stripping back degraded fibreglass and replacing the lost fibreglass and the insertion of a block of solid hardwood under the rim of the boat drilled out to accept the oar holder which would effectively spread the load placed on this area by heavy rowing. Without going into details we accomplished the task on both sides of the boat the process taking most of the day and the finished job looks to be a cracker! The oars feel very solid indeed and hopefully these repairs should last a very long time!

The club is indebted to Les Henderson our master joiner and Aaron our loch keeper for their hard work on this project. Similarly our big generator was running in a very rough fashion indeed requiring constant use of the choke to keep her ticking over! I had last week de rusted the tank internally as it was leaking through perforations and allowing rust particles into the fuel filter which is not a good situation! After converting the rust to the inert form by use of phosphoric acid a two part petrol resistant epoxy resin was swilled on all the tank internals when cured leaving a hard impermeable coating on the inside of the tank.

When motorcycle supremo Keith reviewed the manner of the running engine he immediately diagnosed a blocked main jet and decided there was no time like the present to rectify this. Sure enough on removing the carburettor bowl and main jet debris was found in the bowl and the main jet partially blocking it! On cleaning the parts and reassembling the carburettor firing her up was music to our ears, the erratic running had gone! So the boat repaired and the generator cured we are again a step forward with our chores. It is only by the benevolence time and knowledge of our members that we are able to move forward. Aaron Les and Keith the club is once again in your debt, many thanks for your help!

Photo 03 - The hole reinforced and repaired!
The wider world in my view!

If you are like me you would have been horrified if not surprised by the actions of SSE one of the big six energy providers by announcing average price rises of 8.2% in November this year! These greedy companies motivated only by excessive profits think nothing of the effect of their price rises on hard pressed individuals who are also being incessantly punished by the inept policies wrought on us by the posh boys!

These posh boys think nothing of a £500.00 bill in midsummer for fuel because they have monetary resources the like of which we would find hard to comprehend! They have no idea whatsoever of the need to juggle money to cope until the next pay day! They don’t live in the real world, insulated by their bank balances filling in their days by repeated bungling affecting the future of the working classes! Yes all their machinations are directed to ensuring the wealthy of the country get more whilst we suffer without remission.

Milliband took a step in the right direction when he stated policy of capping energy price rises for a period of time but that is not nearly enough! The whole manner of working of these giants is flawed. There is no balance in their ideology, no tempering of policy towards fairness, its only profit at any cost! We should not expect the Con-Dem clowns to come up with any ideas of moderation simply because they have no ideas towards this end! They are so out of touch with the struggles being faced by the working classes they actually think they are doing a good job when the stark reality is that we have never in a lifetime experienced such an incompetent bunch of fools as far as we can remember!

The solution to this problem does not rely with the energy giants, they only have one aspect of focus and that is profit! The solution lays with government but not this lot the instigators of the “pie tax”. No the solution can only be achieved by the election of a socialist government whose primary focus is people not profit! Unfortunately on the current British political system I can see no such government, the nearest thing I can see is the Scottish National Party!

I never thought I would say it but there you go, my allegiance now moved from the Labour party (who are now Tories in all but name!) to the SNP! The potential of this party is great, there is among their ranks people capable of embracing huge challenges in an independent Scotland such as nationalisation of these energy companies with hopefully eyes to seek nationalisation of banks, pharmaceutical companies to name but a few, bringing people to the fore and ensuring profit is redistributed for the common good rather than swelling the bank accounts of the affluent! A very important election comes up in 2014 it is a chance to get rid of the ever bungling Con-Dems. Many pensioners will be dreading the onset of freezing conditions and all the Con-Dems can come up with is change suppliers – not good enough! The previous strategy of the dimwits was to insist that the energy companies reduce the number of tariffs on offer. The companies were quick to oblige scrapping all the tariffs that minimised their profits and offered some ease to struggling customers – just another bungle ill thought out and detrimental to the poorest in society! Yes in the coming months each and every one of us will be faced with some soul searching questions! Our future society will be shaped by your decision!

The Royal Mail!

The flotation this week will be a black mark on the calendar, remember it well because it will rear its head for many years to come. It looks like the first blunder has already taken place in that the share issue was grossly undervalued as foreign investors and greedy middle class Britons flocked to grab a slice of the action. The shares are already a third up on the issue price! The Con-Dems couldn’t get rid of the mail quickly enough to try and stop the risk of damaging strikes which I have no doubt will still go ahead and which I support and unreservedly commend!

Just watch as the years go by the deterioration of the service with rural areas having their deliveries slashed to maximise profit! Couple this with the inevitable price rises as foreign multinationals muscle in and in time take over control of the company abandoning all that we cherished with the original Royal Mail! Loyal workers will see their pay slashed and working conditions eroded to the level of a part time worker in Tesco!

In an effort to woo back the middle classes who took their support away in droves to defect to UKIP as the Con-Dem bungling became too much to bear they unleashed a share bonanza giving the greed ridden middle classes exactly what they want – more money at any cost! It’s only days old but already it looks a shambles the full consequences of this thoughtless move will punish the working classes for years to come! Yet another massive blunder, is there no end to this persistent bungling?

Killer Sturgeon!

It was sad but inevitable the sacking of Scottish Secretary Michael Moore! A lightweight in a heavyweight bout against Nicola Sturgeon the Scottish deputy first minister. Yes the televised debate was cringe worthy as Sturgeon landed punch after punch to no reply. He did his best but it was not good enough perhaps an indication of just how barren the Lib-Dem talent pool has become. Maybe a change of name would help here’s a suggestion, The Lib-Duds!

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