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Neds at work!

Photo 01 - N0 7720 a year on and looking good!
Neds at work!

Even although we are almost at the end of the 2013 Noddy season, yesterday saw the effects of the latest assault on the lovely area that is Cappercleuch. This time we were not the focus of their attention rather it was the Glen Cafe on the banks of the Lowes. Yes some misguided Neds broke into the cafe run by our good friends Cath, Ian and Lisa Stephenson. The front door had been forced breaking the door and the lock to secure entry into the premises. Luckily the premises are protected by an alarm linked to a central control room who immediately alerted the family that the detectors had been tripped.

A quick survey of the premises revealed thankfully that nothing whatsoever had been taken which although good news does not alleviate the feelings of anger, violation and vulnerability that go hand in hand with such outrageous acts! The loud alarm probably startled the Neds and cut short their visit. Whilst decent people were thinking of retiring for the night unscrupulous thieves are prowling around to see if they can relieve decent people of their property! Perhaps Lord Snooty with his fine words and invisible actions might want to consider such events whilst mercilessly slashing the budget for policing!

Anyway after the family assisted us after our break in we offered to help the them to repair the door in a manner such as we could with a cordless drill, screwdriver, hammer, chopped strand fibre glass and a knife! It took two or three hours whilst John from the post office secured a new lock from the B&Q store in Galashiels. As is usual in these cases the lock whilst similar did not line up with any of the original fixing points requiring existing holes to be filled, enlarged or new ones made. The face plates on the door and the frame were a centimetre larger than the original fixings requiring enlargement of the recess, not easy with a drill and screwdriver of 1960s vintage with a bent shaft!

Thankfully at this point Ian appeared and having in his motor a one inch chisel meant that rapid progress would now be possible. A good few grunts and groans and many muffled curses soon had us on the road to victory! Finally the key in the door turning and locking the said door led to a rousing cheer from all inside the cafe! Job done, the way it should be, people helping each other out it’s what makes the world spin! Perhaps if those who seek commercial gain from every eventuality in life practised this the world would be a better place! Favour returned as mentioned Ian was kind enough to assist us when we also suffered a break in earlier in the year; it’s the way of old, the correct way! An absolute pleasure to interact with such people!

Nb the Ned who robbed us has not yet appeared in court for the five counts of breaking and entering. I wonder if instead he was taken to Disneyworld at the taxpayers expense by some misguided social work types!

Photo 02 - 7720 whippings intact ready for another year.
Aberrant anglers!

Again we are pleased to report that our patrols have not encountered any instances of fish theft. We had a couple of lads fishing yesterday and again they were high quality individuals who I have no doubt typify the large majority of anglers from other countries! There are in Galashiels a number of shops catering for anglers from other countries and I will approach them this week from the point of preserving the good name of people from other countries which is being rapidly trashed by the thieving yobs that carried out the recent wrongdoings on our lochs. A meeting will take place on the 15th where the main topic for discussion will be the threat posed by this minority element.

A strategy must be formulated by all clubs in conjunction with the Tweed bailiffs and most importantly the police. The only way this problem can be tackled is by swift and decisive action leading to some sort of prosecution followed by a publicity campaign. We had thought of putting an advert in the local press but ultimately felt that our target audience would be too low to justify the expense. The shops catering for anglers from other countries in the area are the best focal point that we have and as such further targeting of these areas will take place!

Some more extreme views received incorporated forming gangs armed with pick axe handles which we will not even consider! I remember being told of a big bully boy attacking a smaller chap who was spouting views about a species of fish not to the bully boys liking, his attempt at a punch failed, as quick as a flash the wee lad unleashed an uppercut on the glass jaw of the bully boy and laid him out cold! An example that shows bully boy tactics rarely work! We must continue with our random patrols with speedy back up from the authorities coupled with an information campaign this will in the end bring us a positive outcome!

Photo 03 - Abrasion wear, what to do?
No 7720 Carter of London bamboo rod!
Yes she has now been on duty for over a year now and has given excellent service coping with all that the angling world can throw and the abuse I wreak upon her. She has yet to encounter a heavy fish as I did not catch any this year but this will come and the lack of it has not spoiled my enjoyment of the rod! I have now gotten acclimatised to the slow and lazy action that can if required pump out a nice length of line and similarly work a short line with sensitivity.

Following the breaking of the spare top piece last year there have been no further calamities with the rod keeping all of its single leg rings and the highly lacquered finish remains intact. The cork handle however is beginning to show some signs of wear where the butt of my hand rubs on it whilst casting. I am undecided as to whether or not I should repair this as underneath the worn cork is a thick wooden sleeve when I had originally thought there would be much thicker cork over the rod blank!

As I see it there are three options (a) do nothing it’s just wear and tear, (b) remove all the cork and fashion a handle to my specification, (c) apply cork filler to the affected area and reshape to blend in with the minimally worn bits of the handle. I will need to ponder this over the close season! However the above has not detracted from my enjoyment of the rod, it does everything that I ask of it without complaint and the pleasing finish gives a good deal of satisfaction knowing it is my own work. There is no sign of delamination, no unfurling of the whippings and the glass hard lacquer remains crystal clear as expected!

There is a resurgence of interest in split cane rods but the price of these new can run into four figures! The more cost effective option is to do what I have done and re home an orphaned and neglected rod. From this you will derive a great deal of satisfaction and it’s not really a huge amount of work and will be accomplished for less than £20.00 not counting blood sweat and tears of course! Look for an intact rod with minimal set in the top piece, photograph and measure and strip it down to the blank and you’re off! A super hobby for the undoubtedly cold dark nights ahead!

The wider world in my view!

This land of opportunity!

The words of Lord Snooty, trying to stir his ever diminishing band of followers at the Tory party conference. I have never heard such a load of tosh! The opportunities for young school leavers are the dole or a career as a shelf stacker in the supermarkets! Oh he banged on about the million jobs created by the private sector what he neglected to say was that the vast majority of these jobs are part time shop keeping jobs with no future whatsoever or zero hour contract jobs of no use to aspiring hardworking families! No one was fooled by the sound bites, empty words with no substance, the trademark of the Con-Dems!

In the same vein was the supposed crackdown on welfare claimants, just another load of empty words about housing them in jobcentres 5 days a week so they couldn’t work on the side! At least there will be a spin off in that the construction jobs emanating from the new “super” job centres will provide much needed jobs because the current jobcentres are too small by a mile! Rattled by Labours correct move to the left and the haemorrhaging of disaffected Tories to UKIP, Snooty is now under ever increasing pressure to rally the troops on behalf of “hardworking families”!

It will not happen, both Labour and UKIP move forward as the backsliding puppets prepare for oblivion and the Tories for permanent opposition. This of course is only correct as the lying puppets pay the price for their treachery and Lord Snooty for crass incompetence! The country has had enough of them and now even the Tories have had enough of their blundering leaders! Yes the upcoming election has the Tories running scared, shown to be devoid of policies that stand up to scrutiny the economy showing a slight upturn but not due to Con-Dem policy it was going to recover in spite of them! Their cry was “let us finish the job” most people are now wondering when they are going to get started!

Just another rag!

Of course I refer to the rat bag Daily Mail! A torrent of abuse that is regularly released against anything that contravenes their values which is basically everything! Even turning on their political masters the Tories, if it suits. Incapable of attacking the opposition on the basis of their policies they have to resort to character assassination even then to avoid being shown up as the fools they are they pick on the dead!

There is a need for an inquiring press but one with some moral standards and scruples, papers such as the Manchester Guardian, the Morning Star and the Daily Mirror spring to mind. Papers who report the news as it is, not twisting it to suit their views! Ralph Milliband was a respected academic socialist holding views considered mainstream in his time, a man of the people that in direct opposition to the Tories wished to see an end to inequality and poverty which are highly commendable viewpoints!

The press regulation report matures this week but I don’t think they will offer any mitigation against extremists such as the Daily Mail. You could blame Rothermere or the editor of the toilet roll but that would be only partially correct. Every single person who reads the Daily Mail should hang their heads in shame for it is every one of them who willingly supports the publication of such filth and biased nonsense that propels this rag ever further into the depths. Just another rag that has a very limited number of uses most being in the smallest room!
No Surprise!
Heard on the radio this week, Lord Snooty was caught out yet again not having a clue about the price of a loaf of bread! Handy tip - ask any working class family struggling under your inept policy's and they will tell you! An absolute buffoon!

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