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A Worthy Champion!

Photo 01- Les presents the trophy to Elliot Fraser a trophy well won!
A Worthy Champion!

It was always going to happen it was just a matter of when; this year was the year that many years of determined angling was rewarded. Yes Elliot Fraser (photo 01) longstanding member scooped the trophy for the year’s heaviest trout. Weighing in at 1 lb 10oz it’s not the biggest when looking back over the years but in what was a difficult year on the lochs it was by far the best!

Elliot spent many days trolling the lochs often in appalling conditions but his resolve was such that he continued irrespective of weather that would have seen many anglers throw in the towel! I look on it as a sense of natural justice that his hard work and undoubted skill has now been rewarded and his name is now engraved on the cup for all time! There is a twenty pound note that accompanies the trophy and we tried to hand it over yesterday but he would have none of it insisting that the prize money be put back into club funds! Many thanks Elliot!

We also benefitted from his engineering prowess as he presented us with a pair of expertly crafted rowlocks to complete our set. As a precision engineer to trade there was no doubt as to whether they would fit, they are just spot on! So yet again it’s once more once less as yet another season ends and we have yet again a new and worthy champion as we have had every year. Congratulations Elliot on a hard won Trout worthy of taking our heavy trout trophy! Yet another angler we are pleased to count among our number!
Photo 02 - Where the townies went!

Common sense gone!

Photo 02 shows the entrance and steep descent into Jim Mitchell’s field by the side of the Megget Burn. On Monday a white van was noted parked in the field along with a fishing shelter erected. The problem with this scenario is that the anglers had no permission to be in that field and yes you do require permission as in law it is an offence to drive more than 15metres onto private land without the landowners permission!

I cannot understand how anglers do not know this! The land belongs to someone, it’s like setting up a tent in a strangers garden almost sure to result in police involvement! It beggars belief that an angler would be so bereft of knowledge on countryside matters; I really do find it hard to understand such arrogance or ignorance! Yet again the club is embarrassed by the actions of these anglers; we have spent years building up good relations with our landowners only to see our good work ruined by thoughtless actions of people who go under the banner of anglers!

This site is also a part of a SSSI designated as such by Scottish National Heritage for wading birds and blundering on to the site will do nothing to improve the status of these birds!  If you have no idea of country matters you should phone one of our officials before entering any land and we will keep you on the right track! The bottom line is that you cannot just barge in to the property of others without firstly seeking the permission of the landowner! For the first time in a long time I was almost lost for words! OH AND DON’T EVEN THINK OF GOING INTO A FIELD AT LAMBING TIME OR WANDER ABOUT SUCH FIELDS WITH A DOG!

Mystery cup!

I received a very nice mail from a lady resident in the London area who on clearing out her father’s house had come across a cup he had won in 1905. It was a challenge cup and was engraved with the words “St Mary’s Angling Club Challenge cup presented to William Finch Esq for the best catch of the season 1905”. Mr Finch’s daughter had done some research on the web and found our site and thought it may have been a cup presented by us. Alas it could not have been presented by us as our club did not exist in any form prior to 1933 and as such the mystery remains! It could possibly have been presented by a now defunct angling club in the area as the lady said that she was unaware of her father having travelled up into our neck of the woods. It was disappointing not to have been able to offer some help on this but clearly there is no link to our club! So the investigation continues and we send our good wishes to the family in their quest to find out about Mr Finch’s triumph and the mysterious St Mary’s Angling Club!
Photo 03 - Ben fishing from a few weeks ago!

Another bizarre meeting!

Yes on Tuesday I attended a meeting of the Federation of Border Angling Associations where the only real business of the night was the problem of European anglers stealing our fish. The issue was given light coverage with some of the representatives not really seeing a problem which is fair enough! There was no representative of the River Tweed Bailiffs in attendance I suspect due to them not being notified of a meeting taking place!

It was mentioned that again the attendance was poor as it is always, maybe due in some part to the lack of agenda items for discussion! It was mentioned that maybe observers could be invited to make up the numbers! One of the club representatives was asked if he had invited an observer to attend this meeting and he replied that he had but that the person had declined! This of course is a ridiculous situation as the groups title is not the Federation of any Tom Dick or Harry, it also smacks of underhand and pre determined planning!

Committee convention has it that an observer may be invited to attend any meeting if it is the wish of delegates, not at the whim of an office bearer! Such an observer would also be expected to have a degree of demonstrable expertise relative to a topic under discussion; the person invited to my knowledge has no such expertise!  Observers are not permitted to speak unless invited to do so and must not under any circumstances try and influence any decision made by the delegates present prior to or during the said meeting! The observer may be invited to the meeting only when the topic on which he is an expert is up for discussion and it is protocol to thank the observer for his contribution and then ask him to leave. Clearly then the last meeting of this group was seriously flawed as the observer sat through the whole meeting was allowed to speak on any subject he wished.

This smacks of an “old boys club” inviting friends with the same viewpoint as in the previous meeting regarding fishing guides and allowing them to interject at will! Ordinary members of the associations present might not be too happy to have observers who have not the commitment or resolve to be part of a club with all that accompanies holding such a position pontificating on issues affecting them and potentially influencing others present!

Quite how such a departure from accepted protocol came about is beyond me. But the situation is clear. If there are not enough delegates to comprise a quorum or there are no items to discuss then the forum should be disbanded. Bringing in random observers with no area of expertise is simply a joke which reflects poorly on the forum! Thankfully TTGI biologist was present to give a talk on electrofishing and he stated with conviction that he would contact the relevant bailiff to offer us some assistance! Thank you Kenny!

Photo 04 - Found loch side good when young but these are full of spores!
The wider world in my view!

Blundering on all fronts!

As expected following on from EDF’s lead British Gas have now announced rises in gas and electricity of around 10% with the rest likely to follow this week! This is desperate news for pensioners and those on low wages as prices spiral out of control sending evermore people to the pay day loan sharks! Lord Snooty said he was disappointed by the announcement but urged angry consumers to switch energy suppliers! Did you ever hear of such nonsense? Where exactly is the benefit in switching from one profiteering high charging company to another equally high charging one! The out of touch fool cares less about the millions on the breadline his only interest is in maintaining fat cat profits!

His adviser on such matters is Centrica’s former public affairs manager Tara Singh a blue nosed Tory with little regard for the poor of the nation! A staggering conflict of interest as green policy of energy generation is pushed aside as Singh directs policy to benefit British Gas! Lord Snooty will pay lip service to curbing these robbers. Milliband will do more but not nearly enough! The only way to get stable lower prices in energy is to re nationalise these companies paying minimum compensation to them and charging the public a fair price on the basis of a not for profit organisation!

Alan Milburn the Social Mobility adviser has made it clear that poverty under the Con-Dems has rocketed due in part to soaring energy prices but also including underemployment and wages falling catastrophically behind ever rising prices! The fallout from the Con-Dems persistent blundering is now becoming apparent with “hardworking families” being squeezed towards food banks and other charitable services!

Last week’s Royal Mail blunder selling the company off at half its proper price cheating the taxpayer out of millions has cost us dear, the miscalculation by the rank amateurs that are the Con-Dems sees us plunged further into poverty! The society created by the Con-Dems is but a whisker away from meltdown as the upper classes thrive without limit and those of us on modest incomes struggle to survive and those who are unfortunate enough to be unemployed or disabled shuffle around seeking poverty handouts more often seen in third world countries! Profit has no place in the provision of essential public services! The whole debacle is a rather shameful indictment on our present society methinks!

A puppet speaks!

Yes Puppet Clegg the leader of the soon to be extinct Lib-Dem puppets has spoken out against the concept of free schools which were again exposed this week as being somewhat below par! With unqualified teachers and a random syllabus how could it be any other way! In fact Puppet Clegg was just seeking a publicity boost to revive the flagging prospects of his party of betrayal! Yes he now thinks free schools are a good idea again getting back in with his Tory bedfellows! More insignificant words from an irrelevant puppet! It’s quite clear to the voting public that once you have spoken with a forked tongue you always will! Just another cheap publicity stunt, good riddance to the lying puppet!

Watch the SNP soar!

Probably not because of any burning desire to see an independent Scotland but more a desperate wish to rid ourselves of incompetent Con-Dems! The Bedroom tax has crippled thousands and the introduction of the flawed universal credit system next month will see thousands more to become reliant on food handouts! Rising energy prices falling living standards will lead to the fragmentation of society as we know it! The facts state the rich are becoming richer and the poor poorer the riots of last year are just the beginning! There is coming a period of serious societal unrest everyone can see it excepting the bungling Con – Dems! Shame on the poor fools the destroyers of civilised society!

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