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The biggest threat in the history of the club!

The biggest threat in the history of the club!

Over the years the club has had to face many struggles from the various Muppets and charlatans we have encountered, never however has the club faced such a challenge as now confronts us! Yes we are under full scale attack from "anglers" from other countries who are visiting the lochs and by use of methods illegal and legal seek to take every single fish that they encounter!

How do we know this? We received a tip off last week from an official of an angling club who we will not name for safety reasons but to whom we are eternally grateful, stating that a group of these people had visited the lochs a few weeks ago and bagged two Pike (size unknown) and seventeen Eels! There was also the suggestion that these trips were regularly being planned for around midnight on Saturday night! We received this information too late to act at that time but we set up a surveillance and interception mission for last night based on this information.  Supporting our suspicion that illegal activities were taking place was finding a heavy monofilament line with three Aberdeen hooks tied on, one of which tethered a young cormorant whose flesh had been stripped to the bone!

Loch keeper Aaron and Bailiff Mr Xxxxx elected to camp out at a point close to the suspect area where the activity was alleged to have taken place and cleverly planted an angler unconnected to the club over on the surveyed area to mingle and obtain information. They also carried out wide surveillance over the two lochs looking for new cars parked and anglers who had not purchased permits from them. Over Friday night into Saturday morning nothing happened requiring their intervention. The situation on Saturday night was somewhat different!

All three of us felt at this time it would be in our interests to make the situation known to the River Tweed bailiffs who with them bring punitive penalties such as the power of arrest and the seizure of any tackle and vehicles used to assist in the illegal activities. Chief Inspector Hastings confirmed that they would be happy to attend on receipt of a phone call from us once the miscreants had landed some fish. Aaron and Mr Xxxxx again employed the same tactics of the unknown plant on the camp site in the hope of gaining information,

As is typical in these situations things did not go according to plan! There appeared to be no signs of illegality at the targeted site which from our point of view was disappointing as our plan of action was to either publicly or privately prosecute the individuals involved for the theft of our valuable fish stocks! Around midnight Aaron and Mr Xxxxx were about to do yet another patrol of the lochs when a car drew up near them and the slamming of doors suggested some people getting out. They observed from a distance and noted two men with torches and no fishing tackle walking along the shoreline in blackness, odd behaviour I am sure you will agree.

Having no means of escape and knowing that they were about to be discovered they took the initiative and challenged the fellows and the first thing to note is that they were from another country and said that they had come to fish – without permits of course at midnight and minus the obligatory rods! They retreated up the bank to their car where it was made clear to them that they would not be allowed to fish whilst at the same time the number plate of their car was taken! They quickly drove off exhibiting defensive behaviour, the driver seemingly unwilling to show his face. Our lads circled the lochs around 15 minutes later to see if they had parked up somewhere else on the loch but they had disappeared!

Of course at this point our initial strategy had fallen and involvement of the RTC Bailiffs was pointless as no evidence of illegality had been accrued!

The whole mission however was a success as these people will now tell their countrymen of their experience and word will soon get about that if you are seeking to steal our fish there is now a significant chance that you will be caught and prosecuted! Out of the car but a few minutes and immediately challenged! This however is and can only be, the start of the fight back if we are to counter this assault which is a massive threat to our fish stocks! The catch reported to us is fish removal on an industrial scale and one which our fishery cannot and will not sustain!

I have today written to the Polish Anglers Association who has made a service available where submitted wording will be translated into Polish and other languages free of charge, yes there are many decent anglers from other countries out there! We will erect signage around the lochs in English and other languages warning anglers of the consequences of taking fish illegally and our stance on such actions. We will take some flyers to meeting places where people from other countries congregate. Our recommended tackle dealers will be sent flyers to distribute to their customers!

All our anglers, members and visitors should be vigilant looking out for lines tied to trees or boulders and if you can, take a walk along the shoreline you are fishing in the water where submerged set lines may be discovered by your feet pulling them! In all cases, finds and suspicions should be reported to Aaron, Mr Xxxxx or me! Our surveillance will be increased dramatically and anglers should be prepared to submit their bags car boots etc to search procedures. When you purchase a permit this will be taken as authority to carry out such searches if you do not agree with this you should not buy a permit and visit another fishery! Of course our regular visitors who are law abiding anglers will not be subject to such procedures! Confirmed cases of fish theft will always be dealt with by the River Tweed bailiffs or the Police no discussion will be necessary!

These are drastic measures but given the situation I am sure you will agree the only option open to us! We will further seek the assistance of the RTC Bailiffs if and when the situation arises and call for maximum penalties to be applied! I cannot recollect a greater threat to the wellbeing of our fishery, losses as stated above on a weekly basis would see our fishing deteriorate rapidly! It may be that these thieves will simply move on to other lochs or rivers there is however nothing we can do about that in the short term! Angling clubs need to bind together and share information and each club must take speedy and thorough measures to ensure the well being of their waters! Only when a group of these fish thieves are caught and subjected to summary justice will the correct message be sent out! We are not the only water being targeted there are others and I will write to them informing them of the information we hold. We will meet this challenge head on and rid ourselves of these parasites on our great sport, we have on the odd occasion in the past asked for angler help but in this case we really do need your assistance for what we face is undoubtedly the biggest threat in the history of St Mary’s Angling Club

The points of contact are –

Aaron - 07724523777

Mr Xxxxxx - 07780922756

Richard – 07980350031

We have the number plate of the suspect’s car and anyone wishing the details please e mail me.

The wider world in my view!

Lord Snooty et al found wanting!

I breathed a sigh of relief on Thursday evening when the result of the vote on Syria came through. The old Etonians sent packing with their tails between their legs. They got it wrong, again, but that should not surprise you as it has always been their way! Do these fools never learn? Puppy dogs to the USA we jump at their every request even though the past record of intervention in the Middle East affairs has turned out to be a disaster for us but more importantly for the indigenous people we are meant to be helping!

The posh boys reliving the “great” days of Nelson et al still think we are a player on the world stage. How wrong they are! We are nothing, a country on its knees a pale shadow of what went before. We have neither the military capability (it is after all being currently dismantled) nor the intelligence to engage in what could turn out to be all out warfare. As I said last week Syria is a significant military power as is Iran who will support them and probably attack Israel for good measure and they will retaliate. And right on cue Hezbollah in Lebanon are waiting desperately to strike Israel. That the Russians are watching intently should strike fear into us all, not the military power of old but sufficient enough to wipe out all upstarts such as Great Britain!

This scene is not one for the boy scouts that are the Con-Dems they are in a minor league! Engaging in this potential conflict could be the biggest mistake in a very long time. These fools who govern us have no forethought to what they would create. Oh yes indeed they utter fine words about doing the right thing, stopping suffering but look at their track record in this country they are doing the exact opposite of these lofty statements!

There is no UN mandate for military action; the Yanks want to “punish” Syria for their fifteenth unleashing of chemical weapons! Let them go right on ahead obviously the other fourteen attacks were irrelevant! This country has no right to go around punishing people irrespective of what we think they have done! Oh of course I was forgetting, how remiss of me, it’s the “special relationship” between us and the yanks. There is no special relationship, just the Yankee masters and the British puppy dog as opposed to the long gone bulldog of old! Ever since they got their asses kicked in Vietnam they have looked for special relationships, basically a fall guy to take the worst of the punishment before they step in as the mighty liberators and claim the glory!

The Muslim world is vastly different to ours; these people do not share our culture, beliefs or sense of justice. It’s a kind of modern day bible living the eye for an eye ideology! I would not for a minute condemn their way of life, if that’s the way they want to live then that’s fine as long as they keep it to themselves! Infighting amongst religious sects is commonplace because that’s what they do, it is not for us to appoint ourselves as the world’s policeman and try to bring our sense of order onto other cultures! We no longer have the military capability to do so nor should we be so arrogant to think that we could!

After all the conflicts of the 20th century, you would have thought that lessons would have been learned but clearly for our posh boy twits they have not! Of course the kudos and political capital that could be accrued by “sorting out” this rabble would be immense but that would suggest a huge degree of cynicism in the actions of our “doing the right thing” overlords! You had better believe it, the arrogant posh boy’s conscious of their persistent bungling are desperate for a miracle to pull them out of the political mire! How sad then that they seek to emulate the buffoon Sandhurst commanders of the First World War who sent millions to their deaths by means of sheer incompetence! The incompetence shown by the posh boys specifically “Bungling Bill Hague”, “Voice of reason Philip Hammond” and “arch buffoon arrogant Lord Snooty” will go down in history as the three fools who nearly tipped us over the edge into all out war.

Post voting “Bungling Bill” is nowhere to be seen, his sabre obviously been taken away from him for fear he starts world war 3 and squeaky clean Phil  cutely avoiding mentioning defence cuts only making deferential noises to the voting public! As usual Lord Snooty is trying to say that his humiliating defeat was really an example of the parliamentary system working correctly! Never in our history has a Prime Minister been publically humiliated as was Lord Snooty on Thursday night! A fool out of touch with the public, clueless as to the wishes of his own party instead carried away by his own unthinking childish machinations in the manner of the Bishop of Barchester in Trollope’s rightly famous novel, The Warden!

I mean the UN investigators haven’t even completed their crucial investigations into whether or not chemical weapons were used and by whom! Thinking, suspecting, having a feeling is not good enough! Who do these Con-Dems think they are having the audacity to plunge us into financial and social crisis with regard to a conflict hat really has nothing to do with us?

These fools toy with the lives of our own soldiers and the people of Syria! Both deserve significantly better! Their intended actions of firing in a load of “cruise” or “tomahawk” missiles would achieve exactly what? These actions were not thought out in the slightest; they were clumsy, pointless in the extreme and would massacre thousands of innocent civilians! I mean if you see a couple of guys fighting in the street you could intervene and try and calm the situation as most would do! Alternatively following the Con – Dem modus operandi you could knife one of them and see how that worked!

I have not mentioned puppet Clegg thus far, but then again he and his band of puppets are irrelevant, suffice to say they were vehemently anti war a few years ago now it seems they are in favour, enough said! These amateur posh boys would have us engaged in a pointless intervention at a cost of millions per day achieving at best nothing and at worst and more likely destabilising the whole of the Middle East leading to loss of life on a colossal scale!

There are elderly people here in “our great country” (Snooty’s words) dreading the return of the cold weather having yet again for the fourth time having to choose between a meal or a few hours of heating,  placing their health and well being in severe jeopardy! Millions of unemployed forced to live a meagre existence, disabled people oppressed by the bedroom tax and pushed into poverty by means of the universal credit introduced by lame duck Ian Duncan-Smith on a chance it and see basis! There are many in this country that desperately need help but these court jesters would prefer to portray themselves as the international big shots giving money to the poor of India and Pakistan to develop nuclear warheads and train Taliban terrorists respectively!

We all feel sympathy for the atrocities being carried out in Syria of course we do, but it is ultimately their problem! We no longer have the means to sort out everyone’s problems; the governing clowns who assumed power clearly cannot sort out our own! We should however continue in negotiations as by this means a solution may be found. Two things have come out of this situation for this country and they are, that no longer will we be the lap dog of the Yankee administration, and no longer will we be subject to crass incompetence the likes visited on us by Lord Snooty and his caravan of complete imbeciles we call our government! This administration will go down in history as the most incompetent government of all time! Lord Snooty and his bunch of privileged ninnies have been examined at the altar of public confidence and found to be wanting, the time has now come to rid ourselves of these silver spooned bungling varlets once and for all!

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