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Protecting our future!

Photo 01 Its well down at Megget!
Protecting our future!

Following on from last week’s revelations we have taken further steps to protect our future! We now have in place a Rota system whereby our lochs will be surveyed on a random basis. With no set dates or times we will carry out this work until we have detected the fish thieves and delivered them into the hands of the authorities to answer for their crimes.

We now have our club rules translated into other languages and we will erect prominent notice boards in key areas around the lochs thereby negating the “I didn’t know scenario”. Also our initial concerns regarding the removal of Pike and Eels have been translated into five different languages to give maximum exposure of our concerns! We are grateful to Radoslaw Papiewski of The Angling Trust for his assistance on this matter. Rado is the Polish liaison officer for the trust and has much experience of this problem in England and was delighted to be able to assist us in our endeavours. Rado is also trying to arrange for a group of law abiding Polish anglers to come and visit us when they will fish as our guests and in return will act as advisors with regard to our problem!

It is of the utmost importance that we seek to build bridges with these people and establish contacts that will be of use to us in the future. On an area wide front we have combined with the Gala Angling Association in calling for a Border Federation of Anglers meeting to be held as soon as is practicable to inform the other clubs in the area of the problems we are currently experiencing. Movement on this front is slow but we must persist! It is entirely conceivable that these thieves currently under threat of detection and prosecution will simply move their illegal activities on to other waters where there is a lesser risk of detection and if the relevant clubs are not prepared then much damage to fish stocks could occur!

One of our patrols last night came upon three individuals who were in fact the three individuals encountered last week! Yes they turned up at 11.45pm again seeking to fish! They were informed last week in no uncertain terms that they were not welcome at our lochs. Obviously that warning was not heeded! Well to our midnight visitors we will give you the following advice – It is an offence to commence fishing without first having a valid example of written permission to fish under the River Tweed Protection Order, in other words a permit! Further our enforcement officers have made it quite clear that you are not welcome at out lochs, this means you do not come to the area seeking to fish under any circumstances! Our enforcement officers will now without prevarication call for police assistance in removing you from the lochs, you are not welcome here!

Also relayed by Aaron our loch keeper was the fact that they appeared more aggressive and confrontational on this occasion! Please be aware that this simply means that breach of the peace will be added to the charges facing you! You would do well to take note of the above you are now barred from fishing at our lochs. We have no tolerance for barred anglers attempting to fish our lochs in all cases on seeing a suspect vehicle (our enforcement officers have some photos /car registration numbers) they will contact the police immediately!

This is not a crusade against anglers from other countries, far from it! An earlier generation of people from other countries came to this country during the war to help the British forces subdue the brutish Bosch! Post war many of these people settled here and lived exemplary lives being a benefit to the communities they settled in. given of virtues as being hard working, honest and benevolent in any way to help others they maintained their proud traditions whilst fully integrating into local communities. Locals welcomed these people with open arms. Compared to the ethos of these earlier people the above are nothing! Wasters’ thieves and drunkards you people with your every illegal action tarnish the good reputation built up by that earlier generation and current immigrants who do hold proper values (the majority); you sully the name of a proud and oft in the past oppressed nation! If you are ever to integrate here you must follow the rules of our culture and seek to fit in as respectable citizens. With regard to the fish thieves currently targeting us you have much to do! We have enough indigenous fools, Neds and louts; we do not need to import more from other countries!

Its almost over!

It almost defies belief but the 2013 Brown Trout season is nearing the end, when all is done for the majority of anglers we will have a further week, so if you are looking for one to snatch the heavy Trout cup you don’t have much time! Elliot Fraser still currently has his hands on the cup with a Brownie of 1lbs 8oz so you will need to top that. Two lads yesterday bagged four nice Trout around the three quarter of a pound mark so they are feeding hard. Club secretary Alasdair white caught a bright half pounder on a Woodcock & mixed and if that pattern is new to you as it was to me below is a photo. It is an old Trout fly but seemed to tick all the boxes for the taking Trout. Match anything you can see on the water or try daddies, sedges and heather flies.

Photo 02 - Simply stone at Megget!
Some courtesy please!
Its been getting more frequent as the season progresses, the booking of boats and not turning up or turning up late without letting us know. If you employ the former your phone number will be tagged so we will know when you phone again and you will be refused fishing never mind engines and boats. If you are going to be late and you do not phone us within 30mins of the booking time your boat/engine may be let out to other anglers seeking their use. Please don’t mess us around its simply crass ignorance!

This weeks photos!

The photos this week are from the Megget reservoir which I had a look round yesterday and they clearly show the shortage of water held in reserve. In some places the Megget has near vertical banks and the extent of the shortage can be seen clearly. We noted St Mary’s rising around 3 inches yesterday but by the end of the day it had reverted back to the pre downpour level. The ideal solution would be heavy rain at night and nice and dry by day, we will have to see what is dished out to us!

Photo 03 - I assume a type of mastic/concrete to secure the supporting stones at the dam wall.
The wider world in my view!

A barometer on the Con – Dems

It would be great if you could just look at one entity and guage just how badly Lord Snooty and company are doing. Well according to the spectator there is such a tool. Yes its that huge predator on the sick, the poor and the disadvantage on society! Wonga! The Pay day loan company that will help you out of a tight spot and with the crippling repayments put you into a tighter one!

Apparently profits are booming in spite of Con – Dem claims that we are now out of the longest recession in history. Wonga however don’t seem to agree with the Con – Dems as more and more flock to them to enter a world of spiraling debt, The disabled, the unemployed ,the terminally ill, the people suffering through the bedroom tax and of course those who are employed if you could call it that on zero hour contracts and dead end careers in Tesco Do they care? Of course not, the real world is of no concern to them, deaf to the needs of real people it’s just what you should expect a bunch of well heeled hooray henrys  conscious only of their own need!

Now if Wonga’s profits fall does that mean things are getting better? I’m afraid not because these Shylocks have got their claws into so many people creaming extortionate amounts of interest for years to come! Some would say its capitalism at its best I prefer the rich and the poor the way its always been! Just imagine what a government with a conscience would feel if the EU sent an inspector to review the poverty and hardship caused by the bedroom tax! This lot are perpetually embarrassed by their blunders so I don’t suppose it will affect them in the slightest!

Why we use the internet!

It’s been a much asked question over the last twenty years but the answer is quite simple! Look at these two scenarios regarding a catalytic converter for which I was stung and a gas fire which turned out very well indeed. Recently part of my exhaust gave up the ghost and I found myself looking at replacing the unit. I thought I would take it to a nearby exhaust outlet as travelling was difficult. given the Panzer tank like sound emanating from the broken unit. I should have enquired about the price but didn’t and came back in the afternoon to pick it up and given the bill I was aghast to notice it was £180.00 all in! of course the work was done so I just had to pay.

I did a little research on the internet after the debacle (I should have done it before) and to my horror saw the exact same specification unit for £69.99 all in with guaranteed next day delivery. The unit is fitted by use of to U clamps supplied and easily fitted in 10 minutes using axle stands and a hydraulic jack both of which are in my armoury!

Similarly with the gas fire a large local company called and quoted £900.00 for supply and installation stressing it was a very reliable and highly efficient gas fire! This however seemed like a lot of money and it was again to the internet. I found the very same fire on sale from a heating giant for £412.00 with guaranteed delivery and free removal of the old fire. I contacted a Gas Safe engineer who is a one man band with whom I had previous dealings. After assessing the job he quoted £80.00 for the whole job and for me it was job done! A saving of over £400.00 its quite astonishing!

It’s good to support local business if you can afford it but from the above I doubt many can! All businesses need to make a profit but both examples above are simply rip offs! As more people become aware of the huge saving available on the internet then more and more the High Street will condense. It is a situation we have created ourselves, the internet is king! It may be sad to see the High street close but if they cannot compete better their fall is inevitable! Needless to say the above two overcharging companies will not be seeing me again! ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY!


Yes Sarah Teather MP former children’s minister in the Con – Dem government has finally had enough of Puppet Cleggs constant backsliding on social policies that used to define the Lib – Dems. Power hungry to the extent of being Tories in all but name she has been left desperate and embarrassed by the antics and direction of the puppets! So to Ms Teather – Respect due you will be an asset to any party you are a member of, and to the Tory puppets – You are not Lib – Dems, in fact you are an embarrassment to all right thinking party members in the country – Prepare for oblivion!

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