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Barred from fishing our lochs!

Photo 01 - an enlargement of the sign at Bowerhope!
Banned from fishing our lochs?

Yes it’s another appeal for information, we are very keen to find out who the occupants of the cars whose registration numbers are shown in the photo above. The photo above is one that was taken by the residents of Bowerhope steading and the shepherdess working this land. These are decent right thinking individuals who quite frankly were appalled at what they found. They assumed that the miscreants were decent anglers who make up the majority of our visiting anglers but were flabbergasted to see the mess they had left! They love the countryside and hate to see it abused in this way! Plastic bags which end up trapped in the willows of the banks, rotting Perch which attract flies and give off a repugnant smell and broken glass not shown in the photo which for many years has the capability to injure all manner of life!

It has been made clear to us that the landowner concerned is less than pleased with this type of behavior as not only does it desecrate a beautiful landscape it throws up dangers for wildlife and working animals in the area. These fools embarrassed us by their actions, but more the occupants broke our cardinal rule that no litter is to be left under any circumstances! We spoke about this yesterday and no one could come up with any justification for the outrageous mess that was left and could see no reason whatsoever for their actions.

Photo 02 - The complete sign at Bowerhope!
Actions such as described above put our fishing at risk, landowners are rightly incensed by this type of behavior and it goes without saying that we also are furious. Consequently these cars are now red listed and the occupants are now barred from fishing on our lochs! They now join a band of fools, charlatans and neds barred from our lochs! There is and can be no mitigation for these actions we are highly embarrassed by their actions! We would very much like to know the identities of these people if only to have the satisfaction of publicly naming them and barring them from fishing. I have spoken to one of the complainants and will compile a report which will be handed to the police to see if they may be able to help us with this situation.

As the banner at Bowerhope states the perpetrators of these crimes are not welcome at the lochs, we value our relations with our riparian owners too much to allow this situation to exist! Following on from this all anglers will be required to leave us their car registration numbers as a means of tracing possible Neds! As soon as it can be implemented all our vendors will ask for this information and our enforcement officers will carry out random checks on anglers to stam out this disgraceful behavior! Once again we have to impinge on the 99% of decent anglers to control the wayward 1%. We hope you will understand the reasons we now have to ask for this extra information and bear with us so we may rid the area of these fools!

Photo 03 - Dogs are very inquisitive!
The problem of some visiting anglers!

Following on from last weeks horrendous goings on where a Pike was gutted whilst still alive by a group of butchers has shocked many of you and this is only right and proper! Our random patrols continue and will do for the foreseeable future in an effort to detect these neds who could not under any circumstances be classed as anglers! I visited some local shops in Galashiels midweek and spent fifteen minutes with the owner telling of the outrageous behavior committed by some errant visiting anglers!

The owners could clearly see that what had been carried out was not angling whichever way you looked at it! They agreed to display our warning notices on the shops notice board with our concerns highlighted. One of our prospective members has kindly translated our concerns regarding the taking of pike and Eels from our lochs for display in the shops. Again this is targeted at the minority who trash the good name of decent visiting anglers who do fish and fit in with our way of angling! It is difficult to know if this will have any effect on the butchers, it may or may not! It is also possible that the offenders will simply move on to pastures new where they will suffer less harassment and that is why it is so important that other clubs join with us in tackling this problem! We continue to work with the Angling Trust and our members to try and combat this huge problem which if left alone will see our lochs stripped of all fish ruining our future sport! One thing is for certain that these fish thieves will now know we are on to them! We must at this point thank our enforcement team who are carrying out their duties with great diligence!

Photo 04 - Dogs love swimming!
Mans best friend!

I have for the last few weeks had the good fortune to be taking care of an eight year old Labrador called Ben. He is a gentle big lump of a dog that has boundless enthusiasm for eating and walking. His eagerness to walk/run/swim has seen him add around a hundred miles to my usual tally pre dog sitting routine. It is such a joy to see the delight in his face whilst on a long walks where he may roam freely checking out all that he wishes. Our walks around the lochs have led to meeting many people, the odd soaking as he shakes off excess water after one of his many swims and great mirth on seeing his activities in the loch.

I am now able to understand why dogs often are taken to old folk’s homes, hospital wards as they can stir in people fond memories of pooches of old and impart increased enthusiasm in those who are under the weather. Yes I have grown quite attached to the lad and him to me as we embrace each day with an early morning two or three mile walk in what is undoubtedly the best part of the day as nature yet again starts her cycle! He also knows when I have to concentrate on other activities such as work he makes the best of it and has a kip in the van.

There is much to commend owning such a creature and make no mistake it requires intense commitment and strong resolve much more I believe than I have experienced. For your input however, you will be blessed with a most loyal friend that will on a reciprocating basis give you much in return for your efforts, they are indeed man’s best friend! I didn’t manage any fishing but hey variety is the spice of life! He occasionally steps out of line so I will be watching e bay to see if he comes up for auction, think I will put in a bid! Some photos below.

Photo 05 - Walking the old drove road above the Lowes!
The wider world in my view!

A millstone around their necks!

Yes as the poll tax was for Butcher Thatcher the bedroom tax is proving to be for the feckless Con - Dems! One by one various organizations have come out decrying the bedroom tax that unfairly punishes the disabled and deprived in our society! Yes the tax crucifies those who have not and turns millions of voters away from the uncaring Con – Dems to Labour who have now stated that they will abolish this unfair tax that will see countless disabled pushed into rent arrears and ultimately eviction from their homes! The bedroom tax sees the country shamed on the world’s stage as an uncaring and remote society further reinforcing our standing as an isolated insignificant island!

Even the Lib – Dem puppets in opposition to leader Puppet Clegg’s stance want to see the tax scrapped cognizant of the effect it is having on the poor! Yes the already oppressed poor and needy have to try and survive a cut of up to £80.00/month as the Tories strive to return to a Victorian state with the rich having immense wealth and the poor scurrying around trying to eke out a miserable existence! And the puppets just mosey around claiming to have moderated extreme Tory policy and that they are a party of government! They are however but insignificant fools destined to be wiped from the face of British politics after the next election! Yes the rich/poor divide increases relentlessly under the uncaring incompetents that are the Con – Dems whilst in other caring countries they strive for the exact opposite. What a slur on the country’s reputation!

A £27 billion black hole!

He he, yes the Sunday Times that pompous brag of Tory policy claim that Labour’s economic policy will create a twenty seven billion pounds black hole! I would have thought that this was most encouraging given that we are currently experiencing over a hundred billion pound black hole under the inept policies of minister without a clue Gideon Osborne. Yes it’s the old “lets twist the figures to suit ourselves” scenario! In reality the clueless chump predicts a £47 billion deficit in 2018! Many people do not realize what this dimwit is doing.

Borrowing is currently £116 billion estimated to increase to £120 billion next year! Yes the Con – Dem spin doctors have done a good job of hoodwinking the public, the facts however show that our current position is extremely precarious! There is talk of recovery from the biggest recession in the country’s history but be aware it is a false recovery based on credit spending which in time will come back to bite us!

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