Sunday, 15 September 2013

An appeal to the angling community in the Borders!

St Mary's from a high vantage point.
An appeal to the angling community!

 You may not under any circumstances remove any Pike or Eels from the lochs!


Top of the Lowes from the drove road.

Mindless barbarism!

If it hadn’t come from a trusted source I would not have believed it! The following was passed on to me by a trusted member who had a relative fishing for Pike at the far side of the loch of the Lowes on Friday. He phoned our member who we will call G and told him what he had just witnessed. G then relayed it on to me and he told me that a group of seven people (six men and a woman) had exited two cars and three of the men set up spinning rods and commenced fishing, not that much wrong in that you may think.

What happened next beggar’s belief. One of the men caught a pike of around six or eight pounds and started to pull it up the bank amidst a few cheers and utterances in a foreign language when one of the others brandishing a large filleting knife took hold of the Pike and started to gut it whilst it was still alive displaying sickening cruelty that defies description! Once the deed was done the Pike was stashed in the reeds and they continued fishing. At this point the lad who was watching phoned G and told him what he had just witnessed and G phoned me and I nearly fell over!

I received the call at around eleven o clock and just finishing my work in Melrose thought I had better head up and confront these butchers. I got there around 11.45 when G phoned to say he had received a call to say they had just left and were heading towards Moffat so I continued and at the Grey Mares tail got another call from G to say that the perpetrators were actually heading down St Marys, I turned back and headed down but there was no sign of them. G phoned again to say that whilst he was on the phone to me his relative had been trying to contact him to tell him of the change in direction but could not get through. It was simply a series of exchanges blighted by the application of Sods law. I missed them by only a few minutes which left me fuming as a search of their car would have seen them caught red handed!

On telling this tale to our anglers they were incandescent with rage! What took place on Friday was outright butchery! People acting in this reprehensible manner have no right to be seen as decent citizens, these idiots demean the standing visiting anglers everywhere, it falls on the angling community to put their house in order!

Domesticated escapee? Found on Chapelhope burn.
Day permits!
We have received some news from one of our anglers that a Muppet known to us is spreading rumours that we are a members only club and do not sell day permits. This of course is incorrect and permits are available from our Lochkeeper, bailiff and our recommended dealers. Unfortunately there is too much on our plate at the current time lest we would have gone to town on this half wit! 
The wider world in my view!

Puppets and plastic bags!

With all the problems facing the country most brought about by the incompetent fools that call themselves our government, the item receiving most coverage at the Lib – Dem puppets annual conference is that of plastic bags! These puppets whose list of achievements could be written on a postage stamp are now claiming a major step forward with the introduction of a 5p levy on plastic carrier bags!

Yes it is a good thing as these things are almost non biodegradable, but a flagship policy, well it could only be so for a group of floundering puppets! Oblivious to the real problems we are facing they witter on about plastic bags! Directionless, clueless and devoid of principle the puppets try and rally their ever diminishing band of supporters that they are making a difference! All they are really doing is making a mess, going cap in hand with the uncaring Tories as they relentlessly pursue policies that push working people further into the gutter! All the fine pre election statements consigned to the dustbin taking off their Lib – Dem coats and donning Tory ones! Tune in this week for a few laughs as they try and justify adopting Tory policy making the rich richer and betraying their once loyal supporters!

A buffoon!

Yes Grant Shapps the soon to be replaced Tory chairman launched an assault on independent UN investigator Raquel Rolnik who had been asked to come to this country to carry out a review on the shambolic “bedroom tax”. Unsurprisingly she found the tax to impact almost wholly on the poor vulnerable and disabled in society! She described the bed tax as a shocking breach of human rights and all credit to her for her fair and accurate assessment of the tax! Shapps is to write to the UN complaining about the report because it is completely against the aims of the Tories. In a revealing expose, Rolnik said that the bedroom tax had been concocted without taking the socio/human factor into consideration! No revelations there then bungling, more bungling and unbelievably still more bungling!

What a buffoon, everyone with their eyes open could have predicted the outcome, it’s yet another blatant attempt to punish the weak and poor in society! These diddys without an ounce of compassion in their bodies know only how to maintain the rich poor divide and are an embarrassment to this country! Ms Rolnik has called for the bed tax to be abolished immediately but the Con – Dems will resist only capitulating when legal action against the country begins! I feel ashamed to be a member of a society that penalizes those who cannot fight back! This is not a government, just a group of bewildered posh boys and puppets who quite frankly haven’t a clue!

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