Sunday, 29 September 2013

Dealing with the problem of fish theft!

Photo 01 - Pike spawning area on the Lowes from the hill.
Dealing with the problem of fish theft!

I am pleased to be able to report that there has been no recurrence (to our knowledge) of the disgraceful behaviour exhibited by groups of "anglers" a few weeks ago. This does not mean however that the problem has gone away, far from it! What took place on our lochs a few weeks back has led to a new way of fishery management for us if we are to rid ourselves of these abhorrent thieves! We now need to continue our random patrols and build up a database of suspect vehicles and/or occupants, highlighted vehicles or individuals being robustly challenged as to their intentions! It will fall on every member to join with us in this venture!

Because of what we have encountered it will no longer be possible to come and fish and be oblivious to suspicious goings on around the loch. The problem is too big for a few committed individuals to cope with effectively. There has to be a joining of minds and bodies with the sole aim of identifying the thieves and obtaining evidence that would support charges of theft being brought against them. Trying to obtain a prosecution under The River Tweed protection Order would be a complete waste of time and effort as in enforcement terms it is but a paper tiger, a completely useless piece of paper that promises much but delivers little!

Our first batch of warning signs are almost ready and I have been chided for the tardy erection of these! In reply I would say that I only have one pair of hands and they have now and then to carry out work completely unrelated to fishing in order to live! Our blog warnings are still in some of the local shops and these surely will reorient some wayward people! With an influx of Bulgarians and Romanians due soon the problem will surely only worsen!
Photo 02 - Looking down on St Mary's.

Like never before our band of anglers must bind together and confront the problem if we are to continue to fish on our lochs with some expectation of landing the odd fish. The fools of the past pale into insignificance with what now confronts us! Our very sport is on the line! Fishing was never meant to be experienced like this but we can only play with the cards on the table! Education will help but it will not solve the problem and whilst we are receiving good help much of it from anglers from other countries , on its own however it is not enough!

Unsurprisingly many members would have us introduce a ban on all anglers from other countries and whilst I can fully see how such a view comes about it would be sheer folly to embark on such a course of action! Firstly and most importantly in my view it would be akin to cracking a nut with a sledgehammer. We have anglers from other countries in membership and they are good decent and law abiding anglers and I would absolutely hate to see their membership terminated because of the actions of other Neds not associated with the club! It would be grossly unfair, indefensible and quite simply wrong! The second reason is that Race Relations Board would haul us over legal coals and we know that under current race relations law we would not have a leg to stand on! There is currently an ongoing situation whereby a fishery owner has banned all east European anglers and we are keeping tabs on this case to see how it turns out. It has also been mentioned that we close off the fishing and make the fishing available only to members but this again brings with it many problems, not least the reduction of revenue received by the club, and loss of trade to businesses in the area serving anglers!

We have not chosen our current path it has been laid out for us, it will be a long haul and undoubtedly will see many people fall by the wayside as the going gets tough but we must prevail! You will have noted that no mention of our AGM has been posted; it is as a result of the above activities that it has been held in abeyance. It will be arranged as soon as is practicable. A few of us are under intense pressure the likes of which we have never before experienced! For the meantime however all energies must be concentrated on the above problem! Many of our members are elderly and some are not in great health and we would ask nothing of these members other than to make the situation known to their angler contacts as it may be their fishery that is next targeted!

To all our able bodied members however I would ask you to get in touch and volunteer your services and talents such as you can to assist us in this campaign if you value your fishing at the lochs, for its very future depends on it! We need help with the odd night patrol which will involve surveillance for a period of a couple of hours in detecting the thieves, actually challenging these robbers will be the duty of the Police! All patrols will be double handed to maximise safety, and you will be able to avail yourself of certain “tools” we have for the job! Similarly we could use help with printing and wooden sign making! If you are of the social networking ilk then get this situation out there and raise the profile of this problem because the more the problem is aired the quicker a solution will be arrived at! These fish thefts unless halted will lead to the demise of our lochs!

Photo 03 - another view looking down on St Mary's
One week to go!

Yes it’s unbelievable just how quickly the seasons end rears its head and those of you who do not Pike fish turn your attentions often to things other than fishing. Irrespective of how the last week fishes the season has been a mediocre one with less than average catches and less of the heavier specimens being caught. Much undoubtedly due to the very dry summer we experienced a mixed blessing perhaps but by hell it was good to see our long lost friend the sun! Yesterday Stevie Nimmo and I went down the Yarrow River on what felt like a summer’s day looking for the odd Trout. As is often the case conditions were against us with low water and super bright sunshine.

Stevie opted for the dry whilst I went with submerged flys and when we met up a few hours later we did not need much time to tell each other of the fish caught as we both did not even contact with a fish of any kind! Not a disaster by any means as we whiled away a few hours with tales on a wide range of topics in the lovely sunshine with the background noise of tinkling water! Yes fishing is often a social event which is the way it should be on occasion. I say on occasion as sometimes it’s good to get away alone, lost in the breast of Mother Nature, allowing for replenishment of the soul. There are indeed many joys to be had whilst angling and each of us will have our particular favourite, the crux of the matter however is that one takes from their angling whatever it is that invigorates or calms the spirit depending on your mood! As pastimes go angling takes a bit of beating and with the passing of yet another season it’s “once more once less”! Tight lines to all!

Many thanks for your company yesterday Stevie, very much enjoyed the day a day in the footsteps of old Izaak himself, fishing as it should be!

The wider world in my view!

Is the red flag flying?

I refer of course to the policies mentioned by Ed Milliband at the annual Labour party conference. It looks on the surface that the Labour party is returning to its socialist roots. At last voters have a choice between rampant capitalism that has plunged millions of people into poverty, seeing the shameful formation and rapid growth of food banks and the creation of immense wealth for a select few. Yes Lord Snooty seeks only to look after the old Etonians and greedy bankers whilst ignoring completely the plight of the working classes who as in Victorian times will flourish or perish at the hands of the wealthy!

Milliband has the nickname of “Red Ed” although how he managed to get this is beyond my ken because his policies are clearly more blue than red. His announcement of capping energy prices for twenty months generated huge gains (up to 12 points) in the opinion polls as did the pledge to abolish the “Bedroom Tax”, the policies clearly to the public likes. A populist policy would be a better description that indeed moves the party closer to the socialist end of the political spectrum. For proponents of real socialism this is the first ray of light in a very long time and I must confess music to my ears!

This however is not a return to socialism merely a step in that direction. Clearly capitalism has failed for the majority of the country serving only the wealthy. Milliband now needs to rapidly move forwards towards state ownership of all the public utilities, pharmaceutical companies and financial institutions! Once these objectives have been achieved only then can socialism be adopted into the Labour party’s dictionary! The bewildered Con – Dems continue to wreak havoc with the lives of working class people as usual with bungling at the top of the agenda, if Milliband can now return the Labour party to true socialism then for the first time since the wretched Con – Dems grabbed power there is a chance of this country returning to fairness and equity for all! The red flag is indeed attached to the flagpole but not yet fully flying!

Governance by bungling!

Te colder weather now approaches and heating systems all over the country are being switched on, or are they? Yes a recent survey by an older people’s charity has found that as in the last two years the elderly have to choose whether to eat or switch the heating on! The cost of living is rising at such a rate coupled with disadvantaged people being crippled by the bed tax that these choices now extend out with the elderly sector. What would the millionaire posh boys know of such choices? I will tell you it’s nothing at all!

Yes these fools filling in their days with assorted bungling, ridiculing the good name of the country and punishing the poor on a permanent basis know nothing of the real world! Lord Snooty has already been warned of the serious negative effects of the rushed “Help to buy” housing scheme yet still he pushes forward plunging the country into a further crisis a few months down the line! It’s completely disheartening, from one crisis to another, governance by bungling! I feel desperately sorry for the elderly, the disabled, the poor and the genuine unemployed as they buckle under the inept policies of these ninnies! In the cold light of day when you look at how some groups are suffering it must surely tug at the heartstrings! Governance by bungling is ok in a Keystone Cops film but in real life we really do deserve something better!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Barred from fishing our lochs!

Photo 01 - an enlargement of the sign at Bowerhope!
Banned from fishing our lochs?

Yes it’s another appeal for information, we are very keen to find out who the occupants of the cars whose registration numbers are shown in the photo above. The photo above is one that was taken by the residents of Bowerhope steading and the shepherdess working this land. These are decent right thinking individuals who quite frankly were appalled at what they found. They assumed that the miscreants were decent anglers who make up the majority of our visiting anglers but were flabbergasted to see the mess they had left! They love the countryside and hate to see it abused in this way! Plastic bags which end up trapped in the willows of the banks, rotting Perch which attract flies and give off a repugnant smell and broken glass not shown in the photo which for many years has the capability to injure all manner of life!

It has been made clear to us that the landowner concerned is less than pleased with this type of behavior as not only does it desecrate a beautiful landscape it throws up dangers for wildlife and working animals in the area. These fools embarrassed us by their actions, but more the occupants broke our cardinal rule that no litter is to be left under any circumstances! We spoke about this yesterday and no one could come up with any justification for the outrageous mess that was left and could see no reason whatsoever for their actions.

Photo 02 - The complete sign at Bowerhope!
Actions such as described above put our fishing at risk, landowners are rightly incensed by this type of behavior and it goes without saying that we also are furious. Consequently these cars are now red listed and the occupants are now barred from fishing on our lochs! They now join a band of fools, charlatans and neds barred from our lochs! There is and can be no mitigation for these actions we are highly embarrassed by their actions! We would very much like to know the identities of these people if only to have the satisfaction of publicly naming them and barring them from fishing. I have spoken to one of the complainants and will compile a report which will be handed to the police to see if they may be able to help us with this situation.

As the banner at Bowerhope states the perpetrators of these crimes are not welcome at the lochs, we value our relations with our riparian owners too much to allow this situation to exist! Following on from this all anglers will be required to leave us their car registration numbers as a means of tracing possible Neds! As soon as it can be implemented all our vendors will ask for this information and our enforcement officers will carry out random checks on anglers to stam out this disgraceful behavior! Once again we have to impinge on the 99% of decent anglers to control the wayward 1%. We hope you will understand the reasons we now have to ask for this extra information and bear with us so we may rid the area of these fools!

Photo 03 - Dogs are very inquisitive!
The problem of some visiting anglers!

Following on from last weeks horrendous goings on where a Pike was gutted whilst still alive by a group of butchers has shocked many of you and this is only right and proper! Our random patrols continue and will do for the foreseeable future in an effort to detect these neds who could not under any circumstances be classed as anglers! I visited some local shops in Galashiels midweek and spent fifteen minutes with the owner telling of the outrageous behavior committed by some errant visiting anglers!

The owners could clearly see that what had been carried out was not angling whichever way you looked at it! They agreed to display our warning notices on the shops notice board with our concerns highlighted. One of our prospective members has kindly translated our concerns regarding the taking of pike and Eels from our lochs for display in the shops. Again this is targeted at the minority who trash the good name of decent visiting anglers who do fish and fit in with our way of angling! It is difficult to know if this will have any effect on the butchers, it may or may not! It is also possible that the offenders will simply move on to pastures new where they will suffer less harassment and that is why it is so important that other clubs join with us in tackling this problem! We continue to work with the Angling Trust and our members to try and combat this huge problem which if left alone will see our lochs stripped of all fish ruining our future sport! One thing is for certain that these fish thieves will now know we are on to them! We must at this point thank our enforcement team who are carrying out their duties with great diligence!

Photo 04 - Dogs love swimming!
Mans best friend!

I have for the last few weeks had the good fortune to be taking care of an eight year old Labrador called Ben. He is a gentle big lump of a dog that has boundless enthusiasm for eating and walking. His eagerness to walk/run/swim has seen him add around a hundred miles to my usual tally pre dog sitting routine. It is such a joy to see the delight in his face whilst on a long walks where he may roam freely checking out all that he wishes. Our walks around the lochs have led to meeting many people, the odd soaking as he shakes off excess water after one of his many swims and great mirth on seeing his activities in the loch.

I am now able to understand why dogs often are taken to old folk’s homes, hospital wards as they can stir in people fond memories of pooches of old and impart increased enthusiasm in those who are under the weather. Yes I have grown quite attached to the lad and him to me as we embrace each day with an early morning two or three mile walk in what is undoubtedly the best part of the day as nature yet again starts her cycle! He also knows when I have to concentrate on other activities such as work he makes the best of it and has a kip in the van.

There is much to commend owning such a creature and make no mistake it requires intense commitment and strong resolve much more I believe than I have experienced. For your input however, you will be blessed with a most loyal friend that will on a reciprocating basis give you much in return for your efforts, they are indeed man’s best friend! I didn’t manage any fishing but hey variety is the spice of life! He occasionally steps out of line so I will be watching e bay to see if he comes up for auction, think I will put in a bid! Some photos below.

Photo 05 - Walking the old drove road above the Lowes!
The wider world in my view!

A millstone around their necks!

Yes as the poll tax was for Butcher Thatcher the bedroom tax is proving to be for the feckless Con - Dems! One by one various organizations have come out decrying the bedroom tax that unfairly punishes the disabled and deprived in our society! Yes the tax crucifies those who have not and turns millions of voters away from the uncaring Con – Dems to Labour who have now stated that they will abolish this unfair tax that will see countless disabled pushed into rent arrears and ultimately eviction from their homes! The bedroom tax sees the country shamed on the world’s stage as an uncaring and remote society further reinforcing our standing as an isolated insignificant island!

Even the Lib – Dem puppets in opposition to leader Puppet Clegg’s stance want to see the tax scrapped cognizant of the effect it is having on the poor! Yes the already oppressed poor and needy have to try and survive a cut of up to £80.00/month as the Tories strive to return to a Victorian state with the rich having immense wealth and the poor scurrying around trying to eke out a miserable existence! And the puppets just mosey around claiming to have moderated extreme Tory policy and that they are a party of government! They are however but insignificant fools destined to be wiped from the face of British politics after the next election! Yes the rich/poor divide increases relentlessly under the uncaring incompetents that are the Con – Dems whilst in other caring countries they strive for the exact opposite. What a slur on the country’s reputation!

A £27 billion black hole!

He he, yes the Sunday Times that pompous brag of Tory policy claim that Labour’s economic policy will create a twenty seven billion pounds black hole! I would have thought that this was most encouraging given that we are currently experiencing over a hundred billion pound black hole under the inept policies of minister without a clue Gideon Osborne. Yes it’s the old “lets twist the figures to suit ourselves” scenario! In reality the clueless chump predicts a £47 billion deficit in 2018! Many people do not realize what this dimwit is doing.

Borrowing is currently £116 billion estimated to increase to £120 billion next year! Yes the Con – Dem spin doctors have done a good job of hoodwinking the public, the facts however show that our current position is extremely precarious! There is talk of recovery from the biggest recession in the country’s history but be aware it is a false recovery based on credit spending which in time will come back to bite us!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

An appeal to the angling community in the Borders!

St Mary's from a high vantage point.
An appeal to the angling community!

 You may not under any circumstances remove any Pike or Eels from the lochs!


Top of the Lowes from the drove road.

Mindless barbarism!

If it hadn’t come from a trusted source I would not have believed it! The following was passed on to me by a trusted member who had a relative fishing for Pike at the far side of the loch of the Lowes on Friday. He phoned our member who we will call G and told him what he had just witnessed. G then relayed it on to me and he told me that a group of seven people (six men and a woman) had exited two cars and three of the men set up spinning rods and commenced fishing, not that much wrong in that you may think.

What happened next beggar’s belief. One of the men caught a pike of around six or eight pounds and started to pull it up the bank amidst a few cheers and utterances in a foreign language when one of the others brandishing a large filleting knife took hold of the Pike and started to gut it whilst it was still alive displaying sickening cruelty that defies description! Once the deed was done the Pike was stashed in the reeds and they continued fishing. At this point the lad who was watching phoned G and told him what he had just witnessed and G phoned me and I nearly fell over!

I received the call at around eleven o clock and just finishing my work in Melrose thought I had better head up and confront these butchers. I got there around 11.45 when G phoned to say he had received a call to say they had just left and were heading towards Moffat so I continued and at the Grey Mares tail got another call from G to say that the perpetrators were actually heading down St Marys, I turned back and headed down but there was no sign of them. G phoned again to say that whilst he was on the phone to me his relative had been trying to contact him to tell him of the change in direction but could not get through. It was simply a series of exchanges blighted by the application of Sods law. I missed them by only a few minutes which left me fuming as a search of their car would have seen them caught red handed!

On telling this tale to our anglers they were incandescent with rage! What took place on Friday was outright butchery! People acting in this reprehensible manner have no right to be seen as decent citizens, these idiots demean the standing visiting anglers everywhere, it falls on the angling community to put their house in order!

Domesticated escapee? Found on Chapelhope burn.
Day permits!
We have received some news from one of our anglers that a Muppet known to us is spreading rumours that we are a members only club and do not sell day permits. This of course is incorrect and permits are available from our Lochkeeper, bailiff and our recommended dealers. Unfortunately there is too much on our plate at the current time lest we would have gone to town on this half wit! 
The wider world in my view!

Puppets and plastic bags!

With all the problems facing the country most brought about by the incompetent fools that call themselves our government, the item receiving most coverage at the Lib – Dem puppets annual conference is that of plastic bags! These puppets whose list of achievements could be written on a postage stamp are now claiming a major step forward with the introduction of a 5p levy on plastic carrier bags!

Yes it is a good thing as these things are almost non biodegradable, but a flagship policy, well it could only be so for a group of floundering puppets! Oblivious to the real problems we are facing they witter on about plastic bags! Directionless, clueless and devoid of principle the puppets try and rally their ever diminishing band of supporters that they are making a difference! All they are really doing is making a mess, going cap in hand with the uncaring Tories as they relentlessly pursue policies that push working people further into the gutter! All the fine pre election statements consigned to the dustbin taking off their Lib – Dem coats and donning Tory ones! Tune in this week for a few laughs as they try and justify adopting Tory policy making the rich richer and betraying their once loyal supporters!

A buffoon!

Yes Grant Shapps the soon to be replaced Tory chairman launched an assault on independent UN investigator Raquel Rolnik who had been asked to come to this country to carry out a review on the shambolic “bedroom tax”. Unsurprisingly she found the tax to impact almost wholly on the poor vulnerable and disabled in society! She described the bed tax as a shocking breach of human rights and all credit to her for her fair and accurate assessment of the tax! Shapps is to write to the UN complaining about the report because it is completely against the aims of the Tories. In a revealing expose, Rolnik said that the bedroom tax had been concocted without taking the socio/human factor into consideration! No revelations there then bungling, more bungling and unbelievably still more bungling!

What a buffoon, everyone with their eyes open could have predicted the outcome, it’s yet another blatant attempt to punish the weak and poor in society! These diddys without an ounce of compassion in their bodies know only how to maintain the rich poor divide and are an embarrassment to this country! Ms Rolnik has called for the bed tax to be abolished immediately but the Con – Dems will resist only capitulating when legal action against the country begins! I feel ashamed to be a member of a society that penalizes those who cannot fight back! This is not a government, just a group of bewildered posh boys and puppets who quite frankly haven’t a clue!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Protecting our future!

Photo 01 Its well down at Megget!
Protecting our future!

Following on from last week’s revelations we have taken further steps to protect our future! We now have in place a Rota system whereby our lochs will be surveyed on a random basis. With no set dates or times we will carry out this work until we have detected the fish thieves and delivered them into the hands of the authorities to answer for their crimes.

We now have our club rules translated into other languages and we will erect prominent notice boards in key areas around the lochs thereby negating the “I didn’t know scenario”. Also our initial concerns regarding the removal of Pike and Eels have been translated into five different languages to give maximum exposure of our concerns! We are grateful to Radoslaw Papiewski of The Angling Trust for his assistance on this matter. Rado is the Polish liaison officer for the trust and has much experience of this problem in England and was delighted to be able to assist us in our endeavours. Rado is also trying to arrange for a group of law abiding Polish anglers to come and visit us when they will fish as our guests and in return will act as advisors with regard to our problem!

It is of the utmost importance that we seek to build bridges with these people and establish contacts that will be of use to us in the future. On an area wide front we have combined with the Gala Angling Association in calling for a Border Federation of Anglers meeting to be held as soon as is practicable to inform the other clubs in the area of the problems we are currently experiencing. Movement on this front is slow but we must persist! It is entirely conceivable that these thieves currently under threat of detection and prosecution will simply move their illegal activities on to other waters where there is a lesser risk of detection and if the relevant clubs are not prepared then much damage to fish stocks could occur!

One of our patrols last night came upon three individuals who were in fact the three individuals encountered last week! Yes they turned up at 11.45pm again seeking to fish! They were informed last week in no uncertain terms that they were not welcome at our lochs. Obviously that warning was not heeded! Well to our midnight visitors we will give you the following advice – It is an offence to commence fishing without first having a valid example of written permission to fish under the River Tweed Protection Order, in other words a permit! Further our enforcement officers have made it quite clear that you are not welcome at out lochs, this means you do not come to the area seeking to fish under any circumstances! Our enforcement officers will now without prevarication call for police assistance in removing you from the lochs, you are not welcome here!

Also relayed by Aaron our loch keeper was the fact that they appeared more aggressive and confrontational on this occasion! Please be aware that this simply means that breach of the peace will be added to the charges facing you! You would do well to take note of the above you are now barred from fishing at our lochs. We have no tolerance for barred anglers attempting to fish our lochs in all cases on seeing a suspect vehicle (our enforcement officers have some photos /car registration numbers) they will contact the police immediately!

This is not a crusade against anglers from other countries, far from it! An earlier generation of people from other countries came to this country during the war to help the British forces subdue the brutish Bosch! Post war many of these people settled here and lived exemplary lives being a benefit to the communities they settled in. given of virtues as being hard working, honest and benevolent in any way to help others they maintained their proud traditions whilst fully integrating into local communities. Locals welcomed these people with open arms. Compared to the ethos of these earlier people the above are nothing! Wasters’ thieves and drunkards you people with your every illegal action tarnish the good reputation built up by that earlier generation and current immigrants who do hold proper values (the majority); you sully the name of a proud and oft in the past oppressed nation! If you are ever to integrate here you must follow the rules of our culture and seek to fit in as respectable citizens. With regard to the fish thieves currently targeting us you have much to do! We have enough indigenous fools, Neds and louts; we do not need to import more from other countries!

Its almost over!

It almost defies belief but the 2013 Brown Trout season is nearing the end, when all is done for the majority of anglers we will have a further week, so if you are looking for one to snatch the heavy Trout cup you don’t have much time! Elliot Fraser still currently has his hands on the cup with a Brownie of 1lbs 8oz so you will need to top that. Two lads yesterday bagged four nice Trout around the three quarter of a pound mark so they are feeding hard. Club secretary Alasdair white caught a bright half pounder on a Woodcock & mixed and if that pattern is new to you as it was to me below is a photo. It is an old Trout fly but seemed to tick all the boxes for the taking Trout. Match anything you can see on the water or try daddies, sedges and heather flies.

Photo 02 - Simply stone at Megget!
Some courtesy please!
Its been getting more frequent as the season progresses, the booking of boats and not turning up or turning up late without letting us know. If you employ the former your phone number will be tagged so we will know when you phone again and you will be refused fishing never mind engines and boats. If you are going to be late and you do not phone us within 30mins of the booking time your boat/engine may be let out to other anglers seeking their use. Please don’t mess us around its simply crass ignorance!

This weeks photos!

The photos this week are from the Megget reservoir which I had a look round yesterday and they clearly show the shortage of water held in reserve. In some places the Megget has near vertical banks and the extent of the shortage can be seen clearly. We noted St Mary’s rising around 3 inches yesterday but by the end of the day it had reverted back to the pre downpour level. The ideal solution would be heavy rain at night and nice and dry by day, we will have to see what is dished out to us!

Photo 03 - I assume a type of mastic/concrete to secure the supporting stones at the dam wall.
The wider world in my view!

A barometer on the Con – Dems

It would be great if you could just look at one entity and guage just how badly Lord Snooty and company are doing. Well according to the spectator there is such a tool. Yes its that huge predator on the sick, the poor and the disadvantage on society! Wonga! The Pay day loan company that will help you out of a tight spot and with the crippling repayments put you into a tighter one!

Apparently profits are booming in spite of Con – Dem claims that we are now out of the longest recession in history. Wonga however don’t seem to agree with the Con – Dems as more and more flock to them to enter a world of spiraling debt, The disabled, the unemployed ,the terminally ill, the people suffering through the bedroom tax and of course those who are employed if you could call it that on zero hour contracts and dead end careers in Tesco Do they care? Of course not, the real world is of no concern to them, deaf to the needs of real people it’s just what you should expect a bunch of well heeled hooray henrys  conscious only of their own need!

Now if Wonga’s profits fall does that mean things are getting better? I’m afraid not because these Shylocks have got their claws into so many people creaming extortionate amounts of interest for years to come! Some would say its capitalism at its best I prefer the rich and the poor the way its always been! Just imagine what a government with a conscience would feel if the EU sent an inspector to review the poverty and hardship caused by the bedroom tax! This lot are perpetually embarrassed by their blunders so I don’t suppose it will affect them in the slightest!

Why we use the internet!

It’s been a much asked question over the last twenty years but the answer is quite simple! Look at these two scenarios regarding a catalytic converter for which I was stung and a gas fire which turned out very well indeed. Recently part of my exhaust gave up the ghost and I found myself looking at replacing the unit. I thought I would take it to a nearby exhaust outlet as travelling was difficult. given the Panzer tank like sound emanating from the broken unit. I should have enquired about the price but didn’t and came back in the afternoon to pick it up and given the bill I was aghast to notice it was £180.00 all in! of course the work was done so I just had to pay.

I did a little research on the internet after the debacle (I should have done it before) and to my horror saw the exact same specification unit for £69.99 all in with guaranteed next day delivery. The unit is fitted by use of to U clamps supplied and easily fitted in 10 minutes using axle stands and a hydraulic jack both of which are in my armoury!

Similarly with the gas fire a large local company called and quoted £900.00 for supply and installation stressing it was a very reliable and highly efficient gas fire! This however seemed like a lot of money and it was again to the internet. I found the very same fire on sale from a heating giant for £412.00 with guaranteed delivery and free removal of the old fire. I contacted a Gas Safe engineer who is a one man band with whom I had previous dealings. After assessing the job he quoted £80.00 for the whole job and for me it was job done! A saving of over £400.00 its quite astonishing!

It’s good to support local business if you can afford it but from the above I doubt many can! All businesses need to make a profit but both examples above are simply rip offs! As more people become aware of the huge saving available on the internet then more and more the High Street will condense. It is a situation we have created ourselves, the internet is king! It may be sad to see the High street close but if they cannot compete better their fall is inevitable! Needless to say the above two overcharging companies will not be seeing me again! ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY!


Yes Sarah Teather MP former children’s minister in the Con – Dem government has finally had enough of Puppet Cleggs constant backsliding on social policies that used to define the Lib – Dems. Power hungry to the extent of being Tories in all but name she has been left desperate and embarrassed by the antics and direction of the puppets! So to Ms Teather – Respect due you will be an asset to any party you are a member of, and to the Tory puppets – You are not Lib – Dems, in fact you are an embarrassment to all right thinking party members in the country – Prepare for oblivion!

Sunday, 1 September 2013

The biggest threat in the history of the club!

The biggest threat in the history of the club!

Over the years the club has had to face many struggles from the various Muppets and charlatans we have encountered, never however has the club faced such a challenge as now confronts us! Yes we are under full scale attack from "anglers" from other countries who are visiting the lochs and by use of methods illegal and legal seek to take every single fish that they encounter!

How do we know this? We received a tip off last week from an official of an angling club who we will not name for safety reasons but to whom we are eternally grateful, stating that a group of these people had visited the lochs a few weeks ago and bagged two Pike (size unknown) and seventeen Eels! There was also the suggestion that these trips were regularly being planned for around midnight on Saturday night! We received this information too late to act at that time but we set up a surveillance and interception mission for last night based on this information.  Supporting our suspicion that illegal activities were taking place was finding a heavy monofilament line with three Aberdeen hooks tied on, one of which tethered a young cormorant whose flesh had been stripped to the bone!

Loch keeper Aaron and Bailiff Mr Xxxxx elected to camp out at a point close to the suspect area where the activity was alleged to have taken place and cleverly planted an angler unconnected to the club over on the surveyed area to mingle and obtain information. They also carried out wide surveillance over the two lochs looking for new cars parked and anglers who had not purchased permits from them. Over Friday night into Saturday morning nothing happened requiring their intervention. The situation on Saturday night was somewhat different!

All three of us felt at this time it would be in our interests to make the situation known to the River Tweed bailiffs who with them bring punitive penalties such as the power of arrest and the seizure of any tackle and vehicles used to assist in the illegal activities. Chief Inspector Hastings confirmed that they would be happy to attend on receipt of a phone call from us once the miscreants had landed some fish. Aaron and Mr Xxxxx again employed the same tactics of the unknown plant on the camp site in the hope of gaining information,

As is typical in these situations things did not go according to plan! There appeared to be no signs of illegality at the targeted site which from our point of view was disappointing as our plan of action was to either publicly or privately prosecute the individuals involved for the theft of our valuable fish stocks! Around midnight Aaron and Mr Xxxxx were about to do yet another patrol of the lochs when a car drew up near them and the slamming of doors suggested some people getting out. They observed from a distance and noted two men with torches and no fishing tackle walking along the shoreline in blackness, odd behaviour I am sure you will agree.

Having no means of escape and knowing that they were about to be discovered they took the initiative and challenged the fellows and the first thing to note is that they were from another country and said that they had come to fish – without permits of course at midnight and minus the obligatory rods! They retreated up the bank to their car where it was made clear to them that they would not be allowed to fish whilst at the same time the number plate of their car was taken! They quickly drove off exhibiting defensive behaviour, the driver seemingly unwilling to show his face. Our lads circled the lochs around 15 minutes later to see if they had parked up somewhere else on the loch but they had disappeared!

Of course at this point our initial strategy had fallen and involvement of the RTC Bailiffs was pointless as no evidence of illegality had been accrued!

The whole mission however was a success as these people will now tell their countrymen of their experience and word will soon get about that if you are seeking to steal our fish there is now a significant chance that you will be caught and prosecuted! Out of the car but a few minutes and immediately challenged! This however is and can only be, the start of the fight back if we are to counter this assault which is a massive threat to our fish stocks! The catch reported to us is fish removal on an industrial scale and one which our fishery cannot and will not sustain!

I have today written to the Polish Anglers Association who has made a service available where submitted wording will be translated into Polish and other languages free of charge, yes there are many decent anglers from other countries out there! We will erect signage around the lochs in English and other languages warning anglers of the consequences of taking fish illegally and our stance on such actions. We will take some flyers to meeting places where people from other countries congregate. Our recommended tackle dealers will be sent flyers to distribute to their customers!

All our anglers, members and visitors should be vigilant looking out for lines tied to trees or boulders and if you can, take a walk along the shoreline you are fishing in the water where submerged set lines may be discovered by your feet pulling them! In all cases, finds and suspicions should be reported to Aaron, Mr Xxxxx or me! Our surveillance will be increased dramatically and anglers should be prepared to submit their bags car boots etc to search procedures. When you purchase a permit this will be taken as authority to carry out such searches if you do not agree with this you should not buy a permit and visit another fishery! Of course our regular visitors who are law abiding anglers will not be subject to such procedures! Confirmed cases of fish theft will always be dealt with by the River Tweed bailiffs or the Police no discussion will be necessary!

These are drastic measures but given the situation I am sure you will agree the only option open to us! We will further seek the assistance of the RTC Bailiffs if and when the situation arises and call for maximum penalties to be applied! I cannot recollect a greater threat to the wellbeing of our fishery, losses as stated above on a weekly basis would see our fishing deteriorate rapidly! It may be that these thieves will simply move on to other lochs or rivers there is however nothing we can do about that in the short term! Angling clubs need to bind together and share information and each club must take speedy and thorough measures to ensure the well being of their waters! Only when a group of these fish thieves are caught and subjected to summary justice will the correct message be sent out! We are not the only water being targeted there are others and I will write to them informing them of the information we hold. We will meet this challenge head on and rid ourselves of these parasites on our great sport, we have on the odd occasion in the past asked for angler help but in this case we really do need your assistance for what we face is undoubtedly the biggest threat in the history of St Mary’s Angling Club

The points of contact are –

Aaron - 07724523777

Mr Xxxxxx - 07780922756

Richard – 07980350031

We have the number plate of the suspect’s car and anyone wishing the details please e mail me.

The wider world in my view!

Lord Snooty et al found wanting!

I breathed a sigh of relief on Thursday evening when the result of the vote on Syria came through. The old Etonians sent packing with their tails between their legs. They got it wrong, again, but that should not surprise you as it has always been their way! Do these fools never learn? Puppy dogs to the USA we jump at their every request even though the past record of intervention in the Middle East affairs has turned out to be a disaster for us but more importantly for the indigenous people we are meant to be helping!

The posh boys reliving the “great” days of Nelson et al still think we are a player on the world stage. How wrong they are! We are nothing, a country on its knees a pale shadow of what went before. We have neither the military capability (it is after all being currently dismantled) nor the intelligence to engage in what could turn out to be all out warfare. As I said last week Syria is a significant military power as is Iran who will support them and probably attack Israel for good measure and they will retaliate. And right on cue Hezbollah in Lebanon are waiting desperately to strike Israel. That the Russians are watching intently should strike fear into us all, not the military power of old but sufficient enough to wipe out all upstarts such as Great Britain!

This scene is not one for the boy scouts that are the Con-Dems they are in a minor league! Engaging in this potential conflict could be the biggest mistake in a very long time. These fools who govern us have no forethought to what they would create. Oh yes indeed they utter fine words about doing the right thing, stopping suffering but look at their track record in this country they are doing the exact opposite of these lofty statements!

There is no UN mandate for military action; the Yanks want to “punish” Syria for their fifteenth unleashing of chemical weapons! Let them go right on ahead obviously the other fourteen attacks were irrelevant! This country has no right to go around punishing people irrespective of what we think they have done! Oh of course I was forgetting, how remiss of me, it’s the “special relationship” between us and the yanks. There is no special relationship, just the Yankee masters and the British puppy dog as opposed to the long gone bulldog of old! Ever since they got their asses kicked in Vietnam they have looked for special relationships, basically a fall guy to take the worst of the punishment before they step in as the mighty liberators and claim the glory!

The Muslim world is vastly different to ours; these people do not share our culture, beliefs or sense of justice. It’s a kind of modern day bible living the eye for an eye ideology! I would not for a minute condemn their way of life, if that’s the way they want to live then that’s fine as long as they keep it to themselves! Infighting amongst religious sects is commonplace because that’s what they do, it is not for us to appoint ourselves as the world’s policeman and try to bring our sense of order onto other cultures! We no longer have the military capability to do so nor should we be so arrogant to think that we could!

After all the conflicts of the 20th century, you would have thought that lessons would have been learned but clearly for our posh boy twits they have not! Of course the kudos and political capital that could be accrued by “sorting out” this rabble would be immense but that would suggest a huge degree of cynicism in the actions of our “doing the right thing” overlords! You had better believe it, the arrogant posh boy’s conscious of their persistent bungling are desperate for a miracle to pull them out of the political mire! How sad then that they seek to emulate the buffoon Sandhurst commanders of the First World War who sent millions to their deaths by means of sheer incompetence! The incompetence shown by the posh boys specifically “Bungling Bill Hague”, “Voice of reason Philip Hammond” and “arch buffoon arrogant Lord Snooty” will go down in history as the three fools who nearly tipped us over the edge into all out war.

Post voting “Bungling Bill” is nowhere to be seen, his sabre obviously been taken away from him for fear he starts world war 3 and squeaky clean Phil  cutely avoiding mentioning defence cuts only making deferential noises to the voting public! As usual Lord Snooty is trying to say that his humiliating defeat was really an example of the parliamentary system working correctly! Never in our history has a Prime Minister been publically humiliated as was Lord Snooty on Thursday night! A fool out of touch with the public, clueless as to the wishes of his own party instead carried away by his own unthinking childish machinations in the manner of the Bishop of Barchester in Trollope’s rightly famous novel, The Warden!

I mean the UN investigators haven’t even completed their crucial investigations into whether or not chemical weapons were used and by whom! Thinking, suspecting, having a feeling is not good enough! Who do these Con-Dems think they are having the audacity to plunge us into financial and social crisis with regard to a conflict hat really has nothing to do with us?

These fools toy with the lives of our own soldiers and the people of Syria! Both deserve significantly better! Their intended actions of firing in a load of “cruise” or “tomahawk” missiles would achieve exactly what? These actions were not thought out in the slightest; they were clumsy, pointless in the extreme and would massacre thousands of innocent civilians! I mean if you see a couple of guys fighting in the street you could intervene and try and calm the situation as most would do! Alternatively following the Con – Dem modus operandi you could knife one of them and see how that worked!

I have not mentioned puppet Clegg thus far, but then again he and his band of puppets are irrelevant, suffice to say they were vehemently anti war a few years ago now it seems they are in favour, enough said! These amateur posh boys would have us engaged in a pointless intervention at a cost of millions per day achieving at best nothing and at worst and more likely destabilising the whole of the Middle East leading to loss of life on a colossal scale!

There are elderly people here in “our great country” (Snooty’s words) dreading the return of the cold weather having yet again for the fourth time having to choose between a meal or a few hours of heating,  placing their health and well being in severe jeopardy! Millions of unemployed forced to live a meagre existence, disabled people oppressed by the bedroom tax and pushed into poverty by means of the universal credit introduced by lame duck Ian Duncan-Smith on a chance it and see basis! There are many in this country that desperately need help but these court jesters would prefer to portray themselves as the international big shots giving money to the poor of India and Pakistan to develop nuclear warheads and train Taliban terrorists respectively!

We all feel sympathy for the atrocities being carried out in Syria of course we do, but it is ultimately their problem! We no longer have the means to sort out everyone’s problems; the governing clowns who assumed power clearly cannot sort out our own! We should however continue in negotiations as by this means a solution may be found. Two things have come out of this situation for this country and they are, that no longer will we be the lap dog of the Yankee administration, and no longer will we be subject to crass incompetence the likes visited on us by Lord Snooty and his caravan of complete imbeciles we call our government! This administration will go down in history as the most incompetent government of all time! Lord Snooty and his bunch of privileged ninnies have been examined at the altar of public confidence and found to be wanting, the time has now come to rid ourselves of these silver spooned bungling varlets once and for all!