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An unwelcome visitor and a warning!

Photo 01 - Stevie's Rainbow Trout!
An unwelcome visitor and a warning!

Yesterday was what could be classed as a pretty poor day weather-wise with howling winds and driving rain, but I suppose just an example of our usual dreich summer weather.  Accordingly the number of visitors we had was low with eight anglers braving the conditions. One of our stalwarts Stevie Nimmo took on the conditions and in a determined fashion covered the areas he had selected in pursuit of the Brown Trout resident therein.

Concluding his excursion at the village hall which up to now had yielded nothing at all he was at last into a fish and coming to the net he quickly noted this was not the usual variety of Brown Trout given up by the “cold loch”. There was no doubt as you can see from the photo below this was a specimen of the accursed Rainbow Trout species. In its own place a tolerable species but in our wild loch absolute vermin! The fish weighed a pound in weight and looked to be lean and not on a par with a similar farmed fish used to stock the “plastic” fisheries. Also unlike many farmed fish the specimen caught was full finned and highly coloured and on one flank had a deep gash now healed probably caused by one of the many fish predators that we have to put up with who fish on our lochs!

So how did it come to be in St Mary’s loch? We had a discussion yesterday and the most likely reason we concluded is that a visiting Pike angler live baiting (illegal in Scotland) released the fish at the end of the day into the loch a good while ago. Another possible reason is that the fish was an escapee from a fish farm as there exists one further down the Yarrow valley. Another possibility of course is that some misguided angler has introduced a few in the hope of establishing a new species resident in the loch.

Whatever the reason, these fish are alien to our loch and if any are caught by anglers they must be humanely dispatched without delay and reported to the club which was exactly the action carried out by Stevie. We had a brief discussion about the possibility of such fish breeding as there have been reports of Rainbows breeding in some areas of the country but these are few and far between! If breeding were to occur of course it would be a disaster for us as these are voracious predators who would compete with our indigenous species of Brown Trout for food and habitat making the continued existence of our Brown Trout population precarious indeed!
Photo 02 - Les points out the healed gash for those who have not been to Specsavers!

We need at this stage to reiterate our policy on alien species. Any angler catching a fish not indigenous to the lochs must on every occasion humanely destroy such a creature and give the carcass to the club in order that we can forward it on for forensic examination. It goes without saying that anyone caught introducing any species of fish into the loch will be barred from fishing and reported to the police and the Tweed Commission for further action to be taken!

We are confident that there is no breeding population in the lochs but anglers should fastidiously report any abnormal fish to the club. “Brownbows” the result of inter breeding between Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout have been created in some fish farms and laboratories but not in the wild as far as I am aware. We need to protect our Brown Trout population at any cost so don’t even think about introducing alien species into our loch, if you are caught the consequences will be serious indeed! For some good reading on the subject of Rainbow Trout click the link below

Update Stevie kindly phoned today after gutting the Trout and his observations were that the flesh was lightly coloured pink and the intestinal tract contained invertebrates and flys. He suspects the Trout to be a fish farm escapee which has been in the loch around a year. Very credible theory Stevie, but I doubt we will ever know with certainty!

Muppets on the loch!

Yes we showed a photo of some “rubbish” left last week which is part of the tale. Two East Europeans booked an Arran boat with an engine last Sunday to be picked up at 08.00hrs. They arrived at 10.10hrs without as much as an apology or phone call to let us know the situation. One was obviously suffering from the previous evening’s alcohol intake but the non intoxicated chap was deemed competent enough to take charge of our boat. After trying unsuccessfully to beat the price down they set off without incident and I went up to speak with Keith Young one of our valued members and club bailiff, immediately on arrival Keith began remonstrating about the five people on the boat doing doughnuts over his Pike lines.

Of course only two people had paid to fish and we don’t normally issue permits for people to act like Muppets! Of course by now they were long gone towards the bottom of the loch and having other matters to attend to would catch up with them later. Speaking with some visitors to the loch from down England I noted the “rubbish” lying around and asked the English lads if they knew who had left this tat lying around. They weren’t sure but said the collection had been left unattended for over two hours.

With the thought of the rubbish being scattered by black and white men I decided to bag the lot and remove it for disposal. Filling the last of three bags the offending boat mentioned earlier came towards me at speed with a couple of the inhabitants shouting unintelligible words (curses in Polish I assume!)! It seems the “rubbish” belonged to them, and comprised their lunch, snacks and liquid intake along with an eight inch filleting knife! They knew of course they had been rumbled and I gave them the choice of paying me for the extra permits or paying the police with the added bonus of possible arrest! They paid me!

They were very coy as to what the filleting knife was to be used for and heavily protested that it was not for the filleting of fish caught on our lochs! I believe it was for this purpose and delivered the coup de grace. They are now barred from fishing on our lochs for a period as yet to be determined. Don’t mistakenly believe that we were born yesterday; we have seen it all before many times! With observant members like Keith your chances of beating the system are very slight indeed!  Keith many thanks for your help regarding this incident!

Photo 03 - Black and wild on the Lowes yesterday!
An unwitting streaker!

Reported by Keith one of our bailiffs on the loch. Some anglers combining a fishing trip with a stag do last night caused quite a rumpus during their celebrations. The groom to be was diligently filled with alcohol until it was coming out his ears soaking his shoulders! He was then stripped of all clothing and sent out of the tent and left to stumble around in a catatonic state in which he knew not what day it was or where he was!

It turns out that he stumbled into the garden of one of the local residents on Summerhope and she got such a fright that she called the police. I mean how often do you come across a naked man stumbling around your garden? By the time the police arrived he was safely back in his tent sleeping off what would have been a massive hangover! Speaking to Keith they ascertained that there was no malice intended simply a stupid boyish prank gone wrong and they took no further action. What we would say to the lads however is by all means enjoy yourselves but keep an eye on the object of your prank to prevent causing alarm to local residents who are more used to spotting rabbits and birds rather than naked men imitating a zombie aimlessly stumbling around where they have no right to be! Keith has spoken to the lads and relayed this to them so we won’t be expecting a repeat performance! We fish on the lochs as guests of the landowners and the local community; they really shouldn’t be exposed to this kind of behaviour!

For the benefit of anglers!

We have now made a few changes to our policy of boat hire on the lochs. Firstly the initial method of hiring a boat must be through our loch keeper Aaron who can be contacted on 07724523777. Now if for whatever reason you cannot hire a boat through Aaron you may hire a 14ft rowing boat from either the Glen Cafe or the Tibbie Shiels Inn. A boat has been prepared with oars locked in and lifejackets are available free of charge from these establishments. You simply obtain the key and unlock the boat and oars, enjoy your days fishing, lock up the boat and oars and return the key and lifejackets to the outlet you hired them from. These are emergency measures and already have assisted a few anglers. Our fundamental aim is to do all we can to accommodate your wishes to help you have a super day out in this most beautiful place! Boats with engines cannot be hired by this method if you require these please contact Aaron above.

The wider world in my view!

Not looking so good for Lord Snooty!

Yes figures released midweek show that at the time Lord Snooty assumed power in coalition with his band of clueless, lying puppets the Lib – Dems Tory party membership stood at 250,000. How sad it must be for Snooty and his entourage to see the latest figure showing a paltry membership of around 80,000! A number of factors are responsible for this, the most prominent being persistent unmitigated bungling! Yes stumbling from one policy to another without any forethought, any planning, and any prospective evaluation! No, none of these essential tools, simply try it and see in the manner of the pie tax keeps us right up there on the world stage with a government of fools and jesters!

Unfortunately the chances of getting on to the right path are remote indeed! Preferring to devote valuable time to irrelevancies such as gay marriage, the real issues such as unemployment and poverty are left to fester! The failure to deal with immigration effectively has seen droves of party loyalists throwing their lot in with the unsavoury UKIP. Putting a few vans on the road with racist slogans on the side and cutting border staff makes matters worse as they have since found out! Getting into bed with the soon to be extinct Lib – Dem puppets did nothing for their fortunes simply alienating more of their number! It is impossible to have faith in such lily livered dimwits as they systematically dismantle all the things we hold dear and at the same time increase the national debt that they insist they are reducing. Under these fools the rich get richer and the rest of us bear the brunt of their clueless policies! The future is most definitely not bright!

Unemployment is down or is it!

I always remember at School one lady teacher who could teach, telling us that you can always twist and manipulate figure to support your cause! Most emphatically she was correct! Yes the statisticians servicing the Con – Dems would have us believe that unemployment is down, and it is using their figures! There are more part time workers than ever before mostly in retail producing nothing making a meagre living desperately keen to convert to full time work but finding there is none.

Splitting jobs doubles the number and this is being used as a tool to assist the posh boys! Internships where people work for nothing allegedly gaining skills which would assist them to increase their employability whereas the reality is that devious employers get slave workers and have to pay them nothing!

Similarly the zero hours contracts increasing at a furious pace take thousands off the unemployment numbers. Oh indeed it’s great for employers, but what about the worker seeking to bring up a family and buy a flat? The lack of regular income damns all these worthy aspirations and serves only to assist Lord Snooty’s pals! They want the working classes back in the gutter I regret to say they are succeeding!

Good old Glasgow Corporation!

I read through the week of a novel, practical and worthy initiative by the good people on the council, they want to set up a power generation and distribution company! What a sensible idea! By so doing they would marginalise the greed ridden spawned of Butcher Thatcher privatised power companies. Taking care of their own electricity needs and selling surplus back to the national grid. the cheap realistically priced power could be used to supply electricity to the thousands in the city made near destitute by the uncaring Con - Dems! It sounds like a real goer my faith in politics restored! One in the eye for the energy fat cats and out of touch posh boys!


Next week some Carlisle lads and their catches!

Till the next time Tight lines!

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