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A disgrace to the good name of angling

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Photo 01 - Jamie with a July 8lbs 11oz Pike see below.
A disgrace to the good name of angling!

It happens every year without fail; we get a drunken aggressive character fishing on our lochs without a permit. It happened once again last night! Yes Mr Xxxxx our club bailiff was doing his rounds around 20.30hrs when he came across an individual fly fishing at the bottom of the loch. In his own respectful way Mr Xxxxx eventually worked round to ask the chap if he had a permit and if he did not possess one he would issue one to comply with the law. The response was disappointing for as well as being in the negative it was accompanied by aggressive foul mouthed behaviour.

As was a right and proper action Mr Xxxxx withdrew and warned the fellow that the police would be called if he did not immediately cease his outrageous behaviour, it was suspected at this point that the fellow was under the influence of drink or drugs!  He continued and refused to purchase the required permit so the police were called and at this time the fellow got into his car which was being driven by a female and sped off. In spite of the melee Mr Xxxxx was able to get a partial number plate and passed this onto the police.

To Danny ? from Rosewell - angling does not need or want people who conduct themselves in the outrageous manner you displayed, your behaviour was disgraceful and an affront to decent anglers everywhere! Please do not return to our lochs as you are barred from fishing and any of our bailiffs on encountering you have been instructed without hesitation to call the police and we will insist that charges are preferred! Your actions are on record and we have an incident number which means that any further encounter with the Police is likely to lead to arrest!

If we are further able to identify this fellow we will pass on this information to the police and as applies to all anglers barred from our lochs we will forward this information to any club that wishes to receive it! If any member knows further details regarding this fellow we would be grateful if you could pass them on to us in the strictest confidence of course!

 We will not allow our loch keeper/bailiffs to be subject to unwarranted aggression and abuse, you are not an angler and resultantly you will not fish on our lochs again! Shame on you for bringing the good name of angling into disrepute! If our loch keeper or club bailiff requests that you comply with the club rules you either comply or leave never to return! You and your kind are most definitely not welcome at our lochs!

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Photo 02 - Kevin with a 2ft 2in 2lbs Eel, a cracker!

Some nice catches!

The photos this week are from some Carlisle lads Jamie, Kevin and Lee who are regular visitors and are on the waiting list to become members of the club. They have enjoyed some good deal of success on the loch by using innovative techniques and thoughtful angling. I also noted on visiting their swims after they left the place was spotless, the way that we like it! Have a good look at the photos I especially like the one of the Eel which weighed 2lbs! Lee you almost had me stumped with your "in line" photos, I messed around for ages as every time I downloaded them they were blank boxes! In the end simples, copy and paste, am now wiser as well as older!

Waders spreading disease!

I received a mail from one of our members Peter Errington who was concerned about the possible spread of disease caused by felt soled waders. I must admit that this was news to me but he was kind enough to tell me that several states in the USA had already banned the use of these boots. The problem is that these boots are porous and parts of the sole can remain wet for several weeks providing a safe haven for these organisms keeping them alive. Disinfection of course will deal with the surface but the inner areas will not be permeated hence the problem.

The organism causing problems is an algae called Didymosphenia geminate (often referred to as Didymo) which multiplies rapidly colonising river beds creating a thick blanket of green weed making fishing impossible! If you look at some of the photos in the link page it looks to be a very nasty business indeed! This unwanted species does not yet appear to have spread to this country yet but given that disinfection techniques on felt soles do not appear to successfully eradicate the organism it may just be a matter of time!

Peter also asked if the club has any plans to ban the use of such waders. Given the fact that organisms can live in the soles of these waders their use is suspect, and I have no doubt that commercial factors will take over and manufacture of these waders will cease and the new rubber alternative will take over. In fact a new rubber alternative with similar grip characteristics has already been developed and is commercially available in countries where the problem exists. Our advice to anglers considering purchasing new waders is to bear this information in mind as it may be in the near future the use of felt soles will be banned on a national basis rather abruptly. Peter many thanks for this interesting but somewhat worrying information. Get the lowdown by clicking the link - 
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Photo 03 - Jamie with a nice 10lbs 8oz Pike.
Barefaced robbers on the loose!

It’s quite a rare event that anglers are subject to having tackle stolen on the lochs but there was an incident last weekend! Club bailiff Mr Xxxxx, mate Mark and kinda lovable Labrador Missy were enjoying their weekend out fishing at the top of the lochs when some people approached looking for mushrooms.  Two adults and three children who paused their activities to briefly pass the time of day.

The trio resumed their banter and it was only about an hour later that Mark thought he would wobble a dead bait further up the loch. However with rod in hand he went to get his landing net but it was not behind the tent where he had left it! Naturally an extensive search took place but the net could not be found and it was a very big net! They could only assume that the gypsy types that were mushroom hunting mistook the net for a rare species of fungus and removed it! There is unfortunately no way of tracking these thieves but the tale should serve as a reminder to be extra vigilant with regard to your property. It’s a crying shame that even on a weekend away people are  skulking around working to steal the property of others!
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Photo 03 - Lee with a lithe 11lbs 3oz Pike!
The wider world in my view!


Yes much recently on the news the hydraulic fracturing of shale rock to obtain trapped shale gas could provide up to 60% of the worlds needs for natural gas and other chemicals. Indeed it looks good on paper the real life situation however shows much potential for serious problems to develop. My ear was tuned immediately I heard minister without a clue Gideon Osborne recommending the procedure be fast tracked forward to guarantee the country’s supplies. The past history of this fool is jump in and sees what happens which I am sure you will agree is a rather haphazard and dangerous strategy!

There is much evidence of health and environmental concern emanating from this process. The recent demonstrations serving to highlight a few, nevertheless showing the strength of feeling on this subject. Of course the process could be extremely valuable but to implement it properly serious in depth research needs to be carried out. The Con – Dems are desperate to revive their flagging fortunes as even with an opposition in complete shambles the still trail them by up to six points in some polls! This development needs to proceed cautiously with heed to problems noted by others who are approaching the project in a rather more intelligent manner. Some of the potential side effects of this process are extremely serious and the last thing we need is the now obligatory Con – Dem bull in a china shop routine!


 The harrowing scenes following what is being called the aftermath of a chemical weapons event carried out by government forces must have moved all who viewed the footage. Its clear there is no easy solution, it is also clear that military action will have catastrophic consequences for all who are involved. Syria has formidable military forces and it will almost certainly be supported by Iran another heavyweight power.

The past record of western involvement in conflicts that do not concern them is abysmal. They have corrected nothing and lost much in terms money and human lives not to mention credibility! Bungling Bill Hague is already sabre rattling when he should be concentrating on getting United Nations inspections allowed in the relevant areas! Any type of military action will lead to huge losses of lives, only by vigorously pressing for negotiation can the death toll be halted! Even after two World Wars and countless lesser events mankind has not learned the lesson that armed conflict is a disaster for humankind! They say we are the most developed and intelligent species on earth I do sometimes wonder!

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