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Loch keeper update!

 Photo 01 - Sheep using dry stane dyke as a sunscreen on the way to Megget!

Loch keeper update!

To date we have received no expressions of interest with regard to the position, we are hopeful however that as the news permeates the locality we will hear from some interested party! Thankfully those around us as always are keen to assist us in any way they can and Alastair at the Tibbie has agreed to help us out with pre booked boat hire as and when he can. He also informed us that a former employee may return to the area and would likely be interested in the position.

Our former loch keeper Ian has also agreed to help out as he can issuing and checking permits and letting out boats as he is able. The Tibbie and the Glen Cafe are also assisting us with selling permits and we are grateful to them for their assistance!

It is important to be aware that even though these good people are helping us out we are still operating at a significantly reduced capacity! There is more chance of obtaining a boat by booking in advance giving us time to try and meet your needs, turning up on the day seeking boat hire will invariably lead to disappointment so pre book if you can. It is now incumbent on all members to ask of any anglers they do not know to inspect their permits to ensure they are fishing within the law! Similarly visiting anglers should not feel aggrieved on being asked to show their permit to any club member who asks to see it! We hope this situation is resolved quickly but we must be proactive in case it is not!

The language barrier!

Look at photo 02 and you will see the result of difficulties in comprehension. The bizarre way the boat is chained up would seem to serve no purpose at all and indeed it does not. A couple of possibly Polish lads had appeared at the boathouse seeking a boat for fishing later in the day and since we had no loch keeper and no one would be around to take the boat in Les had asked them to use the twisted wire hawser to loop through the oars specifically the rollocks to secure them to the boat chain. When I came upon the boat the hawser had been used to extend the length of the chain and the oars were left footloose and fancy free resting on the boat seats! Les said they appeared like decent lads but were obviously confused due to language difficulties – come back Piotr we need you badly!

Photo 02 - Wire hawser not really securing the oars!
The very last supper!

Yesterday we laid out the poison that will begin the extermination of all rodent life underneath our boathouse. I had been sitting quietly scanning the mildly rippling water looking for rising Trout whilst pondering a few things when the familiar sound of the heavyweight rodent took my attention away and quickly refocused my attention on his movements. He immediately headed towards the pile of poisoned barley no doubt scented by the pharma boffins to be irresistible to rodents. There was no hesitation on the part of the rat as he chomped greedily into the pile, he knew of my presence but as long as I kept still he would tolerate me observing him.

Looking at him as far as rats go he looked to be a prime specimen, lithe, muscular and very quick when the need for speed was required, all in all a good rat among his kind! This creature which I must admit I found loathsome due to inherent social conditioning had done me no harm, in fact was quite happy to defer to me if I chose to exert my authority by moving towards him. He knew his place in the order of things! After a few minutes he had finished the not inconsiderable pile of barley and quickly moved to the next one to eat some more and fill his cheeks with barley no doubt to transport to his nest underneath the floor.

This was very good; our plan was indeed going well, each delivery of poisoned barley under floor further ensuring the eradication of the whole family in one fell swoop! There is no doubt we could for the most part coexist if it were necessary but inbuilt programming built into all of us shouted that the presence of these creatures in our domain was unacceptable and their removal permanently was the only option! As I watched him feeding on what undoubtedly was his last supper as soon he would become symptomatic of the terminal malaise we had inflicted upon him and haemorrhagic blood loss would take place which would ebb away his very life and that of any family! I could not help but feel some compassion for the creature which had moved into our boathouse seeking only good accommodation and food for his family. Conflict with us would be avoided as it was in his interests for this to be the case; it was however the one chance in whatever number that conflict would occur that led us to be judge and jury thereby sealing his fate and that of his family.

As I watched intently he filled his cheeks from the second pile of life ceasing food I could sense myself feeling regret at the actions we had carried out and I thought to myself that yes, we are indeed an arrogant species inflicting our will on those we deem pestilent, justifying death, subjugation, slavery and much more to those we class as unsavoury or subservient to us! Our eyes met for the last time as he again stocked his cheeks and I felt a lump in my throat as I knew we would never again meet in life! His cheeks now bulging he sped off under the floor to the family nest unknowingly the bringer of death!  As I left on shutting the door I thought, trying to mitigate my feelings of guilt that he had indeed enjoyed his supper, the very last supper!

Once bitten....

It happens most years but last year I avoided being bitten by a Clegg or Horsefly probably due to the non event summer we endured. On Thursday I was again bitten by this bloodsucking pest. Unlike bees and wasps you do not hear them coming the first thing that alerts you to the fact you have been bitten is the pain on the affected part of the body as the fly slices in and removes blood. If you are quick you can execute the creature but alas it is too late as any transmission of infection has already taken place!

In most cases in this country the body’s immune system deals with the infection without too much ado, in my case there was localised infection some eruption yielding dirty brown pus and it now looks to be healing well. There’s not much that can be done to avoid such bites as bare skin (mandatory in this great weather) is a magnet to these pests. Any redness or swelling spreading from the initial bite site or signs of systemic infection requires prompt medical attention, just one of the many plagues brought on by good weather; it seems perfection is just a bridge too far!

Liar Clegg courtesy of The Daily Mirror!
The wider world in my view!

Buying what we already own!

I grimaced when I heard Labour defector now Tory puppet and faux pas expert Vince Cable spout forth Tory priority that the Royal Mail is to be privatised! But not as part of the Tory strategy to end public ownership but to reward the staff with a £2,000 share bonanza, benefit the private investors that do so much (joking) for the country and give the gullible public (middle England)the chance to pay for what they already own! Private investors are lining up rubbing their hands with glee to get shares in this great British institution that you and I have invested heavily in to turn the company into a very profitable one!

Two thirds of the British public are against such a move towards privatisation, 96% of the workforce is against it! Only the clueless Con-dems and the greed ridden investors are for it to better their own ends! Look at the privatised utility companies the majority now are owned by foreign interests and it is a fair bet that foreign giants such as Deutsche Post will gobble up the Royal Mail! Oh yes the universal service will be guaranteed for a limited period but as more profit is sought “rationalisation” becomes inevitable with workers consigned to the scrap heap terms and conditions dismantled, the universal service is dispensed with as maximum profit comes to the fore! Quality and comprehensive service provision consigned to history!

Centrica who own British Gas a once public utility has just recently withdrawn from a clean fuel generation project considered vital for the future! The reason is that the backward looking shareholders want increased dividends and don’t really give a hoot about the future! Lord Snooty is said to be furious I don’t know why because it was his ilk that created the situation in the first place! Profit over progress yet another ugly facet to the machinations of the greed ridden capitalists! It of course almost goes without saying that the Tory puppets the Lib -dems have reneged yet again on a promise! They had promised only to go along with a minority sale of the Royal Mail but as usual they lied, but hey at least they can be relied on for that trait!

There is no valid reason for this privatisation to take place the main factors for it taking place are Lord Snooty’s Tory idealism and an attempt to put temporary money into the hands of disaffected Tory voters just in time for the election! What he fails to mention is that in the event of failure which is the norm for this government ownership will revert back to the state! People need to remember the state is the last gasp lender! Worth thinking about if you are considering investing in this fiasco! The communication workers union having vision, seeing the true picture have threatened industrial action over this and I wholeheartedly agree with them! The Royal Mail is too important to be put into the hands of those who seek massive and unending profit! It’s simply a well managed scam selling a company we already own back to the greedy and gullible. Go for privatisation at your peril, don't tell Sid, warn him off!

Bungling Bill does it again!

Yes bungling Bill Hague who likes sending heavily armed masked troops into friendly territory has yet again blotted his copybook by mouthing “stupid woman” as a retort to the words of labours Cathy Jamieson. Ms Jamieson unlike bungling Bill does not have a record of unmitigated blundering and is universally seen as a thinking and safe pair of hands. This administration of fools seem to have a problem with women worth remembering if you are a female voter! Yet another example of this chuck it and see government who haven’t a clue but like to tell us they are on the ball. A bigger collection of fools and buffoons you will not encounter!

Next week – Fraser Patterson’s week at the loch!

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