Sunday, 7 July 2013

Loch keeper required!


 Image 01 - Our ad for a new keeper!

Loch keeper required!

We regret to announce that our current loch keeper Dave has resigned his position as loch keeper for the club. We thank him for his work on our behalf and wish him well for the future. However we now find ourselves in a difficult position with no loch keeper at a busy time of the year especially when the loch is fishing very well indeed! We already have notices out asking to hear from people that may be interested in the job and hope to retain someone soon.

The job can be described as follows – checking and issuing permits, liaising with riparian owners, business establishments in the area and maintaining good relations with the local community making sure our angling activities do not adversely impact on them. Caring for the club assets mainly boats and engines and letting out of these as required. Renumeration will be an honorarium plus commission from permits sold. Time off by arrangement, we could not foresee any circumstances where time off would be refused and will do our very best to fit in with your requests. We are very flexible with regard to your duties. You would be working on your own initiative for the most part dealing with the responsible angler that we encourage. relaying information to us on a weekly basis.  Since the position is based at the lochs the candidate should be reasonably close to the loch as travelling could become a negative issue. If you feel you could work in this framework please call Richard on 07980350031 (anytime) or on 01896752337 (late evening only) for a blether.
Photo 01 - A blaze of colour at the village hall!

The club phone number will be inoperative as it is still in Dave’s hands however it will be reactivated once we receive it back. Until we can secure the services of a new loch keeper we unfortunately will only be able to offer a much reduced service for engines and boats. We apologise for this and look forward to normal service being resumed as soon as possible. In any event during this restricted period please phone 07980350031 and we will endeavour to help out as we can!

A dirty rat!

I sat awhile yesterday pondering the above situation and our possible options for dealing with it. I could hear from behind me rustling and what sounded like heavy footsteps. We are quite used to hearing the pitter patter of mice running in the secret channels popping up into the boathouse through known orifices, this sound was however very different! Looking at the short video below you will see the culprit a heavyweight dirty rat!


Video 01 - confirmed! It's a dirty rat!
Yes it’s a rat, not a water vole as I had hoped. A vicious carrier of disease, which would explain the complete absence of our usual mice rummaging around. These creatures apparently are very rarely solitary which probably means there is a family under floor. This would negate my first thought of having the creature shot as he is fearless with my presence having no effect on his intentions. I say he because the males are much heavier than the females and you can hear this fellow thumping around like a super heavyweight mouse wearing wooden clogs! I think the only solution is a mass and sustained poisoning programme over a couple of weeks unfortunately eliminating all that lives under floor! Its a somewhat savage solution but these rats breed so quickly that if we do not wipe out the current residents completely we could end up poisoning them on a weekly basis! The poison has been acquired and we begin the extermination programme next week, we will keep you posted!

Good fishing!

Cath and Lisa at the Glen Cafe yesterday were kind enough to give us a pile of returns they had received from visiting anglers and they make very good reading indeed! Lots of Trout up to two pounds being caught mostly falling to the artificial fly. Wet and dry flies with the occasional fish being taken on a size 12 lure/attractor pattern in this case Ace of spades! Significant numbers of 8 inch Trout which would seem to suggest good recruitment from spawning. Pike continue to be caught with a nice fifteen taken by 3 Carlisle anglers who also bagged a 6 and a 9 pounder. Dead baiting was by far the most successful method with oily sea fish being the most successful. This year the post spawning feed actually happened as opposed to the last couple of years when there was simply not a lot!

Loads of Perch are also being caught with a Mepps or similar blade spinner accounting for good numbers. Much to the disappointment of Pike anglers the Eels are back with a vengeance shredding and stripping baits and as if that was not enough tying traces into knots that even if you tried could not construct anything similar!

Till the next time Tight Lines!

As you will appreciate there is much to do on Sunday hence the short post! 
Very well done Andy Murray!

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