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A benchmark and a couple of thank you's!

Photo 01 Fraser displays a nice specimen.
Stop Press 19.45hrs
We now have an expression of interest from an angler regarding the vacant position of lochkeeper, we will keep you informed.
The benchmark for the lochs!

Yes it has come to be seen as such Fraser Patterson’s week long stint at the lochs gives us a year on year picture of how the lochs are doing with regard to fish populations resident in the lochs. The last couple of years provided us with desperate weather conditions which obviously affected the fish and their feeding patterns. This year the situation is much better with many Pike and Trout caught. Here is the catch report submitted by Fraser –


Saturday 1st   Top end 


No fish


Sunday  2nd   Sculpture 


No fish


Monday  3rd    Sculpture


5:45am   Pike 6lb


6:30am   Pike  4lb


10:00am  Pike 5lb


9:45pm   Pike 9lb



Tuesday 3rd   Bottom end


11:15am  Pike 11lb


7:00pm    Pike 10lb 4oz



Wednesday 4th   Bottom end


3:30am    Pike 9lb


3:40am    Pike 11lb


5:00am    Pike 10lb


7:20am   Pike 12lb


10.30am  Pike 9lb 4oz


11:20am  Pike 10lb 8oz


12:20pm  Pike  7lb


 2:20pm   Pike  8lb 8oz



Thursday 5th    Boat shed



2:15   Pike  7lb




So as you can see I had a great week and I think the average fish is bigger than last year.

On the Tuesday I was ledgering for perch and catching plenty small ones I managed to hook in to something that was way bigger than perch only having 5lb nylon on I had some battle before it finally showed its self after about 15mins.It was a pike and it must have been about 15/16lb and i could see my worm in the corner of its mouth. I had her really close to side twice and I thought I was going to get her but she took one more long run and broke off.

Of all the pike I caught only 1 had an old trace in it and I managed to get both the hooks out easily without causing any damage.

All the pike had signs of spawning recently and were all a bit on the lean side. I tried with my camera and have included a couple of the better pictures.



Thanks for everything      Fraser
Photo 02 - Another of Fraser's catch.

Well thank you Fraser you are most welcome, once again this is great information and it looks like you very much enjoyed your fishing. It is heartening to hear of only one Pike with an old trace in situ hopefully our rule enforcement is bringing this about! Yet another batch of invaluable information which over the years will give us a picture to predict future fishing prospects.


Photo 03 - Around a third of the total catch of Mackerel.
A very good evenings fishing!


Mike Wood, Stevie Nimmo and I were invited by John Wright and Chris Empson (our competition winner) to come to Dunbar on Thursday evening for a session Mackerel fishing to hopefully stock up enough bait for the coming Pike season. Given the poor quality of shop bought pre packed insipid soft bait this was an offer just too good to refuse. I set the sat nav for Dunbar Harbour where Chris has his boat moored and duly arrived at Cromwell harbour at the appointed time. It turned out however to be the wrong place! I was at the old harbour the new harbour is where I should have been!

On getting there (thanks Stevie) we exchanged greetings and got aboard the boat an ex lifeboat skilfully converted by Chris (a master carpenter) into a practical fishing boat. Powered by a trusty Lister diesel engine (which Stevie I am sure could strip and rebuild blindfolded) I immediately felt at home. Chris and dad Terry supplied all that we would require even to the extent of traces and pies and sausage rolls. Terry said we would travel out about half a mile and commence fishing. On the second drop I felt a light knock and pulled in our first fish an eight inch Whiting which was returned being undersized.

This was the signal for ever increasing piscatorial mayhem as we landed Mackerel one after another some drops returning 4 mackerel per trace putting a tight loop into the sturdy boat rods. Mike and I were on one side whilst John and Stevie were on the other. Mike and I stuck to catching mackerel whilst strangely Stevie and John embarked on a session of tackle testing often to destruction! When they had completed their tests and found the optimum combination of rod reel etc they also started to land the aggressive Mackerel by the bucket load. It was fast and furious when we hit the shoal then nothing as we passed over them only to resume the slaughter when we hit the next shoal. We fished until ten on what was a lovely night, weather and fishing wise. We didn’t get a proper total for the catch but we filled six large bags and the smaller one I took contained 33 Mackerel averaging about a pound and a half! So at a rough guess we hauled in well over 200 Mackerel (the red box in the photo and 2 buckets full)! We could have had many more as the fishing at the finish as dusk approached was intense with three and four being caught on every drop! Conservation came to mind as we ceased fishing all having ample numbers for bait and the pot, I smoked a couple and they are delicious!
Photo 04 - Climb on to their rock and expect to get severely pecked!

These were firm ultra fresh specimens perfect from a dead bait point of view oozing blood and fish oil, no self respecting Pike could ignore such bait! The seasons bait had now been taken care of as well as a good few meals to boot! We thanked the lads who selflessly aided us in a most satisfying evenings fishing, Chris guiding us to the known drifts and dad Terry unhooking at breakneck speed all that we caught injuring himself on a good few occasions! Just try removing the hook from a Mackerel when three others are going berserk pulling frantically +on the same line, a dodgy business I can tell you!

Chris, Terry and John thanks for a fantastic evenings fishing where we all landed loads and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening! An evening’s angling among real anglers where we fished as the honoured guests of the three lads above and we did not have to sully the good name of angling by crossing their palms with silver, their reward was our joy and satisfaction and our reward was an evening in the company of three real anglers, fishing as it should be! An absolutely perfect and peerless evenings angling! In the fellowship of angling Thank you!

Photo 05 - Courtesy of regular visitor David Proudlock a friendly Sandpiper.
Loch keeper update

We have not yet secured a candidate to fill the vacant post of loch keeper so our transitional arrangements are as follows. For boats/permits Monday to Friday please call the club number (Ian) which has been reactivated and is as follows 07724523777 if Ian is unable to help you may obtain permits from the Glen Cafe, the Gordon Arms Hotel or the Tibbie Shiels Inn. It is also possible to obtain a rowing boat from the Tibbie. If using these numbers you cannot obtain the service you require please phone me on 07980350031 and I will do what I can to help. This is not the level of service we would like to offer but given the circumstances it is the best we can do! A committee meeting will soon take place in which the topic of the loch keeper will be explored to try and improve the service we offer. We extend our apologies to all who have been experienced difficulty and thank all who have been inconvenienced for their forbearance!


A few visiting anglers have been asking about membership of the club. This is the situation if you are accepted to become a member, the first year includes a joining fee of £20.00 which means the total payable is £50.00 for the first year thereafter the annual fee is £30.00p/a payable in December. If you allow your membership to lapse without good reason you will have to pay the joining fee again, that would include not renewing on time. The answer is simple renew on time! It is eminently possible that a new way of working beckons for the club involving more member participation, there will be more on this next week.

Pike aplenty!

Good numbers of Pike continue to be caught with Gala Anglings secretary James Rae who fished as our guest catching the biggest of the fortnight weighing in at fifteen pounds. A Glasgow angler cat a triple comprising of a twelve, an eight and a four. Yesterday Les in between carrying out numerous functions caught a nine and a six pounder. David Proudlock from Dumfries on a recent visit got among the fish and sent in the stunning picture (photo 04) of a Sandpiper who provided delightful company on a recent visit. David is the type of angler we welcome at the lochs, no matter what the weather or the loch throws at him he can always take something from a day at the lochs. Yet another real angler! So they are there and up for the fight! Strangely we don’t hear from the moaning Muppets much this year, shame on the empty headed fools!

The case of the invading rat!

On looking yesterday it was clear the rodents under floor had cleaned out all of the poison we had set for them. I have no doubt that all have been exterminated but as a precaution we have again heavily baited the area and will conclude our eradication programme with a final baiting session next week.

The wider world in my view!

Lord Snooty and I in agreement!

Oh it’s happened before but it is nevertheless a rare occurrence! The ultra capitalist who seeks to make the rich richer and keep the poor in the gutter where he thinks they belong has stated publicly that search engines such as Google must do more to stamp out the availability of child pornography on the web. The PC brigade at Google is keen to maintain user freedom to search for whatever they want which is fine up to a point!

There is and can be no situation when searching for the vile filth which sees children severely compromised and damaged for life forced into committing acts which are sick and abhorrent as well as being illegal! Snooty must summon up resolve and courage which to date he has not shown to gather allies and take the necessary steps to legislate to make searching for this filth impossible or as near as it can be made so!

Of course the record of Snooty is that of talking of a good job, the reality however is that following the bold statements the end result is a U turn or unmitigated blundering leading to red faces on the world stage! So to Lord Snooty I would say for once let your actions match your lofty words and get this major outrage sorted – smartly!

A not so smug Lord Snooty!

Following the complete U turn on tobacco packaging allegedly brought about by the PR man for the tobacco industry Lynton Crosby who astonishingly is also an advisor to Lord Snooty, he still refuses to give a straight answer to a simple question - Did Crosby cause Lord Snooty to change policy. There is no doubt that in my mind Snooty has deferred to the tobacco barons who wield considerable political power and contribute much to the Tory coffers. The opposition parties must cast off the cloak of weakness and press the pompous fool for open disclosure on the subject.

The tobacco barons in spite of irrefutable evidence of health damage continue to ply their products and suck in new customers. These people devoid of any morals seek only profit even after considering the huge medical implications for smokers! It seems they cannot control their urge for profit, it therefore follows that government must take swift and decisive action to bring this industry to its knees and plough its ill gotten gains into health care! Lord Snooty has clearly been knobbled by the cigarette producers via Crosby and has demonstrated clearly that he is not a fit person to head a government!

Tory puppets the Lib –dems are up in arms but as usual do nothing to correct the situation however that is precisely what we have come to expect from them – nothing but loud protestation! There is no case to defer this measure but much evidence to progress it urgently and much further. Snooty will continue to prevaricate and do nothing it’s time for weak Milliband to toughen up and expose Lord Snooty for the fool that he clearly is!

“Royal” baby!

I was appalled to hear a midwife speak on the impending birth of this child. She stated how it was vital that in this case everything must be perfect! Surely this is the aspiration of all midwives in all births irrespective of the setting or means to pay!  Yes Kate will be surrounded by numerous highly qualified consultants more numerous than those present at the AGM of the Royal College of Obstetricians whilst Mrs Average having her child on the NHS is lucky to have a single newly qualified midwife in attendance! Top notch service if you can pay, if you can’t then its pot luck! Surely not the type of heath care for the 21st century!

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