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The right size of flyline!

Photo 01 - the boathouse moose at lunch!
The right size!

Yes it’s the oft asked question what size of line should I use for my fly rod? Invariably most manufactures indicate on the rod the size of line they recommend for the rod in question. But is it the end of the story, most definitely not! The lighter your terminal tackle the easier it is not to spook the fish by a heavy main line lashing on to the surface. There is of course much more to it than the above taking in leader length, venue and individual technique.

In the past I have in cases opf heavy wind switched to a line size heavier in order to punch a line out further against the oncoming headwind. It was only after reading an article in the angling press that it became clear I was in fact doing the opposite of what I should have done – dropping a line size! How so I hear you say. Well in simplistic terms the lighter line has less surface area to be buffeted by the oncoming wind and less resistance equals more distance.

Just to complicate matters there are also instances where switching to a heavier line may produce better results. Take the Megget that runs into the loch, upstream the stream is narrow but as many of the elder statesmen of the club can confirm contains some very good trout indeed, numerous 3lbs plus fish having been caught over the years. Fly fishing on such small burns requires only a short length of fly line to be aerialised. It follows that the lighter the line the due to the small amount aerialised will not load the rod properly due to the low weight whereas a heavier line will allow the rod to be loaded with a much shorter length of line in the air making casting considerably easier.

The above of course is an oversimplification, the tightness of the loops/speed of the line delivery made by the outfit are contributing factors and there are many others. The problem came to my attention when I took my old 1955 Carter of London bamboo rod out and realised I had left my WF7 intermediate at home but thankfully was able to borrow a reel loaded with a WF6. I had a few misgivings but was surprised to note that my casts went further, landed lighter and in wind the distance seemed to be maintained! What I am saying is that the line sizes written on your rod are approximations and it is generally accepted that a drop or increase of up to two line sizes may in certain circumstances be to your considerable benefit!

So if you can borrow a different sized line from a mate and see how your rod performs you may find that a lighter or heavier line may suit you better. So the moral of the story is - only use the line recommendations as a guide, do a little experimentation and see what works best for you as with most things angling related a little thought can bring huge reward! There is a shed load of information on line sizes out on the net, do a Google search and see what you can find!

Ps the line that was damaged has now been replaced by an Airflo intermediate WF6, I dropped a line size and it’s a very nice performer casting much better than the old 7, no brand snobbery here! The right size of line for your rod is the one that works for you!

Very much alive!

Looking at the various catch reports and letters left it is clear to see that the lochs have finally come to life. Shoals of minnow and pinheads are now regularly seen and a small jack Pike caught regurgitated a few 3 spined Stickleback. The food for all the predators in the loch is in full bloom providing sustenance for those with a more voracious appetite. Fly life however remains disappointing with very little showing to date apart from the anglers curse, the dreaded caenis or Midge! Of course there is plenty time for rising but the last few years have not been witness to prolific hatches seen in past times. Nevertheless the loch is very much alive!


Photo 02 - She's back Arabella at the foot of St Mary's!
From our recommended dealers

Some top picks from one of our recommended dealers Fishers Direct in Penicuick. Firstly a nice entry level fly fishing starter kit also suitable for those who are on a budget priced to grab your attention this will get you started into our great sport at a great price!

Again for those with a slant towards coarse fishing this kit is ideal to get you started. Robust tackle that will handle sizeable fish with ease giving you the tackle to get among the big girls & boys!

These most useful waders sported by some of our members who have nothing but praise for them. Waterproof yet you can walk miles in them during a heat wave, try that with the old rubber ones!

Our recommended dealer’s offering quality, peace of mind and a wealth of knowledge!

Photo 03 - Devils paint brush, striking colour, but a bit of a thug!
The wider world in my view!

The spending review!

I’m sure if you heard the same old claptrap emanating from minister without a clue “pie tax” specialist Geoffrey Osborne on Wednesday you will still be grimacing imagining the hard times ahead. Families all over are currently working out what aspects of their lifestyle will have to be curtailed in order to avoid the shame of turning up at a food bank for alms! The status quo will be maintained at all costs! The working classes will be reoriented into the mindset that we should be grateful for a job irrespective of pay and conditions! The weak and disabled will be further trodden into the dirt reinforcing the fact that in the eyes of the Con-Dems they are a burden on a society that wants to (Gideon’s words) work hard and get on!

The rich however will see the fruits of their exploitation of the poor grow without wavering; the five course dinners will be maintained at all costs. Conspiracy theorists say that the whole recession business was socially engineered to restore and reinforce the class divisions and return the working classes to the gutter where we apparently belong! A few years ago I would have dismissed such theories as paranoid nonsense, but in light of recent government revelations about spying etc I’m really not sure!


Looking for a place to park in Galashiels on Friday I noticed a few empty spaces in one of the pay and display car parks and ventured in to park. On heading towards the automatic ticket dispenser a woman accosted me and asked if I could direct her to another dispenser as she wanted to avoid a fine. I pointed her in the direction of one a couple of hundred yards away. Sure enough when I got to the machine it was not accepting money and I also headed off to the next nearest one and met the woman I had directed to the alternative machine heading back looking a deal irate as she spurted that the other machine also was not accepting money!

A few of us had gathered round the machine when a right thinking road sweeper fellow came along obviously sensing that all was not well and gleefully informed us that on Friday and Saturday all pay for parking places were free! What a shambles, people running around desperately trying to pay for parking to avoid being issued with a ticket and it’s free! It obviously never occurred to the bunglers that set up the scheme to inform people that free parking was available! Yes a notice on headed paper stuck on each machine was all that it would have taken to inform the bemused public but obviously this was beyond them. A supposed treat for shoppers to celebrate Hayward’s Circus turned into a fiasco delivering absolute chaos! An excess of alcohol in a beer making establishment springs to mind!

Huge pay rise!

The queen is apparently to get a 5% rise in the money we give to her! In these times of extreme repression of the working classes doing the right thing would have been to refuse it and take 1% as our hardworking public servants have to do! Yet another example of us all being in this together! NOT!!

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