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In old Izaaks footsteps!

Photo 01 - A still view!
In old Izaaks footsteps!

Yesterday Stevie Nimmo Pete Young and I met up for a day at the Trout. It was a very bright day with light winds probably not the ideal conditions for Trout fishing but nevertheless this was the day that was chosen and fish we would! Most certainly it was a most pleasant change from the cold dreich days we have endured for so long. I always look forward to fishing with these lads as they are down to earth no frills `old school anglers in the mould of old Izaak!

Nature was all around us as queen Bumble Bees were frantically foraging seeking nectar to give them the energy to create the comb in which they would lay their eggs to bring on the next generation of Bumblers. Plovers were taking some of the varied fly life above the water surface as were swallows, swifts and ace fly catchers the highly entertaining Pied Wagtails. Wise old Ewes tending their errant ebullient offspring, sometimes in silence, in others not. Occasionally the pleasing birdsong would be interrupted by calling frogs and the ear splitting call of the ubiquitous Oystercatcher and gulls. Thus the scene was set for a day’s angling free of monetary influences instead concentrating on what it takes to be a real angler!

Between the three of us we would be covering surface, sub surface and deep areas of water in the spirit of the true old values of angling. There were no secrets here, openness was the order of the day as we each strived to aid each other with no thought to reward the goal being that another brother angler would benefit from the discourse. Salient points were passed on freely rising fish noted and any assistance possible to a fellow brother angler was freely given!

As it turned out we all took fish the numbers however were not important rather the satisfaction that on that occasion our guile proved to be more than a match for a most formidable adversary. Yes there was a degree of reverence and respect not afforded to “plastic” Trout that accompanied each catch as if to say thanks for being such a skilled opponent putting up such a hard fight! Some battles we win others they do it’s what the word angling is all about! Lunchtime as well as being for the replenishment of the body is for gentle congratulation to your fellow angler and encouragement for ones who have not done as well along with much pleasant banter a few jokes and the odd laddish comment!

This was a real days angling, three anglers joined in the spirit of old Izaak for the day, cognisant of all that surrounds us, in awe of the worthy opponents that confront us, grateful for the weather that envelopes us and giving thanks for the day we embarked on our careers as anglers! Indeed it is a hobby but it is also so very much more than that! To Stevie and Pete many thanks for your company in the brotherhood of angling it was like fishing with so many of our members, an absolute pleasure! A day in the footsteps of old Izaak!

NB Today’s session brought the number of Trout landed by my 1955 Carter of London rod up to 27 we will see how many the rest of the season brings!

Visitor ettiquette!

It looks as though the summer has finally arrived bringing with it increasing numbers of visitors and in view of this here are some guidelines for visiting anglers – We don’t mind if you have a few drinks but if you are completely inebriated you do not fish! If you have a fire make sure it is a small one using your own wood or fallen wood not fence posts or freshly cut down trees! You should also site your fire in an area where scorch marks will not be left and make sure it is fully extinguished before you leave! You must have appropriate tackle for the type of fishing you intend doing, our loch keeper will advise you as to the suitability of your tackle! Usage of drugs, guns and aggressive behaviour will be immediately referred to the police! You must remove all litter bagging it up and leaving it lying does not constitute removal!

When you come to our lochs you are our guests, accordingly you abide by our rules or you leave, please familiarise yourself with our rules pleading ignorance will not moderate any transgressions! In all cases the decision of our loch keeper is final! We welcome thinking respectful anglers who comprise the majority of our visiting anglers and you will find us most accommodating, if however you are intent on causing trouble please go elsewhere! The lochs and surrounding areas are places of peaceful and beautiful tranquillity we aim to keep it that way!

Photo 02 - Carter of London 27 and counting!
The deed is done!

A few weeks back we noted a male Pike when caught was dripping milt indicating his readiness to cover eggs deposited by the females. Well a couple of females caught this week were reported as having shed their eggs signified by flaccid abdomens. This of course is indicative only that these two Pike have spawned but we could probably assume that in the most part the Pike have spawned for the year and their thoughts turn yet again to all out feeding to produce the maximum amount of milt and eggs for the following year’s event. It’s very late and there will be an upset in the ecology of the loch but whether it is beneficial or otherwise we will just have to wait and see!

Inter club competition!

Stevie Nimmo and Pete Young will again be representing the club at Lindean on Monday evening this time fishing against Earlston AA in the second round of the competition. The result is secondary, of prime importance is the fellowship in angling and that all concerned enjoy the evenings fishing. Incidentally I fished there on Thursday and it was tough going, my mate Maurice had one on the dry fly and lost a further three whilst I had one on the dry fly and promptly lost it! For the majority of the day we fished in flat calm conditions with sinking, floating and intermediate lines and a vast array of flys were deployed to largely no effect! The very best of fortune on Monday lads, based on Thursdays outing you may well need it!

Work day!

The work day yesterday had to be cancelled due to one of our Arran boats reportedly taking in large amounts of water. Since both the big boats would be required there was no option but to cancel the day. When Stevie arrived we managed to tip her onto her side and it quickly became apparent what the problem was, the screw in bung in the drain orifice had been knocked out allowing large amounts of water to gush in uncontrolled!  A five minute operation had the problem sorted and she was ready for action. I had thought that the best part of a day would be required to fix the leak as that invariably had been the duration in the past so it was a pleasant surprise to have the problem resolved in such a short time! Fishing here I come!

Photo 03 - Esox lucius back in action!
Our restrictions on fishing guides!

This was the question posed by a visitor this week, why have we restricted the operation of these people on the lochs. Well in our view these people are an irrelevance, if anyone wants advice on fishing the lochs we will school them! Our mode of operation is that of the old school where advice on fishing will be given free of charge which is how an angler should react when asked for advice. We will not demean the standing of angling by asking for above that of the permit price. We put in a huge amount of work on the lochs to make things better and to have a fishing guide operating commercially come on to our waters and for the princely sum of eight pounds charge their “client” £150.00 or thereabouts is quite simply not on!

Fishing guides desirous of operating commercially on our lochs should apply in advance in order that we can assess the character and qualification status of all such guides who would come on to our water and if they are of good character we will allow them on to the loch for a suitable fee. In the case above we would expect that fee to be around £70 - £80/day. It would then be up to the fishing guide to decide whether or not they wished to fish! Our first priority is to make things the best they can be for our members, fishing guides are an unnecessary inconvenience and do not even make it on to the list of important items for our attention! I hope that answers your question.

The wider world in my view!

A chance to buy our own shares!

Yes minister without a clue posh boy Gideon Osborn is expected to announce soon that we will have the opportunity to buy shares in the bank we already own the Royal Bank of Scotland! This institution corrupted by bumptious posh boys completely out of control had to be rescued by us the taxpayers now this clown wants to sell it back to us! It’s bizarre but much of middle England will fall for it and seek to boost their reserves by buying into the hair brained scheme! It’s the oldest trick in the book from a one trick pony, the great giveaway prior to the 2015 general election but it’s simply paying twice for what we already own!

Behind the scenes the carve up begins with the profitable sectors of the bank being financially polished prior to privatisation whilst the unprofitable parts remain in public ownership! It’s low level politics from a government who are bungling specialists devoid of any innovative ideas desperate to try and hold on to power to continue their blundering at our expense. On a matter of principle I will not purchase shares in this pantomime like those squeezed by the bedroom tax, like those who are sick and disabled, like those who make only the minimum wage, like those who have lost good jobs only to be classed as employed doing 18 hours/week in Tesco. Yes the offer will be greedily snapped up by those who have, for those who do not there are always food banks and the like!

 Shame on these millionaire fools!

Friend or foe?

A very interesting snippet from that excellent BBC programme Landward. Ravens are apparently making a comeback after years of human persecution reducing their numbers to dangerously low levels! The RSPB are delighted as you would expect sheep farmers however are less so! The depiction of a ewe and lamb with eyes picked out by Ravens was distressing to see. There is a conflict of interest here and one it appears will not be resolved easily! The Raven does what it does to survive in itself not a problem, but when it impinges financially on those who farm sheep therein lies the problem!

Selective culling of the Ravens might help but undoubtedly licences would only be given for limited numbers to be shot thus not appeasing the stock farmer. Allowing too many to be shot will cause uproar in the bird world and meantime the Raven will do what it has done since their timeline began, survive! Just another of the problems encountered by our species as we take over all aspects of the world! There are many others such as Foxes and Pheasants, Otters and farmed fish Seals and Salmon to name but a few. Our journey on this earth is fraught with difficulty and what becomes clear is that it will continue to be so!

Murder in a mirror!

Stopping for lunch in a lay by midweek I tuned into Radio 4 to get the latest on the news front, they started to bang on about yet more blunders by the Con-Dems and my attention drifted. My eyes were drawn to the passenger side rear view mirror where a spider resides with my blessing making his web over the glass catching much prey. A sedge fly was caught in the sticky web and a large one at that, the vibrations immediately brought the spider out and he sized up the task in hand.

Rather than go straight for the kill the spider circled his prey binding each leg into the web rendering the sedge fly completely immobilised. Knowing that the risk of danger from the sedge fly had been neutralised he sank his jaw into the abdomen injecting the juices that would bring about the end the life of the fly. In about two minutes the fly was completely motionless and the spider neatly trussed up what I would imagine to be several hearty meals and dragged it behind the mirror glass into his larder! Yes murder on a mirror on a small scale, if spiders ever get to our size be very afraid!

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