Thursday, 2 May 2013

Upcoming works!

Photo- Picture perfect Fly Agaric

Upcoming works

Our two remaining "blue" boats have now been moved into the boathouse in readiness for safety work along the lines of the modifications carried out on our Lowes boat. This will entail constructing the flotation structures and strengthening supports that will make the boat float should water be taken in and the strengthening work will firm up the handling and allow the safe use of a motor petrol or electric.
It is our intention initially to construct one boat with a wet keel with a view to increasing stability in windy weather. This is a tried and tested method of increasing the stability of boats and has been used for years and is indeed incorporated in our "Lomond" boats. The Lomond boats will serve as a template for construction of the structures.
The work concerning the boats will take place over the winter months with hopefully one wet keel boat being ready to undergo testing around April 2011.
Photo - what I collected today.
Nature's rich bounty
It's been a good year for harvesting what nature provides around the lochs. There has been a good crop of large wild cherries which are delicious eaten alone, cooked or made into a flavoured brandy or vodka. Similarly the bramble crop looks to be well worth savouring with the bulk of the crop now coming to fruition. Pick some and you will see why the Romans used Bramble bushes as barbed wire!
Hazel nuts have also been in evidence this year the first for a number of years and they taste great! The Beechnut (a lot of folks up here call it Beech mast) crop looks to be good but at this time is not quite ready, in the bigger picture nature always seems to provide enough for everyone's need but not their greed!.
The wild mushroom crop this year has been exceptional with Bolette's being abundant and the most sought after Penny Bun or Cep and Birch Bolette being plentiful and still appearing. I was able to find a few Chantrelle's this year and really look forward to tasting them. They are generally considered to be the crème de la crème in wild mushroom circles and will certainly put the insipid and ubiquitous white supermarket mushroom firmly in the shade where it belongs. There are also good numbers of the Amethyst Deceiver which is a very tasty species and unlikely to be confused with other inedible or poisonous species.
Fieldfares have arrived in large numbers and could be seen today furtively feeding on almost any tree that has a crop of berries such as Rowan. No swallows have been noted, most now have embarked on their mammoth journey to warmer climes. Three dead Partridges were noted on the shingle banks today, unfortunately these "green" birds are easy meat for predators such as Sparrow Hawks very similar to the "plastic Pike" scenario in which the terminally challenged get their easy fix!
Lancashire Visitors
Just a quick word of thanks to Mark Hayes and his two mates who visited us this weekend from the red rose county. They got among the fish, enjoyed themselves and left no trace of their visit just the kind of visitors we enjoy having. Hope you had a good journey home lads and we look forward to seeing you on your next visit.
Web stats
Looking at some of the keywords by which people come to our sites can be quite amusing sometimes. The following are some of the more bizarre ones – "Empty abandoned supermarket" "Mr Kens" "George the dog" Edgelaw fishing permits" White stones" "How deep is Megget" " what did St Mary do" "Is St Mary's deep" "Magic mushrooms at St Mary's" "Trains at St Mary loch". I should mention that George the dog was Alistair's dog at the Tibbie and I learned a few weeks ago that he had to be put down humanely due to advanced illness. He was a most gregarious fellow and is sorely missed by all patrons of the inn.
Muppet of the year!
I honestly never really expected any votes to come in but they have, here is the rundown of votes so far.
Straight in at No4 is the club from Glasgow who couldn't find our notice board on the boat house with 2 votes one place to No3 is the Riparian Owner of a River with 3 votes also dropping one place to No2 is the charlatan Mr Kens with 5 votes And the current leader straight in at No1 with 7 votes is the Muppet Uranob he who displayed quite the most bizarre views on countryside etiquette!I'd almost forgotten about him! a bit of a surprise there, I will update you if and when more votes come in, stay tuned!
Our AGM is being held on the 27th of October at the Tibbie Shiels Inn commencing at 7.00pm.

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