Thursday, 2 May 2013

Universal condemnation!

Universal condemnation!
That shameful video has kept me busy all week as a steady stream of 100% negative comments poured in. Twelve comments were held back due to atrocious language contained therein! This is obviously an emotive subject, no one likes to see wild creatures mistreated (one commenter likened his handling to handling a bag o tatties!) but as this news page goes out to a general audience we cannot allow foul language! We have safeguarded the Pike stocks in our waters by barring him from fishing, other fisheries now must do whatever they think fit. His photograph will be given to our loch keeper and all our permit outlets later this week.
Interestingly no comment has been received from him on here or on You Tube, universally a sign of acceptance of one's misdeeds. There can be no justification for the deplorable actions seen in this gut turning video! The Pike looks to have been out of the water for over 4 minutes and towards the end the fellow picks up the Pike and poses for more shots as if there was all the time in the world!The lack of urgency in dealing with this fish was of great concern to many of you and rightly so! Quite frankly as most of you stated this video is a catalogue of errors and depicts everything that a right thinking and compassionate angler abhors!
Inherent in the definition of an angler is an absolute requirement that any fish caught, must be treated in such a manner to cause the least possible distress to that fish! Such an attitude is not evident in this video!
Go to the video on you Tube click the graph box below number of viewings then select one of the Pike and Predator links to see further unbridled comment. We have given the video well over 200 views since we highlighted it and doubtless there will be many more! This video can now be viewed as an educational resource on how not to handle Pike. We will use the video as such pointing out to inexperienced anglers the way not to go about handling Pike! New anglers coming on to You Tube looking at the comments will be left in no doubt that this is Pike handling at its very worst and seek other sources to find out how to handle Pike correctly.
We will keep an eye on the video and add a comment now and then highlighting the disgraceful handling and for anglers to visit The Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain to find out how to handle Pike correctly! If you are checking out the latest on the video and there is a no suitable comment below it (i.e. 100% negative) please add a suitable comment or drop me a line and I will happily do so! If you would like to generate a still from the video click
Welcome news!
I received an e mail from Mr Nick Yonge the Clerk to the River Tweed Commission which brought most welcome news that our application to reintroduce Arctic Charr into St Mary's loch has been approved in principle! The Commission considered our proposal on Friday and decided to approve our plans. They do not have a policy for the reintroduction of extinct species so our plans go forward on the basis of a special case for reintroduction. This is most excellent news and the St Mary's loch bio community is one step closer to restoration!
Muppet of the year
We will reveal the final standings next week, many more votes have come in and there is a brand new entry into the chart. A chap asked me a few weeks ago if this was a joke type thing. It is to an extent but all the nominees have either directly attacked the club or caused us a degree of unnecessary work brought on by their bizarre activities, a kind of nuisance value you might say. So there is a serious aspect to it!
As we said many moons ago, do any of the above and you will appear on our pages and the public will judge you! Only by highlighting the reprehensible behaviour of these varlets, can the situation be improved! Tune in next week and if you haven't yet voted you may still do so up until Sunday at 5pm.
Wild Trout Trust Report
We have received the final version of the report that sets out the problems with our feeder burns and suggested remedial action. There is much to be done as you will see on reading it. I will upload it to our sciences pages on the main site over the next few days when time allows. The initial step is to copy the report to our riparian owners and tenant farmers for their views this will be done in the coming few weeks.
Freezing temperatures
Although St Mary's is completely open much of the smaller Lowes is closed, please check with Peter our loch keeper who will be able to advise you on travel prospects.
Irish invasion!
Looking at the stats for the blog a curious trend is surfacing in that Belfast is supplying the most visitors to our site for the first time ever. Usually the top cities are Edinburgh, Glasgow and London. Think I'd better have a word with Alistair and Selina at the Tibbie and get them to stock up on Guinness!
Nice Tune
Used by the BBC in their Xmas ads a catchy little tune by an artist destined for bigger things!
Merry Christmas to all our readers!

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