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Time Wasters

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Time Wasters

Photo 01 - Mike Wood with a super St Mary's wild brownie!
Time Wasters
It happened quite frequently last year and this year has started off in a similar vein, the practice of booking a boat/engine then not turning up! When a boat/engine is booked there is a degree of preparatory work to be carried out to get that boat/engine ready for the hirer. It only takes a short phone call to inform us of delays or problems encountered and this can prevent unnecessary work for whoever is carrying out this task.
Booking then not turning up also precludes us hiring out the boat/engine to another angler. Clearly this situation cannot continue and as of now the following will be implemented.
When you book a boat your name will be taken and phone number stored, if you do not notify us within 30mins of the hire time the boat/engine will be hired to any angler that asks for the hire. Defaulters will not be allowed in future to hire one of our boats.
A simple phone call is all that is required to explain the situation and gives the intended hirer the opportunity to hire a boat/engine in the future. Please adhere to these procedures it is after all quite simply a matter of common courtesy!
Mirror images of old Izaak
Met up with Mike Wood our competition winner along with Alan Purvis who is joint leader with Paul Kelly in our season long heavy Trout competition both with Trout of 2lbs dead! So if you hook a Trout of 2lbs 1oz or more you are in the lead for the cup and tackle voucher. Anyway Mike and Alan were kind enough to give us a hand to tip over one of our Arran’s which was the recipient of new steel keel runners. Thanks lads!
But that wasn’t all, they asked if they could come up and paint some of the boathouse sometime soon. A few years ago I would have been left completely speechless by such words, not these days though, they are part of the new breed of member that now constitutes the club! No more whingeing like the Muppets now thankfully ex members. No just a desire to pit their wits against the wily fish that inhabit the loch coupled with some good cheer and the fellowship only known to real anglers!
This is what angling is about, far removed from the paranoid “plastic” angler that can only take comfort from a bag full of soft flabby fish that speaks volumes regarding their insecurity and nothing about their understanding of the true meaning of angling. Yes the photo above shows Mike with a super 1lbs 1oz brownie yet this was not forced on me I had to cajole him into giving me a picture, oh and a very nice trout Mike!
Modest, at one with nature, genuinely approving of the success of others, deploring of Muppet activity, and content even if the loch yields nothing! Indeed this is the archetype of our new membership. Blowhards now banished to the “plastic” fisheries, this is exactly as it should be and the way we would want it to be! Mirror images of old Izaak! Thanks again lads always good to meet you!
Photo 02 - Queues form at the Glen no doubt for their delicious "Tartan Burgers" Mmm
St Mary’s Loch in the flood prevention scheme.
Signs are being placed in strategic locations all around St Mary’s loch informing passers by of the potential changes in the water levels of the loch. Along with this will be a depth marker post to graphically highlight the possible future levels. For anglers the most convenient information point would be that situated at the club boat house.
Photo 03 - The wild Primrose truly splendid!
A meeting on the above subject will be held at the Tibbie Shiels on Monday 09/05/2011 at 18.00hrs. The community PC with responsibility for countryside matters will be present. The club will have at least one representative at the meeting in light of last week’s debacle!
Leader project
I met with Julie Nock yesterday, who is spearheading a project which aims to revitalise communities in the Ettrick and Yarrow valleys as part of the Leader project funded by the Southern Uplands Partnership. We had a most useful discussion regarding the fishing and the amenity that is St Mary’s loch, clearly we will meet again.
Here are some of the keywords and phrases used in coming to our website followed by my comments-
“Pike fishing for dummies” at least this surfer is trying to learn, “Richard Newmans boat “must get an update and photos, “news today about a barricated man in st marys” no idea what this means, “news ad ignorantiam “another seeking the infamous Mr Kens, “what lies in the deepest part of st marys” no idea, not fell into that bit yet, “fishing st marys seminary” I personally have never come upon a seminary up at the lochs but I will let you know if I do! Mr Kens continues to grab readers from far and wide, the most popular post ever, grabbing three times more readers than any other article with the exception of the series on Dangerman which drew in an inordinate number of readers for comedic and unfortunately reasons of disgust. I suppose if you are going to make a fool of yourself then do it in style like Mr Kens, Dangerman or numpty of the week bumbling politician Nick Clegg for that matter!
Remember to check out the progress of the Cappercleuch cyclists Ian and Barbara on www.barbarian.me.uk
Lambs are appearing like rabbits out of a magicians hat, and seem to be flourishing in the exceptional weather, gambolling is to be seen almost in every field! Nice change for the farmers who suffered badly in last year’s freeze! Just watching Countrywise on the Tv the maternal instincts of some of the sheep and cattle is truly amazing!

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