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Wild Trout Competition 24th April 2011

Photo - "The Likely Lads" Scott & Drew see Chalk & Cheese 2.

Wild Trout Competition 24th April 2011
We are pleased to announce that our annual competition for the Major Sir Neil Westbrook Challenge Cup will take place on St Mary’s Loch on Sunday 24/04/2011. The competition will be between the hours of 10.00 – 16.00 and will be fly fishing only from the banks of the loch. The first prize will again be an autumn day’s Salmon fishing on the Upper Pavilion beat on Tweed! Please click the following link to see how the winner of last year’s competition (Les Robson) fared. http://stmarysanglingclubnews.blogspot.com/2010/11/autumn-day-salmon-fishing-on-tweed-and.html
We are also extremely grateful to Stevie McGeachy of Blackwater fishing tackle for the prize of a box jam packed with professionally tied fly’s complete with box, to Alistair &Selina for the prize of a meal for two at the historic Tibbie Shiels Inn. Thank you one and all!
Competitors wishing to fish catch and release must bring with them a mobile phone to ask for a steward to come and verify the catch and have a net suitable to hold a fish for a few minutes until a steward arrives to measure the fish. Weight will not be used to evaluate fish rather length in centimetres from the tip of the snout to the fork of the tail. Entrants will be given a fact sheet outlining all the details involved on receipt of entry.
Competition Rules
(1) Fishing is to be from bank only.
(2) There is to be a bag limit of 4 Trout the catch and release.
(3) No Trout under 10 inches may be taken.
(4) Fishing shall be fly only with fly reel and line with the maximum hook size being size12 longshank.
(5) No Trout shall be passed to another angler (Bag sharing).
(6) Pike and Perch to be returned to the loch.
(7) The organisers may inspect all tackle and fish caught.
(8) Parking in designated areas only, avoid blocking farm gates and entrances, no vehicular access on the estate road at the North East end of the Loch
(9) Any angler found to be in breach of competition rules shall be disqualified.
(10) Fishing shall commence at 10.00am and finish at 16.00hrs with all catches to be measured by 16.45hrs at the Tibbie Shiels Inn.
(11) Fishing to be confined to St Mary's Loch only.
Chalk & Cheese 2
Yesterday we took delivery of another large consignment of goods from our members Scott and Drew from Larkhall. The equipment gifted to the club will assist us in our quest to upgrade the facilities and give us a degree of peace of mind. These two lads unlike the naysayer Muppet below ask not what we can do for them, but what they can do for the club! This is the type of angler we are now attracting decent, hardworking, thinking and skilled anglers who want to play an active part of the community that is our club.
Scott & Drew we applaud you, not only for your generosity but for the vibrant enthusiasm you bring with you! They are not angels as none of us are, but they are also not Muppets like the anonymous commenter below. They have within them the resolve to deal with differences of opinion in a structured and open manner. They have no need to snipe at us from an unseen position like the malevolent knave below. It is this honest and open attitude that we wish to cultivate, it is inherent in every decent club and fools like that below need to be weeded out and banished. The majority of our membership is now of that ilk, we will use all our resources to keep it that way by relentlessly rooting out Muppets!
This was the comment received on Friday night in broken English with my reply below.
“hi think you have went on bit far with the dangerman stunt gone on long enough getting bit sick of hearing about it ,he knows done wrong..you would be better of looking a bit closer to home think you know what me mean one of your buddy's ? call yourself a fishing club your a joke ,never fished good since you took over ,you been eating them”?
Hello Anon, yet another sneering jackal overflowing with vitriol that has not the courage to identify himself! You are fed up of reading about the moron Dangerman, I would bet not half as much as I am of writing about him! You see the bottom line is that Dangerman is on the lips of every angler I meet and to portray the depth of feeling regarding his unfathomable and ludicrous antics it needs to be reported here! If you don’t like what’s written then bugger off and read something else, there are hordes of Muppet sites on the internet and no one is forcing you to read our pages!
You like Dangerman seem to have severely limited understanding of the ways of the world; as long as that video remains there he is damaging the reputation of angling on a continuous basis. THAT HORROR VIDEO SAYS TO ALL NEW TO PIKE ANGLING THAT IT’S OK TO MUTILATE, MISTREAT AND EXECUTE PIKE! Are you not able to understand that? For some people first impressions count, in this day of internet media many people use You Tube, Wikipedia and similar sites as a learning resource and it therefore follows that loads of impressionable youngsters could be donning butchers aprons and executing Pike all over the country in Dangerman style!
Thousands of proper anglers countrywide agree with us, only you and Dangerman appear to think its ok! The fool Dangerman is the talking point of decent anglers everywhere and as long as that horror video remains on public view it will continue to be so, he has set new standards with regard to idiocy! He was given the chance to remove St Mary’s from the title of the video and that would have been the end of the matter; He declined to do so and has paid a heavy price culminating in him ending up as angling enemy No 1. He has been the star performer on forums all over the country but for completely negative reasons! Everyone except him saw that coming!
You can pass on to your mate Dangerman that we will remove the Permalink when he removes the horror video. Alas however it is too late to save his Pike fishing career. No fishery controller in his/her right mind would allow him within a hundred yards of the bank and he would have no argument in his defence! Why? Because he himself has posted evidence of his crass incompetence for all to see, now how bizarre is that? Nothing to do with us, he brought it all on himself, it’s the biggest case of angling suicide I have ever come across! He as you should know by now, we do not tolerate high grade Muppetry as displayed by you and Dangerman!
You cast aspersions about my buddy’s; my buddy’s are brand new, beyond reproach and have worked tirelessly for this club. You however hiding behind the cloak of anonymity with your blinkered paranoid and negative outlook are but the muck on the soles of their boots! You seek only to take, to give nothing back and then sulk from the sidelines that all is not to your liking! Your identification and removal from our lochs is now a priority. It is your type unable to seek betterment, to indulge in constructive criticism, to be a part of a community that is the club and offer nothing but fact free loud mouthed roars that give angling the poor reputation it currently endures!
You think our angling club to be a “a joke”, my friend you and Dangerman are the only jokes in town, why not identify yourself and let our readership judge you, think that would be interesting! “Never fished good since we took over”. Normally if dealing with a reasonably educated person I would produce swathes of evidence to show that Pike fishing is never the same year on year for a multitude of reasons( a fact known by most thinking anglers take Mentieth for example), but I doubt you would have the capability to understand it so I won’t waste my time! As you have asked in the manner of a Noddy, I am not too keen on Pike as a foodstuff, but why not ask Dangerman how many of our Pike he has executed or maimed I suspect it’s a good few! You and your types will be castigated by proper anglers everywhere; indeed it is right and fitting for the good of angling that this be the case!
Here’s a good idea, why not clear off to a “plastic” Pike fishery where the unthinking terminally challenged such as yourself can bag up on soft sandbag Pike, and fill your scrapbook with meaningless photos and leave the real anglers here to get on unhindered and enjoy our sport!
Thank you for your, let’s say outlandish comments, they highlight exactly the characteristics that demean the standing of angling in the present day, and the type we most definitely do not want fishing at our lochs! Compared to the two lads above and our membership you and Dangerman are nothing!

Photo – Dangerman (Kevin Austin) proud to be a mutilator of Pike!
Click the above link to find out how NOT to handle Pike; the perpetrator of the shocking handling in the video has been barred from fishing at our lochs! Have a look at the video and the dopey comments below, he has removed 23 comments from the video all 100% negative (mail us if you would like to view them).
Please download his photo and pass it on to your venue and ask them to visit our news pages to read about a disgrace to angling and a Pike mutilator.
Would you really want this fool with his appalling handling skills fishing at your loch?

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