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Sunday, 13 March 2011

On the ropes but not out!

Photo -White hills.
On the ropes but not out!
Yes the serial bunglers that claim to be our government have subjected this country to international embarrassment, obliterated economic growth and made a mockery of Elton John’s song “sorry seems to be the hardest word “with their repeated apologies for blundering have finally impacted on us the St Mary’s Angling Club!
Our most ardent supporter in our quest to reintroduce Arctic Charr back into their native range Scottish National Heritage has had their budget slashed mercilessly! The much revered Regional Grant Scheme benefactor to countless small worthwhile projects such as our Charr project has been abolished sinking habitat restoration all over the country.
Now instead of contributing our hard earned money to projects benefitting the countryside therefore the general population, we contribute to the outrageous bonus payments made to the Con dems greatest ally the spiv bankers.
These leeches on society are without shame, doing a job no more valuable than a hospital cleaner yet taking more in bonus payments in one year than the said cleaner will earn in a lifetime! And more the payments are made even if they orchestrate a cock up of monumental proportions whereas you and I would be sacked without question! There is much wrong with our society as it stands at present!
Our Charr project to create a refuge population of this severely endangered and enigmatic species was heavily dependent on grant aid from SNH which is now not forthcoming. Thankfully we have their full support for the continuation of the project which they believe is extremely worthwhile and whilst this is most gratifying it does not help with the financial situation we find ourselves in at this time! I am meeting with SNH on Wednesday to see what our options are. We have come a long way down this road and put in a great deal of work it would be absolute lunacy to give up now and since we’re not quitters we carry on! We still have a few irons in the fire so all is not lost at this time. I will keep you updated.
Trout Season
Now is the time to check those flies for rust, dull points and give the fly rods the once over for the Brown Trout season opens on Tuesday. A few members are expected to cast a line in an effort to renew acquaintance with their old adversary. There will be no explosion of tinsel and other gaudy materials used to lure Rainbow Trout but close imitations of natural Brown Trout fodder fished in the time honoured manner. I will be very much surprised if a few Trout do not come to the net as the level of expertise on the loch at this time is usually very high as the old soldiers having fished the lochs for many a year make an appearance. Yes opening day is a time of eager anticipation and expectation, hope it goes well for all who turn out!
Photo - Boathouse resident A day bat with insomnia.

Wild Trout Competition
The second competition takes place on the 24th of April and already entries are coming in, spot on Mark and Lawrence for getting in quick. Still plenty of time for entries but it would be great if entries came in sooner rather than later to allow the Glen and The Tibbie to get an idea of numbers involved for catering arrangements.
Photo - Our new heavy duty anchors courtesy of Scott & Drew.
Thank You!
Received a nice letter from Doreen chair of the village hall committee today thanking the club for the small donation we give them. To the village hall committee thank you, for allowing us to play a small part in your community if we can be of help with any matter please give us a shout!
Thank you Lisa and Cath at the Glen Cafe for putting details of our upcoming competition on your facebook page, it’s a super page by the way. http://en-gb.facebook.com/pages/Glen-Cafe-St-Marys-Loch/160454890658331
Thank you Scott & Drew (The Likely Lads) for coming down with the batteries and your help today, it really is very much appreciated. So many of our members have offered to help with a multitude of tasks, we are indeed now a proper club! Yes there is no doubt about it the new open cooperative approach to carrying out our business is an absolute pleasure. Long may it continue!

Photo – Dangerman (Kevin Austin) proud to be a mutilator of Pike!
Click the above link to find out how NOT to handle Pike; the perpetrator of the shocking handling in the video has been barred from fishing at our lochs! Have a look at the video and the dopey comments below, he has removed 23 comments from the video all 100% negative (mail us if you would like to view them).
Please download his photo and pass it on to your venue and ask them to visit our news pages to read about a disgrace to angling and a Pike mutilator.
Would you really want this fool with his appalling handling skills fishing at your loch?

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