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April Angling Report, Good Eggs & Muppets!

Photo 01 - The Problem Tree
April angling report 2011-04-30
Things are most definitely looking up on the fishing front as the Trout come on to the feed and the Pike once again are seeking to devour angler’s baits. Perch and Eels have now made an appearance much to the delight of bait fishers.
Kris Olson came close to being barred from fishing today after landing a ten, a seven, a six and a four pound Pike and losing two further Pike! Only joking Kris, well done mate! Three other anglers recorded multiple catches one of who submitted an extremely detailed catch report. Thank you John this helps us complete the picture. Five Pike were recorded in the 10-15lbs bracket, 12 Pike in the 5-10lbs bracket and 3 Pike in the 2-5lbs range. Almost all of the Pike showed the classic signs of having spawned so I think we can now safely assume that the business has now been carried out.
The odd Trout is falling to the fly, most however are being taken on the troll with bait fishers taking their share. Very few returns were received for Trout caught but this is what we have received. Six Trout between 1 and 1.5lbs and eight between 0.5 and 1.0lbs most of which were returned. Well done Paul Kelly one of our members who had a nice 1.5lbs wild Brownie today and safely returned it to the loch. It is clear that catch reports are not being submitted by some anglers, this will require rectification.
Perch and Eels
Only 2 of each species were recorded by our committed fish hunter Fraser Patterson, but with the continued good weather we would expect to see more of these.
The Muppet season begins....
Today some foreign visitors celebrating a birthday came up to the lochs to have a celebratory fish in on the Lowes. What followed could only be described as a catalogue of errors as follows.
They drove down a road beyond the point where angler’s vehicles are permitted.
They drove into a field which contained young lambs which is forbidden.
They had with them a dog which is strictly forbidden in a field of lambs.
They had with them a petrol chainsaw and when detected were cutting dead wood in a pheasant wood.
They had no permits prior to fishing and had not made a prior arrangement with our loch keeper.
Allowances have to be made for cultural differences but I would have thought much of what went on here would also have been frowned upon in their native country. Admittedly they complied with our request to move on without protest and were probably guiltier of ignorance and naivety than malicious intent. We gave them a severe talking to in Polish and English and left them in no doubt that another occurrence of this errant behaviour would lead to them being barred!
Unfortunately after rehousing them on St Mary’s Loch in the early evening our loch keeper found them fishing whilst being completely inebriated into the night and wound all their rods in as they were incapable of dealing with a hooked fish. As they were too drunk to leave last night they left first thing this morning. We were left with no alternative but to bar them from fishing at the lochs for a period of one year!
These people were guilty of breathtaking stupidity and it is people like this that put in jeopardy all county pursuits! We have worked hard to build good relationships with the local population; types such as mentioned could ruin it all in a few hours!
If you get barred from our lochs you can bet you are guilty of a serious offence, we have only 4 people barred from fishing for an indefinite period on the lochs, a sex offender currently residing in HMP Peterhead, a shopkeeper, an ex Pike club leader from Glasgow and Dangerman. The names of all these individuals have been circulated to all our outlets to ensure they cannot legally fish on the lochs.
Photo 02 - Great Tit enering his new home at the boathouse
Habitat improvement
John Wright and I met with Lady Elizabeth Benson of Wemyss & March Estates at the Barns outside of Peebles last week. Over a delicious working lunch we discussed our proposals for habitat improvement. We are delighted to report that all the improvements we would seek to carry out and highlighted in the report from the Wild Trout Trust Report were accepted by the estate and we will move on this as soon as possible.
Problem tree
Have a look at the photo above and you will see the overhanging tree that threatens our boathouse. A hefty limb breaking off this tree would utterly destroy the structure and as such its removal is of paramount importance. This tree should have been removed many years ago! If you know of anyone who could remove this tree safely please ask them to get in touch. The estate has graciously gifted us the wood which we would use in part payment for its removal.
Good old friends
I met our good friends Ian and Barbara today (formerly of the Glen Cafe) often seen in the area burning rubber on their tandem, they were on a leisurely walk round the loch. I asked if their relationship with their tandem had ceased and was quite surprised by their reply.
Far from ending their relations with the said bike they were merely having a few days break before embarking on what could only be described as a monumental undertaking and one which had been in planning for the last two years! On Saturday they are to drive to Penzance and on Sunday begin a tortuous journey of over one thousand miles back home! The journey is expected to take around 3 weeks and they are aiming to make around 70 “leisurely” (their words not mine!) miles/day.
Will they make it?
Yes I have no doubt about it; this intrepid duo are individuals with determination, fortitude and stamina in great reserve! We at the angling club wish you both well and will be on the lookout for you at the end of the month. They have set up a blog which they will try and update each day subject to the absence of blisters cramp and other cycle induced woes, follow them on www.barbarian.me.uk
Photo 03 - Arrabella waiting on a feed!
It was good to see Viv Bellinghams horse (or is it a pony? Never could work that one out) Arrabella back out in her usual field at the bottom of the loch. This mild mannered equine delights all walkers and anglers that pass by her with her gentle food seeking antics. Next time you come bring a carrot or an apple for her and you will have made a friend for life!
Tweed Trout & Grayling Initiative
We are pleased to report that as part of the above initiative the main feeder burns of the loch are to be electro fished around July this year. This will give us an idea of the population of fish that inhabit them and increase our knowledge of the lochs.
The event will take 2-3 days and there will be opportunities for interested anglers to participate. More news will appear here nearer the time.
We will also be carrying out some “kick sampling” of the beds of the feeder streams to establish a baseline population of the organisms that populate them. I was kindly invited to attend such a session with Gala Angling Club this week and many creatures were captured in the net and preserved in alcohol for microscopic examination in the near future. I will keep you updated once the examination takes place.
Photo 04 - New life Blackface Sheep
Club membership has now closed with a number of season ticket holders converting to full membership. We are delighted to report that the waiting list has now decreased to seven people. However this is expected to increase as the season moves on so if you would like to become a member in the future you need to get your name down PDQ! Naturally applicants who show a degree of enthusiasm with regard to ALL club activities will be selected preferentially!
Osprey and other feathered friends
The Osprey was noted fishing today with no success that we could see, the wind today was very heavy with some ferocious gusts and the water akin to the colour of pale ale, factors which could result in this noble bird missing a meal. Yes Mother Nature is indeed a most formidable force under which we all must yield!
The nest box at the boat house has now been secured by a pair of Great Tits (see photo). They will rear their young in this desirable location with free food available at weekends. Chiffchaff/Willow Warblers are now working the trees on the loch margins. No Redstarts have been sighted as yet this year so if you see one let us know.
Tight Lines!

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