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Some kind words

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Some kind words

Photo 01 - Ne er cast a cloot till the May is oot! heavy hawthorn blossom.
Some kind words
I always remember the words of a schoolmistress from my early days at school. A woman short in stature, but nevertheless a formidable and redoubtable educator who taught by means of restrained encouragement or with the aid of the belt, the choice was yours! She drummed into us parrot fashion that “self praise is no honour!” How right she was, in my journey through life this has always been a guiding principle. Yes it’s better to be low key and if you are abreast of your situation then praise will come from others!
This came home to me this week when three separate letters came in offering praise of various aspects of the club.
The first letter from one of our riparian owners expressed delight that St Mary’s Angling Club had awoken from its slumber, and was facing up to the challenges of 21st century fishing. Maximising the angling potential and dealing with the inevitable increase in Muppet type visitors and the associated problems of littering, drunkenness, and unsocial behaviour.
Next a letter from a local community official who also praises the actions of the club on the above subjects but more importantly highlights the unending efforts of our loch-keeper in keeping wayward “anglers” in line and in dealing with the ever present problem of litter. Yes he’s our loch-keeper, but he’s much more than that! He regularly takes on the role of social worker, policeman, refuse collector, shepherd and vehicle recovery specialist! Yes without his assistance we would be but a crowd of anglers fishing in isolation! He is the public face of St Mary’s Angling Club, the binder, the flour that keeps the cake together!
The third, a letter received from a distinguished visiting angler who was obviously enthralled by the tranquillity and beauty of the lochs. He went on to say how courteous and helpful our loch-keeper had been during his visit in horrendous weather going out of his way to help. He also commented on the fact that unlike many of the fisheries back home (all Plastic fishery’s) there was little or no litter to be seen and touched on the friendly nature of the anglers and population in the area.
He also expressed praise for the clubs vigour in dealing with the problems that confront us and what a sheer joy it was to come upon a real wild fishery that tests the anglers resolve as has been the case for hundreds of years. He is now a recurring visitor and keeps up to date with our progress by checking in here. Obviously a real angler of significant stature unlike many of the Jackals we have encountered.
All these people from different perspectives applauding the efforts and the ethos of the club – kind words indeed! Yes the committee and our loch-keeper deserve a pat on the back, well done to you all! Miss Riley if you can hear me upstairs you were correct!
Photo 02 - A confused baby Chaffinch.
New day permit
Following consultation with the Police and the River Tweed Commission we have come up with a new day ticket which will come into use next month. Our loch-keeper and treasurer have joined forces to collaborate in this venture. To the honest everyday angler this will initially be a minor encumbrance but with regard to the Muppet angler it will afford traceability in the event of disruption. As soon as they are printed we will distribute them to our outlets. A specimen ticket will appear here prior to issue.
Photo 03 - A Starflower?
Other bits
The reinforcing for the boathouse parking area was not laid down on Monday due to some very wild weather, it is hoped to lay the product soon.
The tree that overhangs the boathouse remained in place throughout the stormy weather with only a few small branches breaking off causing no damage. We have now received a very competitive quote indeed from an established forestry contractor. Our meeting on the 15th will decide on further action.
We have been asked to write a letter in support of the work of the Borders Forest Trust in the area and given the good work they do we will happily oblige.
This week’s photos show very heavy Hawthorn blossom on the hillside which like the Dog Rose is very fragrant, a young Chaffinch just out of the nest rescued from the rafters of the boathouse and a delightful little blue flower that appears to emanate from a star shaped base. If anyone knows what this is please drop us a line.
TTGI meeting on Tuesday night, report to follow next week.

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