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Protecting our future

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Protecting our future

Photo 01 - The 3 master painters!
Protecting our future
At our meeting on Wednesday it was decided that the tree that overhangs our boathouse must be removed! The risks involved in allowing it to stay in place are too great in that if one of the overhanging branches or the main stem itself were to fall on the boathouse it would undoubtedly result in the complete destruction of our boat house!
The costs involved in asbestos removal and rebuilding the boathouse would render such an undertaking non viable. It is regrettable to have to remove such a fine tree (an Oak) but the club boathouse is such a huge asset to the club that we really have no choice! We will contact the selected contractor this week. We will also plant a number of new Oak trees at various locations to go some way to replacing the one coming down.
Photo 02 - The new lighter shade and the offending tree..
Boathouse painting
As promised the decorating trio comprising of Alan, Gordon and Mike duly arrived yesterday to begin the task of re painting the boathouse. Joined by Les and myself the selected surfaces were cleaned and painting commenced. As this was a trial run to assess how much paint was required we ran out of paint after two hours which saw the completion of the south gable end and three quarters of the west side.
It looks good and the paint whilst being expensive covers well in one coat, Gordon will order the required amount of paint to complete the task. This allows us to comply with the terms of our lease and as such continue to administer the fishing’s. Much good banter turned a potentially mundane task into a really pleasant few hours catching up on all manner of subjects and at the end of the session the world had once again put to rights! Some very heavy showers gave us a few heart stopping moments but luckily for us it was vertical rain and as such did not damage our handiwork due to the overhanging roof.
Now Alan is employed in a demanding but as I quickly gathered very rewarding job of looking after homeless people and dealing with the complex problems that invariably result from this set of circumstances. It was fascinating to hear of this work and the highs and lows encountered by staff and residents. Whilst talking on the subject of self esteem and rehabilitation Alan asked if it would be acceptable for a few of the unfortunate chaps to come down and have a go at the fishing. Well what could we say other than being delighted to have been asked, we quickly agreed that the party should come and fish free of charge as our guests. We consider it an honour to play a small part in assisting these disadvantaged chaps to increase their self esteem on the road back to normality, take note Con-dems!
Alan thank you for allowing us to help, we have a similar arrangement with a group of challenging youngsters and the feedback from the organiser is that the peace and tranquillity of the lochs always has a positive effect on their behaviour! Look forward to meeting up with you and your party Alan.
Photo 03 - The public information sign at the village hall, can you see it?
New day permit
The format of the new day permit designed with the aid of the police and the superintendent of the river tweed bailiffs was approved at our meeting on Wednesday and will be implemented soon. Thanks to John and Peter for their input on this.
Photo 04 - Matt from the Tibbie with a splendid 2lbs Brownie.

Lindean competition
Our entrants in this competition Les Henderson and Lawson Simpson are fishing in the second round against St Boswells on Tuesday night. Best of
luck lads and enjoy the night!
Photo 05 - Alan with a very nicely marked 2lbs Brownie.
Infernal pests
Yes the accursed Midges have emerged this week and are heartily taking chunks out of the unprepared. Get down to one of our recommended tackle outlets and get some Midge repellent or better still repellent and a net! These small but formidable creatures can turn a day out into a nightmare! You have been warned!
Honorary member
Les Robson one of our longstanding members has been elevated to the status of honorary member in view of his work on behalf of the club. Congratulations you most definitely deserve it Les and hope to catch up with you soon!

Photo 06 - "Never fail" Drew with a 16lbs Pike yesterday
Habitat improvement
We are to order 100 young trees comprising mainly of Birch and Rowan with a few hardwoods added in. Willow whips will also be planted to supplement this. We will also at this time carry out some bank strengthening work and monitor the efficacy of the structure over the winter. We will be looking for some volunteers to assist us with this project! I note in the papers that a Borders farm had 3000 young Birch and Oak trees stolen. Hope they are not ours!
Brook lamprey
Our secretary Alasdair White noticed whilst pacing out the Kirkstead burn in preparation for tree planting a ball of movement in one of the pools. Closer examination revealed that they were a collection of Brook Lamprey which I have myself never encountered. It is snippets such as this that broaden our understanding of the lochs. Well spotted Alasdair!
Membership of the club
It was agreed at our meeting that lapsed members at the end of their year out with membership may apply for admission to the club. The decision of whether or not to admit the person will fall to a full committee meeting which will take into account the reasons for the lapse in membership. Club hoppers who join another club because the fishing does not meet their expectations in a particular year are unlikely to be readmitted to membership! Whereas those who for genuine reasons were unable to maintain their membership will most likely be readmitted after the full facts are before a committee.
Council signage on the proposed lower loch level
An apology from me is due as last week I mentioned that the sign to be placed at the boat house had been sited at the village hall. I was wrong as Conor Price of SBC pointed out to me. There is a sign at the boat house right at the far end next to Rodono in undergrowth where ordinarily no one treads! There is one at Bowerhope in a wood, the one at the village hall (Photo 03 above) where one would need to undergo a course in jungle navigation to see. Public information! I think not, is this one of those Con-dem type consultations where the outcome is predetermined or a monumental cock up? I will leave you to ponder!
Thank you
The club extends grateful thanks to Alan Purvis mentioned above who has managed to secure a quantity of artificial ski slope which we will use to augment the Turf Protecta at the boat house parking area.
Gordon Mc Cleuch for arranging, acquiring and applying the paint to our boat house and guiding those of us less experienced in the art (that’ll be me then).
Mike Wood for repairing and fine tuning our 5hp Mariner outboard, running great Mike, but now the pull cord has snapped! Life can indeed be a bitch!
Thanks also to Scott Dunsmore for kindly pledging a heavy duty battery and sufficient decking for a few of our upcoming projects.
Some things do indeed come true; I said in an earlier post that “Thank You” would become a well used part of my vocabulary. It has been thus!With members such as above the club can only go from strength to strength! Thank you one and all!

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