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Photo 01 - Piotr bringing in Esox or Saucy Sue as she was known then.

It is with regret that we have to announce that Peter our loch keeper has tendered his resignation from his post citing other work commitments which draw heavily on his time. He has kindly stated his willingness to remain in post until the 30th of October 2011 which gives us a good deal of time to seek a replacement.
Peter has been a real asset to the club, being our public face and has helped greatly in pushing the club forward into the 21st century for which we are most grateful. His multi faceted role included that of social worker, policeman, car recovery service/mechanic, chef, joiner, construction worker, gardener, translator and entertainer extraordinaire to name but a few!Resultantly we received much positive comment from our visiting anglers and members alike and his hard work and diligence are an example to us all!His time with us has been difficult in that the culture of Muppetry was at its peak during his tenure and it is partly due to his industry that we have broken the back of this culture. The path from now on for those who follow should be easier to tread!
Our relationship was not always a bed of roses, we had our disagreements as all employers/employees do, it is the nature of human relationships the world over. However once the dust had settled and the air cleared, we were always able to resolve our differences in an adult fashion unlike earlier incumbents! We held back for two weeks announcing his resignation just to make doubly sure that he was absolutely certain in his mind, and during that time we talked of the situation often. However he has made his mind up and reluctantly we have no alternative but to accept his resignation.
The club is poorer for his loss, of that there is no doubt! We must however now focus our attention on the future to ensure a smooth changeover to the new keeper.
In fairness to all who may be interested in the post, we shall advertise the position on here and locally in the area. We have a committee meeting on the 24th of August when the position will be discussed and a panel formed to put to paper the details of the job which will be sent out to all who express interest. Shortly after this the panel will invite the interested applicants for an informal chat and later that day will make a decision.
We will post details next week of the procedure to be followed by applicants desirous of the position. This information will also be posted in the Tibbie the Glen cafe and on the club notice board at the boat house. We would hope to have the position filled by mid September to ensure the new keeper is fully familiar with the duties and responsibilities of the new post. At this time we will make known the new contact details to allow as many of our anglers to be up to speed with the changes.
The good news is that Peter is not leaving the area and will continue to reside at Glengaber and will doubtless keep in touch with members and visitors alike which is great! Yes we have lost our loch keeper, but more importantly we have kept a good friend! Through the timeless fellowship that is inherent in real anglers we have added one to our number!
I’m sure I speak for the vast majority of anglers who have fished our lochs when I say earnestly, thank you Peter, your efforts were very much appreciated and put quite simply he was one – who walked that extra mile in his service to the club!
Muppets & Neds
I had a quick blether with Alastair at the Tibbie on the above subject and what has quickly become apparent is that the incidence of these varlets is much less than it has been in the past! Doubtless the appalling weather has played a part, but of more significance are the policies adopted by the club, the retail outlets and the community in general.
Our stance was proactive and determined, in that as a community we would clamp down on Muppets and Neds by whatever means at our disposal and be unceasing in our efforts! The fruits of this unity I believe are now being harvested to the benefit of all! Like the spider commented on by Robert the Bruce, we also have tried and tried again, and it looks as though this year we have succeeded! Such cohesion between the interested parties has undoubtedly been the most significant factor as we defend the area from the invading Neds. Long may it continue!
Photo 02 - A pair of auld coots!
“Never fail Drew”
Drew one of our members who goes under the above name because he never fails to catch fish! He did it again but this time with a twist. He decided to walk (because the car wouldn’t start) along to the cafe from the village hall where he and mate Scotty were fishing. No sooner than he was gone the indicator on Drew’s rod went and after a battle Scotty landed a fine 10 pounder! It seems Drew that even when you are not there you catch fish! Respect mate! Hope you got home ok lads sometimes the AA take forever! I thought that after towing you to get it started that was you up and away but only as far as the Grey Mares Tail! I’m told they turn up quite quick for young dolly birds, but for a pair of auld coots?
Photo 02 - The Bee arrowed begins her dance to tell others where the food source is!
The Loch Keepers Bees
We had a look yesterday and to our surprise there was nearly a full box of almost clear honey! This honey is almost certainly a combination of Clover, Rose Bay Willowherb and other wild flowers. This is a rare and beautiful light honey reminiscent of the sixties prior to the days of Oilseed Rape that destroyer of good honey!
For those of you who do not know, Oilseed Rape honey in its pure form is a repugnant honey with a taste similar to poorly cooked Turnip! It crystallises in a matter of weeks and is so hard that such honey left in the combs is unusable by Bees or humans for that matter as it bends knives and spoons!
The only way to use it is to harvest it as soon as it is deposited in the comb, or melt the complete comb along with the honey, separate the wax from the honey and mix two parts of this abomination with one part wildflower honey and cream until smooth. This laborious process makes a vile honey usable! Beekeepers who’s Bees harvest in an area devoid of Rape, go to great lengths to advertise this fact. Oilseed Rape has the capability to treble the output of a Beehive but the bottom line is that it is rubbish!
On the subject of rubbish I remember a good few years ago receiving a directive from the EEC via MAAF on the subject of honey. It went as follows – since Beekeepers cannot verify the source of their honey with any great accuracy, it has been decided that honey should now be called “Greenfly Spread”! Of course common sense ultimately prevailed as thousands of irate Beekeepers lobbied the feckless bureaucrats and forced a reversal of the ruling! Who in god’s name would buy a product marketed as crushed Aphids?
Hawick Bottles
Regarding the recent bottle find I received a mail from Iain Coltman resident of Hawick, chronicler of Hawick history and mechanical wizard! He informed me that Hook brothers were soft drink manufacturers and distributors during the sixties and are no longer in existence. Similarly J Turnbull & Son were whisky blenders/bottlers around in the fifties & sixties and are still in existence and producing a blend of whisky! Many thanks Iain for this excellent information!
The weather has been kind to us for a change, so the electrofishing takes place tomorrow

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