Thursday, 2 May 2013

Photo Saucy Sue no more!

Yes the unthinkable has happened she has disappeared, but thankfully she has just metamorphosised into Esox Lucius her new and we think more appropriate name after the mighty predator the Pike. Similarly our unnamed Arran which has been undergoing cosmetic refurbishment is now named Salmo Trutta, Brown Trout for non Latin scholars. Our new boat on the Lowes has been named Anguilla after the Eel. The remaining four boats will be named after other species in the loch once they have undergone cosmetic refurbishment.

A great start to the brownie season!

Just like last year this has been a good start to the Brown Trout season in fact this year it has thrown up several very good specimens who are in good to excellent condition, the opposite of what many thought would be the case given the severe winter conditions experienced this year. Numbers and photos next week in the angling report.
Photo Our refurbished Arran "Salmo Trutta".!

Good friends changing direction.

Met Ian and Barbara from The Glen Cafe today and had a blether as is customary in these parts. I was quite taken aback when they told us they were giving up the cafe at the end of the year. The main reason they said was the restrictive nature of running the business as during the spring summer and autumn months thirteen and fourteen hour days are the norm coupled with a six day week. Time off is at a premium and there comes a time when time off is a priority. They will be a great miss amongst the locals, fishermen, motorcyclists, cyclists, walkers and the general tourists. But whatever you decide to do folks we at the angling club wish you all the best! Bottom line, quite simply – good people!

Photo "Anguilla"our boat on the Lowes!


The Lizard we featured a few weeks ago is in fact a Smooth Newt! A call from Scot Taylor our resident expert verified the creature as a Newt. Did you know that Salamanders can regenerate lost limbs, tails retinal lenses and damaged brains? Naturally because of these qualities they are under much study by boffins in the field. Strangely the newts are only part protected in the Uk its ok to destroy them but illegal to sell them. Seems strange don't you think! Next time you see one of these creatures stop and just for a moment marvel at this unlikely wonder of the world maybe one day to be the saviour of the human race

New Life

More and more lambs are appearing in the fields around the lochs anglers are reminded that the well being of these creatures is of paramount importance. Anglers noting people in fields with dogs should immediately contact Peter our loch keeper.

Two Jolly Blokes

Speaking to two of our members today from the Newcastle area, Paul Kelly and Alan Wilson. These lads always have time to engage in a blether, and even when the going gets tough like just now, they take things in their stride laughing and joking. A super attitude, non judgemental competent anglers they are typical of our current membership, capable of seeing more than a fish on an outing. They caught a nice 12oz Brownie and safely returned it today, great stuff lads! Hope this mention makes your early morning look at the news pages that little bit brighter! Till the next time "Das vi Dania"!


Following recent events we have tightened up our rules with regard to drunken Muppets, Neds and Superneds! Ordinary decent anglers enjoying a beer or two have nothing to fear. If you are inebriated whilst in charge of fishing rods your permission to fish will be immediately rescinded and you will then be fishing illegally and can as such be removed by the Bailiffs or the Police! Similarly if you engage in fighting and brawling you will also be dealt with by the appropriate authority. Get drunk by all means if that is your wish, but you either fish or get drunk not both!

Wild trout Competition

Competitor tickets and entry numbers will be sent out this week.

Nature in action

See the photo below it shows a cock pheasant cowering behind our rubbish bin having been savagely attacked by another who penned him in and pecked furiously to possible death had I not stumbled upon them. Yes its brutal but that's nature for you, the injured party stayed behind the bucket for around 2 hours then toddled off looking a little under the weather!

The Osprey was noted yesterday hooking a Trout of about 12oz in its claws, and transporting the thrashing fish back to the nest. There is no such thing as a blank when you see such a sight!

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