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Lure fishing for Pike!

Lure Fishing for Pike
The new arrangements are now in place for Pike fishing during the months of October through to March (01/10/2010 – 15/03/2011).The reason for this restriction is to minimise the chances of hooking a migratory fish which often rest in the section above the regulator before moving on up the loch to their spawning burns. During this period no spinning/trolling is permitted below the white marker (marked as the red line on the map) posts situated on both sides of the loch near the outlet of the loch.
All lures used during this period must be over 5 inches in length and of course if a Salmon/Sea Trout or Brown Trout is hooked it must be released immediately. The map below shows the physical limits of lure fishing during this period. All anglers must strictly adhere to these instructions.
Our plans to revive our Trout hatchery have been put on hold for the time being. Whilst this is very disappointing it is the correct thing to do in our current circumstances. The reason for this postponement is down to the the report received from The Wild Trout Trust which shows our feeder burns to be in a generally poor condition. The report which is currently in the form of a draft document will be published in our science pages on the main website when it has been converted to a final document.
The crucial point is that whilst we may be able to rear many Trout in our hatchery the policy would fail at the next stage when we stock them into our feeder burns none of which are in excellent condition. Consequently then the survival rates would be low and much time and effort would have been expended for very little tangible return in terms of new stock to the system.
Our first priority then is to optimise the condition of the burns over a period of time, the work will hopefully commence next year.
The Rodono Boat
Photo - Laminating the gunwhales
Have a look at the series of photos below it shows a boat under construction up at Rodono House. The builder is Richard Newman caretaker and all round handyman. Richard has helped us out on many occasions; there really is not much that he can't do! This being the case it was no surprise to learn that he was in the process of building a 2 man 16 foot clinker rowing boat from a flat pack kit.
Now you may be a bit like I was in thinking that the kit would indeed turn into a boat, but one of flimsy construction, it turns out the opposite is the case. The boat is of extremely robust construction with marine ply and epoxy resin being the main components, jointing of the ply is by finger joints and not a screw or nail in sight. Richard gave me a demonstration of the strength of the joints by gluing two long pieces of wood together at the bottom only. He then began to pull them apart and my money was on the wood breaking at the glued joint, astonishingly the joint remained intact and the wood burst above the joint, now that's what I call a strong glue, eat your heart out Loctite! The boat is also very light and rigid easily being carried by two people.
Richard being a bit of a perfectionist has done an absolutely splendid job in constructing the boat, the woodwork is silky smooth and the joints whilst remaining visible at the moment are undetectable by running your finger along them, it's quite a work of art and a sturdy boat to boot! I am led to believe that Richard has left a photo of himself on the mantelpiece so that wife Ingrid doesn't forget what he looks like!
Photo - More G Clamps than B&Q
The boat is at the moment moving towards the finishing phase with epoxy, varnish and paint being employed as beautifying agents and protection against the elements. The seating and rowing mechanisms are still to be constructed and hopefully we will get another look at the craft when these processes are being undertaken. I will keep you updated on the boats progress and the launch date is given as early next year, quite who is doing the rowing has not been revealed at this time!
Photo - A top view of the boat
Club AGM
The club AGM has been scheduled for Wednesday 27th Oct at the Tibbie Shiels Inn 7.00pm Membership renewals can be made at the venue. Remember if your application for renewal is not received before 31/01/2011 you will cease to be a member of the club unless there are extenuating circumstances.

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