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June 2011 Angling Report

Sunday, 3 July 2011

June 2011 Angling Report

Photo 01- The longest day has passed this is up next!
June 2011 Angling Report
Whist we still await the onset of a proper summer with long balmy nights instead of the cold ones we are presently enduring the fishing in general is only slightly below that which we have come to expect for the month of June. Got to be said though, today is a real cracker!
Increased activity from these predators has seen them responding to lures in an effort to pack on some weight for next year’s spawning. Replicants appear to be the most successful followed by Toby like lures invariably worked from a boat. The numbers caught from our catch returns are as follows 15lbs and above 3 Pike, 10 – 15lbs 11 Pike, 5 – 10lbs 13 Pike and below 5lbs 4 Pike. Again the submission of returns does not tally with anglers fishing! Please note nil returns are required and photos would be nice!
Trout are being taken by fly and lure with the latter being more successful and giving fish in the larger weight bracket. Mepps type blade spinners accounting for most catches with some large Replicants being the second most successful method. The numbers are as follows 1.50 – 2.00lbs 3 trout, 1.00 – 1.50lbs 2 trout, 0.50 – 1.00lbs 9 trout and below 0.50lbs 6 trout.
Perch & Eels
Numerous Perch have been recorded again mostly by anglers fishing for Brown Trout. No specimens were recorded with a couple around 1.50lbs being the largest. A few Eels were recorded by Pike anglers with one of around 1.00lbs being the largest. Please remember it is illegal to remove Eels from the loch!
Photo 02 - Mystery plant is a Common Butterwort.
Mystery plant
An e mail received yesterday from James Cairns has given us the answer. it is a Common Butterwort also known as Bog Violet, Butter Plant and Marsh Violet and it is an insectivore. It is often found growing on impoverished heathland and supplements its nutrient intake by digesting insects that are lured on to the star shaped leaves by the sweet sticky nectar secreted by the plant. Once the insect is stuck on to the leaves they slowly curl up and once trapped the plant digests them! It was thought to have magical properties and the juices from the leaves were rubbed onto cows’ udders in order to protect the milk (and resulting butter) from evil influences. Thank you James for solving this for us! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pinguicula_vulgaris

Photo 03 - New growth on our Willow whips.
Tree Planting
Committee members John Wright and Les Henderson planted a good number of Willow whips around 5 – 6 weeks ago and many of these have now rooted and are showing small bright green leaves. These are really useful for insects and the drop off into the water can only benefit our fish stocks. This is however only the start and much more will require to be done in the future! This new life however is most encouraging!
For the future we are to look into the possibility of obtaining compensation from the Selkirk Flood Protection Scheme for the loss of function of our marginal woodlands which will result from the lowering of the loch levels leaving our trees a distance from the water’s edge.

Photo 04 - Library picture of an adult Ring Ouzel.
New bird species noted
Whilst fishing yesterday I heard a very loud and prolonged call from an unseen bird that seemed to contain elements of a Song Thrush and Blackbird call. Eventually I was able to get the binoculars on to it and after consulting my bird book I have come to the conclusion it is a young Ring Ouzel without the white bib and yellowish beak sported by the adult! Click the link to hear the birds call its quite distinctive!
Also whilst blethering with John Wright he spotted a Redstart, the first time this year it has been noted! This summer migrant regularly visits the lochs and is one of the few places in the Borders it frequents! We also noted whilst putting the world to rights a Pied Wagtail on a branch close by us sitting motionless with a beakful of grubs. Obviously her nest was very close to us as when we moved she sped into the undergrowth to feed her brood. Yes a day up at the lochs is a real treat you just need to be aware of your surroundings!
I also spotted a dead rabbit road kill which was being competed for by two Hooded Crows and a Weasel. Clearly the Crows had the upper hand as whilst they ate the Weasel reluctantly remained in the background but each time they temporarily left, the Weasel shot out and tugged furiously to pull the prey into the undergrowth and eventually succeeded, so in the end the Weasel was the victor no doubt tucking into the high protein feed for days to come! Marvellous to witness such happenings!
The end is near!
We have been given an approximate date for the removal of the tree that overhangs the boat house. The estimate is 4 – 5 weeks.
Eye openers!
Some more interesting keywords and phrases used in coming to our website – Ambler fishing! I have never encountered an Ambler fish have you? St Marys ct md! What does that mean? Rules for cutting down trees! There are none as you are strictly forbidden to cut down any trees! How many Bream are in St Mary’s? None, and we don’t want any thank you! How to unhook a deep Pike? Presumably get it to the surface then unhook it unless you have diving gear! Parrot clubs at St Marys loch? Don’t think there are any but if we find one exists we will publish details! Dood places to catch pike? Is this new age speak for good places? A fool called Dangerman! Indeed, you got it in one!
Keen angler!
I spoke with Matt from the Tibbie yesterday and it was really encouraging to hear that he has a scheme to interest youngsters who are staying at the Inn into Perch fishing even going to the expense of purchasing cheap kids angling set up to show them it can be done. One thing he junked however were the huge (his words) hooks and replaced them with some size 12s.You sometimes wonder that with projects such as the tram fiasco in Edinburgh and the huge hooks mentioned does anyone bother to contact an expert in the field? Already he has caught a bag of small Perch with the budget set up. It’s great to see such innovation in inculcating youngsters into what is a terrific and character building hobby! Great work Matt! Give us a shout if you need anything. Yet another “real” angler in our midst! What a pleasant change from having to deal with Muppets, Naysayers and Moaning Minnies!
Tight Lines!

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