Thursday, 2 May 2013

It's not goodbye but Au revoir!

Photo - Ian & Barbara being presented with a small token from the club. I'm the ugly one in the middle!

This weekend sees the end of an era in that Ian and Barbara Fernyhough mine hosts at The Glen Cafe for the last eight years served their last delicious meal today! They told me that they were somewhat "green" in a catering sense when they first started and made a few mistakes, but as a friend once said to me "The man who hasn't made any mistakes hasn't made anything! Its testament to on the job learning that they have made such a success of the cafe, winning the plaudits of the many and varied clientele. I have had a few meals at the cafe and couldn't fault them in any way. It was just always good food at a reasonable price.
Will it ever be the same again? No, Ian and Barbara made their own unique mark on the cafe; I have no doubt that the new tenants will also make a success of the establishment but in their own way. Please have a look at the cafe blog to see some of the good memories Ian and Barbara have kindly shared with us click here
As a token of our appreciation for the help and friendship given to us by them we presented Ian and Barbara with a bottle of Champagne and a bouquet of flowers (see photo above). I have no doubt there will be mixed feelings and likely a damp eye when the door clicks shut for the last time, but the star that shines brightest is the one that beckons a new direction!
I hear that a well deserved break is imminent with a VW Camper and no map, just to go where the wind blows ("far out man" as they used to say)! We hope that you will both be suitably decked out in your cords, sandals, tie dye T shirts and Afghan coats complete with wire rimmed tinted specs and of course the mandatory stick on flowers adorned all over the camper van and this on the 8 track!
Seriously though folks, all at the angling club wish you well in your "retirement" and when you both come back becalmed and refreshed, we will catch up with you! All the very best to you both!
Photo - A Ceasar mushroom or a Fly Agaric yet to get its white flecks? I wasnt sure so I left it!
September Angling Report
The Brown Trout season is now almost at an end for 2010, it's amazing how time flies. Pete Young our longest serving member has fished the lochs for 75years was out last week with Stevie Nimmo and a good 1.5lbs Trout falling to Stevie and a 2-3lbs fish being lost by Peter. The fish caught this month as reported were 9 fish 0.75 – 1lb and 4 fish 1 – 1.50lbs. still a few days to go so a monster may yet still be caught!
The Pike fishing has been frustrating to put it mildly with catches being shared out in the fashion of blanks to some and 2-3 fish to others. Heaviest of the month came in at 16lbs 3oz and our own John Wright catching a 14lbs 2oz and a 6 lbs fish in a session, jammy or what?
No Perch or Eels were recorded; anglers are reminded that all Eels must be returned not a club rule but an EEC directive.
Member News
Just spoken to Elliot Fraser one of our members from the outskirts of Glasgow. Elliot was in a powerlifting competition today and you know what he won it! A shiny cup now adorns the mantlepiece. Have a look at the weights he lifted, and more at the tender age of 52 when for most of us the heaviest thing we lift is a pint of heavy on a Friday night! What he lifted - Squat -162.5 kgs, Benchpress -105kgs, Deadlift-180kgs.
Well done mate that's one helluva achievement!

The Bowerhope Bees!
Photo - The Bowerhope bees have their first look around.
Yes they have arrived at their new home and mighty angry they were too! The somewhat rough road up to Bowerhope saw them shake rattle and roll and when the transport screens came off they were out with a vengeance! There are times when its best to run and boy did I run, around 150yds saw me in the clear and eventually they calmed down and could be seen orientating themselves in their new surroundings.
There's not much to be done between now and the Spring just treating for the Varroa mite and feeding if required. Sam who is going to keep them said he's not afraid of the odd sting which is good because the odd sting he will certainly get!

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