Thursday, 2 May 2013

It's freezing over!

Freeze Update
The freezing weather continues and due no doubt to the lack of wind St Mary's is succumbing and freezing over, at the time of writing (Sunday) only an area at the village hall, the mouth of the Megget, and behind the boathouse remain open. The loch o the Lowes is completely frozen.
Muppet of the year
The votes have flooded in and we have a final league table
In 5th place with 7 votes is the Riparian owner of a River who cares not a jot for us! Believe me Riparian owner the feeling is mutual!
In 4th place is the Muppet Uranob who despite an early lead slipped badly just like his judgement! This clown should really be up there at the top but nonetheless he ended up with fourteen votes.
In 3rd place is the club from Glasgow who couldn't find our notice board at the boathouse managed a healthy 17 votes. Read their story its an absolute hoot!
In 2nd place a brand new entry into the chart is Hibby Hank who actually got 81 votes in total but many of these were double votes and had to be discounted as votes may only be used once. The vote total was 24 votes (see articles from the last 3 weeks).
In 1st place is the charlatan Mr Kens who polled a massive 47 votes for his pitiful schoolboy antics. Therefore the accolade of Muppet of the year is awarded to Mr Kens.
It should be noted however that if the voting was open for another few weeks it is highly likely that Hibby Hank would have taken over the first position

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