Thursday, 2 May 2013

Fellowship is everything

Photo - clowning around just for a change!

Scotland vs England
Yes the match kicked off today with the home side Region 52 being the early birds and Region 24 SENPAC arriving soon after. Initially there was much laughing and joking but it wasn't too long before tactics entered the mindset and it was down to serious angling. Among the celebrities present was Lyn Baker of SENPAC, she of 39lbs Pike fame (it was like meeting the queen!).
On Saturday the catch was a six an eight a fourteen and a sixteen to three anglers yet today the group could only manage an eight and two smaller jacks! Now this low catch was not due to the lack of angling guile and skill, as the group represented some of the best Pike anglers I know! No it was quite simply down to anglers chasing Pike in a wild environment, there really are no certainties in angling (plastic fisheries excepted of course!) as today comprehensively proved!
As always it has been a great pleasure to have all the lads and lasses down and spend some time catching up on what's been going on. Good news and some not so good, isn't that always the way! Best of all was that all are thoroughly decent blokes (and ladies) and excellent anglers, not prim angels but brothers and sisters of the angle as demonstrated by old Izaak Walton!
Were all our visitors cast from their mould we would have no need for bailiffs, warrant cards and a Muppet section on this blog, however unfortunately it is not so! To round off the day we presented Dave Morris RO of Region 52 with a couple of packs of Owner ST41 trebles a couple of lengths of Neville Ficklings Titanium trace wire and 2 complimentary day ticket and boat hire permits wire for their end of season raffle.
Never was the saying "Fellowship is everything" so meaningful! To all of the visiting anglers from the two PAC Regions it was a pleasure having you all at the lochs, hope the journey home was uneventful (fat chance, no such thing with these lads!) please feel free to come back anytime you will be most welcome!Oh and the result – a draw or a win for Region 52 as all anglers were members of Region 52. You choose!
Arctic Charr
I am presently formulating our submission to SNH and The Tweed Commission stating why we would like to re establish the species in St Mary's loch, and our reasons for thinking that the introduction will be successful. Pike obviously predate Charr as do Perch and Trout but obviously not to the extent that some would have us believe. Many Scottish lochs have all the above species that coexist in a balance with no species coming near to extinction. What my research has revealed is that other factors such as eutrophication, acidification, temperature increase (Global warming), and not least the presence of vermin (Roach) all have more serious effects. I have mentioned previously the deleterious effects of vermin with regard to Lake Windermere which is obviously the pinnacle of concern due to the unique populations of Charr that exist in the lake. It turns out however that many Scottish lochs are infested with these creatures that multiply like rabbits and feed on the same zooplankton as Charr and effectively outcompete them for available food. It is only a matter of time before these other populations of Charr are at risk. Most of the other factors that affect Charr can be corrected; the issue of introduced vermin however is an irreversible change to the marine environment probably brought about by well meaning but poorly informed anglers.
Unidentified caterpillar
Our resident bug expert Scott T texted to let me know that he thinks with a degree of certainty that the caterpillar mentioned a few weeks back is the precursor of a Hawk moth, more specifically a privet Hawk moth or a poplar Hawk moth.
Photo- Privet Hawkmoth
Calling Wishaw
This is a message to the six anglers who visited the lochs last Saturday. A large quantity of litter was found shortly after you left, please do get in touch ( and offer an explanation of this occurrence! A photo of the mess will appear next week.
Urgent maintenance
Thanks to John, Les and Peter for a sudden burst of work yesterday morning correcting some minor defects on our boats. Thanks also to Richard Newman from Rodono for the loan of some drill bits which hastened our work! Incidentally Richard is in the process of building a rowing boat from a kit, it is nearing completion and is a testament to the hard work and skill with which it has been constructed. Hopefully with his permission a photo will appear here soon.
Feeling low!
A friend sent me this midweek and I couldn't resist posting it. However if you are feeling a bit low then it would probably be best to give this particular album a miss. What do you think?
Photo - an american pick me up!

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