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Photo- Danger Man Hibby Hank A real danger to your Pike!

Danger Man!
Some of you will remember Patrick Mc Goohan who played the above character in the 60s; he was bright, astute, enquiring and would let the baddies get away (temporarily) to avoid running over a rabbit! The tale below however is about a different kind of Danger Man he is dull, dense, clueless about Pike and rather worryingly extremely adept at maiming fish! Yes it's none other than Hibby Hank! Now you must be sick of reading about the antics of this gormless fool as much as I am of writing about them. But here goes a last ditch attempt to correct his wayward tendencies in an open letter, hopefully in parlance he can understand! You will note he removed all the negative comments on You Tube in a futile attempt to make his video look better! Another dumb move Hank, it doesn't even come close in lessening your shame!
Clearly Hank doesn't waste too much time thinking, better to slavishly follow his own rather limited doctrine of what it takes to be an angler in the fashion of a wind up automaton!
Dear Hank,
Although you now admit to being a Pike mutilator (see his new facile comment on You Tube lol) it is not enough! If you want to be a competent responsible angler you must see yourself as others see you and be aware of the impact of your actions.
Now if your actions come to the attention of the anti angling brigade (quite unlikely unless like a complete retard you post a video of yourself maiming innocent defenceless fish!) then that gives this lot more ammunition for their cause! You demean the standing of all anglers by your stupidity! The anti angling brigade will now think all anglers are complete Muppets like you are! Naturally this upsets the everyday decent angler as you are now aware, your actions damage the reputation of angling in general as well as the Pike at any venue you visit!Now you must really try and grasp this Hank, it is imperative that you do so, your silly little video is quite simply a Pike horror movie, I implore you to try and understand the following! You cannot practice your sport in isolation you must be aware of the impact of your actions in the wider sphere of angling and try and think of the damage you are doing to others! NOTHING IN YOUR VIDEO IMPROVES THE REPUTATION OF ANGLING IN FACT THE CONTRARY IS THE CASE!
You are already a national hate figure by all accounts on here, P&P, and You Tube, as well as a first rate plonker! Most people would try and remedy this but rather bizarrely you appear to revel in it, as one of the guys on P&P said being an idiot is not illegal, because if it were my dear fellow, you would be in an Alcatraz type institution confined without limit of time! It is not cool to be viewed as a clueless Muppet as you now are!
Photo- No movement on the rods but the scenery was stunning!
Let me try and make the situation clearer for you
I think you see yourself as some kind of free speech superhero standing up to the evil Silverman, but you are seriously misguided; it's actually a case of a Muppet(you) trying to take on the right thinking and responsible Pike anglers of the country! You are now universally viewed as a clown, but that's not a good thing mate, folk aren't laughing with you they are laughing at you! Pike anglers everywhere are keen to meet you, not because of your prowess in catching Pike, not even for your vast knowledge of all aspects of fishing (lol) but because of the fact that every unfortunate Pike you handle is placed in mortal danger hence your nickname Danger Man!
That video which I suspect you are proud of (although for the life of me I cannot think why) is despised by everyone, not even your mates could write in and applaud it! The only thing that can come from this video being on public display is that you are increasingly seen as an imbecile, a figure of national hate and your fishing career descends downwards until no one will allow you on to any fishery because it follows if you maim Pike, then you have the capability to maim other species. It is so frustrating that you cannot understand this! It really is very simple!
We are trying to help you here can you not see that? Try and learn from your mistakes, it's what we all do, it's what makes us better people in the journey through life!
There is still a chance for salvation, if you can find a fishery willing to let you fish albeit with supervision (could be difficult given your current standing) then maybe they would put in a good word for you! Go to your library and borrow a book on Pike fishing for dummy's/ beginners (one with wooden pages) read it thoroughly, but more importantly try and understand it and put the principles that you have learned into practice! But count us out mate you really are just too much of a danger to our Pike population for us to allow you to fish at our lochs!
Do you not think it strange that some of your mates did not publicly speak out in your defence? I don't, because anyone supporting your views would be ridiculed countrywide as you have been! The consensus of opinion is that they are taking the urine out of you by goading you on in your misguided, unfathomable and ultimately self destructing cause, whilst privately cursing you behind your back for shaming anglers everywhere! It will be interesting to see if you are invited on any Pike fishing trips (remember the photo above is available to anyone to download) you may find that cars are always full and there's no room for you! They tell me however you can get good fishing games for the pc and hey you can damage the fish as much as you like, now that sounds right up your street! Check it out mate it would be a great way of filling in the time you used to spend fishing!
Now let's summarise where we are -
The view of our readers, Pike & Predators and You Tube – You are a moron, a Pike mutilator and a very real and grave danger to the sport of angling!
Now let's look at the views of groups/people that think you are doing the right thing. Hmmm think it's probably best to skip that one Hank, as there are NO people who support your stance! Looks like you are in a world of your own!
Crikey that's not really great now Hank is it? But wait I'm told there are a load of people at various venues really keen to meet with you which sounds promising! This social networking business has really caught on hasn't it! Oh hell but wait a minute Hank, the reason they want to meet you is not that you are a great all round guy, it's because you are a Muppet and a potential killer of Pike! That's not so good Hank! Jeez the thing is going totally belly up Hanky (no doubt like many of the Pike you have caught), oh and I see you removed all the negative comments (21in total) from You Tube, but don't worry I've downloaded them all!
You need to wise up, and do it quickly Hank; don't let others make you a bigger fool than you already are! It's you against the Pike anglers of the country, you were on a loser the instant you posted that video and your popularity/credibility has been going rapidly downhill since then.
Hank please read over the above many times and please try and understand it if not for yourself for the sake of angling!
Bottom line as far as the club is concerned Hank – you are too much of a liability to fish at our lochs, with regard to angling knowledge you are an incompetent angling lightweight, don't bother coming back to our lochs!
Just as a footnote Hank thank you, 3143 people have visited our news pages to read about your cringe worthy antics, you even topped the readership of 2970 who tuned in to read about Mr Kens which was a record at that time! Already you are the frontrunner for our Muppet of the year award 2011 with 11 votes and the competition hasn't even started!
Best regards
How not to handle Pike!

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