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Committee Meeting 15/06/2011

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Committee Meeting 15/06/2011

photo 01 - sunrise by John Wright
Items for discussion
Our committee meeting takes place this week on Wednesday and the public items for discussion are -
(1)The tree at the boathouse whether or not it is to be taken down. The cost of so doing will be expensive given the quotes we have received so far.
(2)Our tree planting schedule, we need to cost the required number of trees and defenders for the Kirkstead burn the little Yarrow that joins the two lochs and the little Yarrow north bank at the top of the lowes.
(3)Our new day ticket which is now in the form of a final draft. Last minute changes will be incorporated at out meeting.
(4)Arctic Charr submission, we have now received a letter of support from the Cappercleuch Village Hall Committee.this will be invaluable in our quest for funds.
(5)Lapsed members – some members are of the opinion that those who have left the club should not be allowed to gain membership for a period of 5 years. The other motion is that the lapsed members should be disallowed membership for 1 year and that a committee should decide based on personal circumstances after this time.
(6)Boathouse painting Mike, Alan and Gordon are coming at the weekend subject to decent weather to complete this essential task.
(7)We have been asked by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs to submit our accounts for review. The general feeling amongst the angling fraternity is that this is because of the massive increase in income in the last 4 years! This will likely make us liable for Corporation Tax! Undoubtedly prompted by the Con-Dems in between making U turns in their quest to tax the poor and needy as opposed to millionaire bankers!
(8)St Mary’s Loch level The signs have been erected outlining the plans and possible outcomes emanating from the Selkirk flood protection scheme. There appears to be a sign about 200yds from the village hall into the undergrowth probably requiring a machete to get there, not really sure who would pass this sign whether fishing or strolling. Methinks that the village hall was mistaken for the boathouse due to the private jetty there? I have mailed Conor Price to inform him of this situation. Our scientific advisor Dr Neville Morgan has pointed out to us that levels of nutrients in the loch have not yet been established nor has the underwater vegetation! We will make a rough map of this vegetation and work out how much of this will be uncovered during low water spells.
(9)TTGI, as part of this group we require to receive catch returns and scales (from larger Trout) to further the research being carried out to optimise Trout and Grayling fishing in the catchment. Currently we are not receiving 100% compliance and as such further measures will require to be implemented.
photo 02 - sunrise 01 JW

photo 03- winter sunset by Fraser Patterson
Exemplary angler
I received a phone call last week from Dean Caisley one of our season ticket holders with a view to coming up to the lochs last Friday overnight to Saturday. The nature of his enquiry, to make sure he was not breaking any rules by bivvying overnight.
Surely such careful and right thinking behaviour deserves a reward and indeed it came to pass, an 11pounder and a six pounder. Natural justice methinks, oh and there is no question, Dean and brother Martin will convert to full membership next season if that is their wish!

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