Thursday, 2 May 2013

Celebrating 150 years of angling!

Photo - curious tree @ the Tibbie.

Celebrating 150 years of angling.
On Friday night I went along to the Galashiels Angling Association dinner as an invited guest representing St Mary's Angling Club. Celebrating 150 years of angling is a most onerous task, but I can tell you now that the event was a roaring success. Representatives of most of the local clubs and statutory agencies were present many of whom were unknown to me. However as fellow brothers of the angle it was no time at all before the ice was broken and cordiality abounded.
The speakers comprising Tom Hardy, Alistair Hutton, Stefan Gryzbowski, Ian Landells and Sherriff Kevin Drummond were humorous, informative and highly entertaining and served to make the evening a transcendent success. It was nice to see the club silverware being handed out, Des Fox and Bill Young being the recipients. Well done lads!
The organisers of the event who obviously put in a terrific amount of preparatory work deserve and should take much credit for a thoroughly enjoyable night. The hearty and picturesque meal served up by diligent staff at the Kingsknowes hotel was met by universal acclaim.
The view of all present was that the evening was an unmitigated success and to remind guests of the occasion all were given a commemorative lapel badge which was a very nice touch!
Yes, this is what the wider sphere of proper angling is about; the fellowship and good cheer amongst the guests was plain to see! No journeyman Muppets and no snarling jackals!
This was the brotherhood of real angling in action!
Gala AA, you really pushed the boat out, you did us proud and marked the milestone of 150 years as an angling club with an appropriate degree of style, decorum and respect!
Those who come later will look back with approving nods at the manner in which the event was celebrated. I will write a note to Stefan Gryzbowski secretary/treasurer of the association thanking him on behalf of our club.
Thank you for a superb night and here's to the next 150!
Ps. I will try and obtain a few photos and post them later.
Under surveillance?
Using the analytics settings of our websites we can get an idea of who and how often groups visit our sites. The Michigan State government are among our regular surveyors, which is a bit of a worry, I wonder if I should get measured for one of those gaudy orange jump suits with matching silverware? Scottish Borders Council also keep tabs on us on a weekly basis and Scottish Water also keep an eye on us but to a lesser extent and usually only when they are mentioned in our news pages (grapevine in operation here).
Various companies also check us out and it really is very interesting to see the sources of our visits. Of course it is not necessarily the above agencies that monitor us but individuals using their computers with or without their permission. Midlothian and Scottish Borders Council have some quite intent sessions of 45mins plus scouring various pages. It is hoped of course that these individuals are not avoiding their proper duties and surfing our site at the taxpayers' expense! For a while PAC HQ were monitoring our news pages as soon as they were published, but they have not visited for a while, I suspect we must be behaving for a change!

Extortionate Pike bait!
A few members were heard complaining at the price of dead bait from shopkeepers and yes I agree some of it is crap and very expensive! Solution – visit Morrison's, Asda and Tesco and pick up bargain price Mackerel, Sardines and Sprats. They are generally of a much higher quality and you will be quid's in to boot! Buying the shopkeeper packs is a good way to get rid of your cash in short order. I am shortly to take delivery of a bulk order from Neville Fickling and will let you know how it fares!
To those who went before!
Spare a few moments today for those who paid the ultimate price so that we may enjoy our freedom today.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.
Lest we forget!

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