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Angling Report October 2010

Photo - early morning setting by season ticket holder Martin Caisley.

Angling Report for October 2010
October saw the continuation of Septembers trend continue with only the odd anglers getting amongst the Pike with the exception that more mid doubles showing and less of the smaller jacks. Looking at the figures, no real variation in this pattern is seen when comparing catches between the two lochs. The best of the month was a 16lbs 5oz fish coming from St Mary's and falling to Ian Dodds from I think it's Edinburgh, your return was damp and the ink had run so apologies if I got any of the details wrong.
It does make the fishing difficult when they don't want to play but thats wild fishing for you! We can't just simply overstock the loch with loads of Pike ensuring that you catch some in the manner of a "plastic Pike" fishery and quite frankly we would not wish to do so! Where would be the challenge in that?
A snippet I came across and thought was quite interesting is that on a recent lure day on the Lake of Mentieth only 10 doubles fell to 60 anglers and a load of jacks! Is there some controlling environmental factor in play here or is it just the results of the earlier year classes coming of age? Old Pike die and if the class below were the result of a poor spawning year numbers of heavy Pike will be low, time and perseverance may reveal all we will just have to wait and see. The only other species to show were the Perch with half a dozen (biggest 14oz) falling to a visiting angler. Salmon and Sea Trout have been noted in the loch and anglers must be aware that it is illegal to catch and keep one of these species; all such fish must be returned to the loch unharmed.
Pike competition
The club committee often come up with good ideas and it's the turn of Treasurer John Wright on this occasion.He came up with this simple and effective idea of Pike anglers catching a tagged Pike to simply submit a return in the box and over the course of a season a league table will be formed and at the end the winning angler will receive an engraved cup to keep for a year plus an additional prize of a tackle voucher to be used in one of our recommended outlets. No entry forms just submit your return (with your name on it!) giving the tag number and colour, weight of the Pike and any distinguishing features or comments. The competition will be open to all members and season ticket holders. The competition will commence on Saturday the 13th of November. Active tagging members will not be able to count the capture of a fish that they are about to tag but subsequent captures will count. Since I hold all the raw data and the numbers of all tags issued I will not enter and will be able to keep a check on matters. League tables will be published periodically so you can follow your progress.
We will also be recommencing our Heavy Trout competition on the 15th of March 2011 but we have not gotten round to working out the details as yet. Any members season ticket holders who have any ideas e.g. any method, fly only fire them in and we will get it sorted. The prize will be a trophy to keep for the year and a voucher as above. Nothing is written in tablets of stone so if you have any ideas let us know!
Photo - A 10lbs Pug caught by Martin Casiley.
The new working for the club rule!
Those of you who read last week's news on the AGM will have seen that the meeting adopted a committee recommendation to make inherent in club membership and season ticket holder status a requirement to help the club maximise the potential of the lochs as a self sustaining fishery. (To save my typing finger references to members from this point on will mean members and season ticket holders).
This does not mean that you will be called to work on a regular basis but what it does mean is that when the work commences you will be asked to come and lend a hand with whatever is being done to assist us in moving forward. We will give you plenty of notice of when the work will arise and the nature of the work.
Now if you cannot make that date for whatever valid reason we will ask you again for the next work party and so on. If however after 3 failure to attend instances we will notify you of the potential problems such instances can cause. If repeated requests are turned down without a satisfactory explanation then your membership will be terminated however we do not envisage this situation occurring!
This of course would be a last resort, and we will make repeated attempts/allowances to try and accommodate you to come and assist us.
There is a lot of work to do to optimise the fishing in the lochs and we will not accomplish all we would like to in a year but we must make a start. We will not ask older members, disabled members, chronically ill members and if you can't come on a specific day then that's ok
The point we must get over is that no longer can members just come and enjoy the fishing without very occasionally putting something back into the club. How badly would it reflect on the membership if in years to come trout numbers decreased Pike numbers decreased and so on with all our species because of non management of the problems that confront us currently. I am sure the future incumbents would not view us as responsible guardians! We all have a duty to see that we do no damage to the lochs and to pass on to those who come later a fishery in as good a condition as it can be. Every member must take on this responsibility for the term of their membership if they do not we will flounder! This is the culture we must nurture!
So please do not view the new ruling as a encumbrance but rather as your opportunity to have your name associated with a regime that faced up to the challenges of the future and did the right thing! On the work days we will have Peter doing a barbeque a la Grande which you will enjoy believe me! Hot and cold drinks will be available as well. Its a few days well spent maximising the potential of your future fishing and it will give you an opportunity to meet some of the other members whilst pushing the club forward at the same time.
The main items of work for the year will be painting of the boathouse and the work required on our feeder burns. Once the report from the Wild Trout Trust is finalised we will publish it online in our science pages on the main website so you can see for yourself the work that needs done. If you have any queries or concerns regarding the above let me know and I will try and address your concern. Our initial view is that using our complete membership the workload will not entail more than one day in the coming year if of course you would like to help out more you will be made most welcome. If you want a go at fibre glassing, boat finishing, or metalwork give us a shout!
Photo - The Faith Tones, the fifties equivalent of Girls Aloud! Thank you for this Joe!

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