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Angling Report March 2011

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Angling Report March 2011

Photo 01 looking up from the dam.

Angling Report March 2011
Well it’s been a terrible month for Pike hunters there’s no doubting that. Historically this month regularly tops the charts as the worst month of the year as the beasts get ready to make moves towards the procreation of the species. We have had our agents watching the top of the Lowes but as yet no signs of the ritual have been noted. Water temperature remains at around 7.5 degrees so it’s maybe a tad cold for them yet! As to the numbers caught this month no significant fish have been noted and only a few jacks have been reported most coming from the baby loch. However when it’s like this it can only get better!
Stop Press Cath at the Glen Cafe thinks she may have seen some Pike indulging at the top of the Lowes. We will keep you informed!
Brown Trout
The season opened with a bang with 5 fish over 2lbs being recorded 4 fish between 1 and 2lbs and six fish in the 0.5 1lbs bracket. Interestingly most fish were returned to fight another day and the most successful method by far was trolling from a boat. Small blade spinners being the most successful with Abu spin fish types being a close second. Fly fishermen were however not neglected and took a share of the spoils, so yet again it looks like being a great start to the season following on from the last two years which were very good. heres hoping this form continues for the competition! No Perch or Eels were recorded for the month.
Wild Trout Competition
Another few entries arrived this week but the figure we have in mind to allow the competition to go ahead has still not been reached. So if you are thinking of entering please get your entry in asap, it really does help our partners, the catering establishments to be properly prepared. To those of you who have entered – apologies for not getting back to you, no cheques have been cashed and when the target is reached entry tickets will be sent out.
Facilities on the lochs
We would like to point out to anglers that camping facilities are available at the Tibbie Shiels Inn at the top of St Mary’s. Toilets and showers are available on the site as well as access to food and drink and even takeaway food. So if you are looking for the all inclusive camping package give them a shout.
The wider field of angling
I heard yesterday that the Ospreys are back in Peebles and if this is correct then we should be seeing them very shortly fishing on the loch, a favourite place is next to the sculptures on the far side of the loch opposite the Megget burn (anglers take note!). The Mallard reported last week looks to have abandoned her nest, the solitary egg remains but there are no signs of recent activity. What may have caused this we do not know but in retrospect it may be for the best as the site was a poor one, with no cover from the elements and clear signs that a predator had been working nearby.
The Bathymetrical Surveys of St Mary’s Loch 1906 Murray & Pullar
Those of you who have not read this document should do so; it is most interesting and gives a snapshot of the lochs in earlier times. Of note is that the surveyors noted in January (1906) that the loch accumulated a concentrated yellowish hue due to algal growth secondary to the dumping of large amounts of raw sewage directly into the loch! Visibility was said to be only 3ft due to the algae whereas now depending on conditions you can see the bottom at depths of 20 – 25ft.
You will be pleased to note thissituation is no longer the case! In a world where much is spuriously cited as progress this is one instance where indeed progress has been made! Click the link to read the report (and what the upper class residents of Edinburgh thought of St Mary's water) you can also view the depth map the information for which was collected by using lead weights and coils of rope, no hydro acoustics in those days!
Photo 02 A Beardie or Stone Loach
A collection of Beards
More precisely Beardies or Stone Loaches, Chris Olson did a bit of exploring in the margins yesterday and found a collection of these creatures on the far side of the loch. This bottom feeding fish not indigenous to the lochs colonised the Tweed district and are now found everywhere. You can find them by simply turning over stones in the margins. Yet another piece of the jigsaw that makes up the complete picture of St Mary’s loch. Oh and just for a change Chris and mate Stevie Nimmo blanked yesterday. It happens to the best of us lads, as you know its all part and parcel of being a real angler.
Good guys
Gordon one of our members from Loanhead came up on his new KTM bike for a run and came to the boathouse for a speak. After greetings were exchanged he proceeded to give me the lowdown on the materials and equipment needed for the re painting of the boathouse later this year. and that was not all he and 3 mates also members have put their names down for the work detail and our upcoming competition. Many thanks to you all we are grateful for your offer of assistance.
Similarly yesterday Stevie and Kris arrived to fish, but before laying their hands on any fishing tackle they came and asked if we wanted anything done on the work front. Naturally we chased them to get on with their fishing they have done a huge amount for the club already. With blokes like this in the club (and there are many more) the only way is upwards and onwards! Kinda makes you want a glass of vintage Port and a Castro length cigar
Till the next time tight lines!
Photo – Dangerman (Kevin Austin) proud to be a mutilator of Pike!
Click the above link to find out how NOT to handle Pike; the perpetrator of the shocking handling in the video has been barred from fishing at our lochs! Have a look at the video and the dopey comments below, he has removed 23 comments from the video all 100% negative (mail us if you would like to view them).
Please download his photo and pass it on to your venue and ask them to visit our news pages to read about a disgrace to angling and a Pike mutilator.
Would you really want this fool with his appalling handling skills fishing at your loch?

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