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Angling report January 2011

Photo - very heavy rain upending our Lowes boat.

Angling report January 2011
In comparison to last year the Pike fishing has got off to a good start, in spite of varying weather conditions some decent Pike have turned up for anglers finding themselves in the right place at the right time. One needs however not to adhere to convention and fish in places that would not normally be considered in winter. St Mary's is a big water, success comes to those who do their homework, and work for their fish!
Surprisingly over 50% of Pike caught this month have been caught in the shallower areas of the loch so don't rule out areas that you would only fish in summer.
Three very nice Pike over 15lbs have been banked in very fine condition. Seven Pike in the range of 10 – 15lbs and eight Pike were in the 4 - 10lbs bracket. Baits were many and varied with no particular bait taking the honours. Straight ledgering proved the best method by far but fish were also caught on float and popped up baits. No other species were recorded for the month.
Doing the right thing.
Three anglers who came down on Friday to have a bash at the Pike, and hired one of our boats for a two day session. Conditions on hiring the boat were reasonably good with a light breeze and they set off with the optimism and expectation that is inherent in "real anglers". However in the closing hours of Friday the winds increased very significantly and the three anglers found themselves on the far side of the loch whilst wanting to be at the boat house. The swell was great and they felt uncomfortable about traversing the loch in spite of being in one of our Arran's and wearing lifejackets. They decided to spend the night in the March Wood. This sensible decision guaranteed that they saw the dawn on Saturday morning. Yes they were a bit damp cold and cheesed off, but when they came over on Saturday morning and tucked into some hot food they were soon back to rights!
The moral - make personal safety your god! Don't take chances with your life; the loch can change from calm to wild sea like conditions in a very short time! You did the right thing lads!

Photo -Treecreeper or Wallcreeper on an outbuilding at the loch.
Pseudo lumberjacks
It has been noted that a few young trees have been cut down in proximity to the club boathouse. The reasons for this vandalism is not clear as no swim was created, the cut down wood was not used for a bonfire in fact the actions are unfathomable! Just to restate a club ruling – the cutting of trees of any size is forbidden, anyone found cutting such trees will have their right to fish rescinded and will be barred from returning to our lochs. Trees around the lochs provide food and cover for our fish we do not want them to be cut down! If you encounter an area where you feel access is limited by tree growth you should report this to our loch keeper. However it is unlikely we would cut any trees, a resourceful angler can always find a non destructive way of gaining access to the area in question. If anyone spots these Jackdaws at work please phone our loch keeper! St Mary's loch is a SSSI as classified by Scottish National Heritage and as such activities as described are forbidden!

What were these people searching for?
The following are some recent keyword that have brought visitors to our website - Tugboat st marys, What is the meaning of "your kind gesture is much appreciated", What is the tree of salmon fishery are there, You are a danger man, Ideas for fishing club, Infernal weather, Barometric map of st marys, Best places to pike fish in the fens, St Marys Anglican club, Mary query fellowship, St Matys loch. My favourites – Mary Query Fellowship might it be Marie Curie Fellowship?St Mary's Anglican club - fishing strictly for churchgoers I presume!
Tight Lines

Photo – Dangerman (Kevin Austin) proud to be a mutilator of Pike!
Click the above link to find out how NOT to handle Pike; the perpetrator of the shocking handling in the video has been barred from fishing at our lochs! Have a look at the video and the dopey comments below, he has removed 23 comments from the video all 100% negative (mail us if you would like to view them).
Please download his photo and pass it on to your venue and ask them to visit our news pages to read about a disgrace to angling and a Pike mutilator.
Would you really want this fool with his appalling handling skills fishing at your loch?

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