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angling report April 2010

Apologies in advance for the lack of photo's - switched from Internet Explorer 8 to Mozilla Firefox as our main website is incompatible with Explorer for editing purposes. It is now becoming apparent that Firefox is incompatible with the blogger uploading system as every time I try to add a photo the damn thing crashes. I've spent an hour trying to upload one photo, I can persist no longer as it's said each of us is granted three score and ten, and trying to add three photo's will probably exceed the alotted time! Hopefully be back to normal next week!

Angling Report April 2010
In keeping with form from previous years April was not a good month for Pike anglers yet for anglers hunting the wily Brown Trout it has been a very good one. Without exception the Trout caught were in excellent condition which is surprising given the harsh winter we have just had to endure. Most of the Trout caught on the fly were tempted by sub surface wet flys.
Of the few Pike that were caught all but one recorded were caught on dead baits (mostly Smelt) the other fell to a fire tiger Rapala. One Pike recorded weighed in at 10lbs 5oz whilst the others 7 in all, were between 3 and 7lbs with 5 of these being caught on the Lowes. No Spawning activity was reported this week.
Brown Trout
Like last year this has been a super month for anglers seeking to better Salmo Trutta! Five trout over the 2lbs mark have been reported with a further possible one caught yesterday but as yet unconfirmed. The breakdown is as follows 5 Trout between 2lbs and 3lbs, 4 Trout between 1 and 2lbs and eight Trout between 8oz and 1lb. All but two were caught on traditional wet fly (pheasant tailed nymph, claret, weighted nymph, and dunkeld. The other two were caught on worm and trolling Rapala. See the photo below of Graham Meadows lovely 2.75lbs Trout safely returned.
Things are looking good for our upcoming competition on the 16th of May.
Perch & Eels
No Perch or Eels were recorded for April.
Whilst top coating one of our Arran’s last week our under floor generator suddenly stopped, on investigating it quickly became apparent that the venerable machine had vibrated itself into oblivion with various covers nuts and bolts strewn all over. The beast had actually vibrated itself off its mounting points and we lost the entire amount of diesel in the tank. A predicament indeed! Only an estimated 20mins of work had remained when she gave up the ghost, isn’t that just typical!
We brought the mobile genny up yesterday to complete the work and on commencing who should appear unannounced but expert genny technician Stevie Nimmo and his mate Chris. We relayed the scenario but said there was no rush to have it fixed. He would have none of it and before we could protest he was into the protective gear and below the floor levering and spannering with great gusto!
To cut a long story short he did it again, yes by the time he finished (around 3hrs later) she once again thundered into life, this time elegantly and with more decorum than a lady in waiting at the palace! Now super quiet and cured of the shakes she is a splendid advert for the Lister marque.
Yes Stevie once again we are in your debt, a member who will not stand by and allow others to struggle and make do, a member like so many others who need no prompting to offer a helping hand and even giving up his valuable fishing time to help us out. What a pleasant change when compared to the black days of old this is what a real club should be like!
Kind neighbours.
We have to mention Jim Mitchell of Henderland farm who was kind enough to help us out today. Whilst up at the farm I noticed the lamb nursery containing over a dozen “orphan” lambs who hopefully in the near future will be given foster mothers. For the present however they all require to be bottle fed every four hours night and day! In romantic vision (as portrayed by Kate Humble on TV recently) it’s the kind of task that we would all like to do, but in real life its damned hard work! There will be some bleary eyed members of that family for a good few days yet. Jim, many thanks for your help from all at St Marys Angling Club, the concept of co operation will make our path easier, fellowship is everything!
Wild Trout Competition
The entry tickets are now being sent out for all who have so far entered. A full resume of required information will be posted next week, so please check in and keep updated.
Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Magazine
Well known author and journalist Bruce Sandison has been kind enough to send us the copy of his article in the above magazine. We are featured as the Angling Club of the month and are included in the series “Places to visit before you die!” Rush out and get a copy of the magazine to be in on the news. A copy will be published later in the year. Bruce thank you for your kind words and if you are ever in the area please get in touch and we will be delighted for you to spend some time fishing as our honoured guest!
Wild Trout Trust
We have now formally engaged the specialist services offered by this organisation and look forward to their arrival and more importantly their blueprint for the betterment of the angling on the lochs.
Arctic Charr
The last hurdles are now being straddled, government licences are currently being secured for the investigations to take place in St Mary’s Loch and the dates now further defined to the end of June. The team will consist of Professor Colin Adams (Glasgow University) Dr Colin Bean (SNH) and two members of the university staff. There will be facility for interested members to take part in the proceedings.
A point of light humour following our feature in the Southern Reporter was that Charr can grow up to 20lbs, and indeed they can in places such as Canada. But in the more modest habitats such as St Mary’s loch learned sources estimate one of 2lbs would be a good one! Oh the joys of Wikipedia!
Anti Muppet Measures
Spoke to a few of the locals yesterday and it is clear that much is being done to curb the feckless behaviour of these challenged individuals. We will assist in any way we can and have ourselves taken steps to banish these infidels. The crusade however will be ongoing but we will be relentless in our efforts! The behaviour of these Neds is anathema to all decent people at the lochs! Watch this space!
Tight lines

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