Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A most productive day!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

A most productive day!

Photo 01 - Mike zipping through rebar!

A most productive day!

We arrived 40 minutes late because we had to turn back and get my insulin which I had neglected to pack (dunderheid!) and were met at the boathouse by Mike Wood and John Wright. We decided on the tasks for the day and so leaving Les at the boat house to prepare for the erection of the safety rail and landing extension the three of us set off for the Tibbie where our 540 trees of mixed variety had been delivered along with the steel rebar for our bank works.

Starting our trusty genny we quickly set about cutting the long lengths of rebar into one metre lengths and cutting out a check to harness the wire we would use to bind in our willow bundles. With two angle grinders cutting we had the lot cut and checked in around 30 minutes with sparks galore! Mike obviously set on minimising the weight of his clothing successfully burned his top making a large ventilation hole as well! Mike I have a white (well it used to be) lab coat exactly the same fashioned by angle grinding lol, hot work I can tell you!

Back at the boathouse we had a look at the trees and they are fine specimens comprising of hazel, bird cherry, holly, blackthorn, hawthorn and alder all indigenous trees to the area. We hope to plant Riskinhope on Friday weather permitting. Meantime Mike started excavating the holes required to house the massive ten foot long 4”x4” stabs which would form the anchoring structure for our work. Taking a step back I marvelled at how everyone was mucking in pushing the project forward under the direction of master craftsman Les. With muscle bound heavyweights like Mike and John there is no need for heavy machinery! Yes there was no prevarication here unlike the antics of the regional council it was plan and implement, plain and simple!

At around Eleven John and I headed for Kirkstead to carry out some minor repair work following the huge water of a few weeks ago and consisted of tightening up the securing wires and repositioning a few of the top willow bundles which was minimal work given the force of the water encountered! We ran out of securing pegs to hold the wires in place normally would mean a tiresome journey back to the boathouse for more but not when John is on the job! He simply bent a couple of pieces of rebar with his bare hands as though they were polythene, respect due! On the way back we noted a few trees missing simply due to the massive and prolonged force of water and again we thought the work has stood up very well indeed. Each year as the roots of our trees dig in and burrow down the effect of high water will be lessened! This was most encouraging and gives us heart for further works!
Photo 02 - Bank strengthening work looking good in spite of mega water flow!

Back to the steps there was much cutting, concreting, and hammering, cursing and blaspheming along with the odd builders bum on show; it was after all for all intents and purposes a building site! The basic structure was however now in place and a sturdier piece of construction you could not imagine! Completely immovable the over engineered structure will take all that we can throw at it with no ill effects and most importantly it is safe! It is not yet finished but not far from being so and the next few days will see the structure complete photos of the completed structure next week!

Many thanks to Mike Wood (loved the airy top), John Wright (great bacon rolls as usual) and master tactician Les Henderson (damned nice work mate!) without the commitment of these lads this work would still be on the drawing board! A most productive day indeed!

Visiting Anglers!

I spoke with a few of our visiting anglers yesterday and what became quickly apparent was that almost universally anglers had cut down on their fishing trips due to the dire economic circumstances brought about by the clueless Con-Dems! Citing higher food, fuel and heating bills it is becoming clear that everyone is being affected by the inept policies of these fools with the exception of those who have significant bank reserves! Such a shame that working class families no longer have the necessary resources to enjoy some leisure pursuits all because of the short sighted and persistently blundering Con-Dems!

Photo 03 - John hard at it as Les looks on!
Our new blog!

I had a look at our statistics to get an idea of how many visitors are visiting the site. In short 500 visitors are visiting per month extrapolating data so far received. Once the first month is up we will have a better idea as more anglers are visiting each day. So it looks at this point over 50% of our readership have followed over to our new site which is great and I fully expect the figure to be 80% at the end of the month. Clearly there has been a minimal loss of visitors following the transition which is tremendous! I have no doubt we will soon reach our previous figures of 1000 plus visitors/month.

I have received a few mails regarding restricting the comments section of the blog. This was implemented because of the large number of derogatory anonymous comments from the green eyed brigade and it is a great shame that purposeful commenter’s have had to be penalised because of these fools, but that is how it must be! If you have a burning desire to comment simply e mail me and I will include your comment (favourable or not) in the following weeks post along with my reply. Running the blog takes some considerable time and I am keen to cut the time spent managing the blog especially during the summer months when much more can be accomplished outside.

A good number of archives have been added and I hope to get more done this week, so it won’t be long before we are complete again. You may notice some discrepancy in the calendar of the posts but this will be rectified as time goes on.
Photo 04 - The reclaimed gear wheel!
Mariner gear wheel!

We had an unsuccessful hunt for a replacement gear wheel mentioned a couple of weeks ago with most returning the message that the part was obsolete! Having little choice I welded her up and gave the whole wheel a thick coat of hard nickel. Will it work? We will find out tomorrow!
A new generation comes!

You can see it in the fields populated by gambolling lambs, in muddy lochside puddles as frogs and toads lay the eggs that will bring the next generation. I noted both male and female blackbirds with beakfulls of juicy worms to feed their hungry offspring, some such as a pair of house sparrow are seen entering nests in buildings with pieces of straw to line the nests that will form the incubation chambers for their young. The great annual renewal of life has begun! We can only hope that the weather improves to facilitate this great event, from a farming point of view the situation up to now has not been good! I went along recently to see how the Tibbie Bees were getting on but unfortunately they have died probably due to the accursed Varroa Destructor mite against which the European Honey Bee has no defence! It’s a very worrying situation!

The wider world in my view!

Lord Snooty on the slide!

The recent council elections as predicted saw significant gains for Milliband and his right wing “Labour” party, humiliation for Puppet Clegg and his band of Tory traitors and damaging losses for Lord Snooty and his pack of inept incompetents! Nigel Farage however was the clear victor in the pantomime taking nearly 25% of the votes cast. What makes this fellow stand out among the fools above is charisma! Yes he has a personable manner and gives the public the chance to hear what they want to hear! It’s a simple concept which should have been employed by those above who prefer deception and downright lying!

Where Farage will fail is in backing up the rhetoric with policy (because they have none) that stands up to testing, and it is this aspect which will down the Faragites! Farage offers no real alternative to the jokers above simply the same again in different more affable packaging! Some of the protest voters will stick with Farage in the hope of sound policy being developed but this is unlikely! Herein lies the problem for Lord Snooty, if this turns out to be the case with six Tories defecting to ever one labour voter their chances of forming a majority government are lost (thank god!)! Right wing activists are already calling for a new leader to revive the right wing Tory brand of old and clearly Lord Snooty does not fit the bill excelling only in incompetence! The Faragites will undoubtedly do well in the European election next year but as they are unfrocked having no proper policies the defection back will begin!

No one will get overly excited by the results with the exceptions of Lord Snooty and Puppet Clegg who cannot fail to see the incessant slide in their ratings! It is a protest vote but it is also more and let’s be honest for a bunch of fruitcakes, loonies and clowns Farage and his merry band dished up quite a shock! The people of this country are fed up with the peerless bungling initiated by them. It’s one broken promise and disaster after another interspersed by the occasional cataclysmic catastrophe with the poor being punished every time! No thought out policy, simply try it and see and if it fails as it usually does claim to be the listening government! Eminently content to meander aimlessly feasting on caviar and brandy whilst filling up their days in the belief they are doing right by those “who work hard and want to get on”! Actually for many a chance to work in a proper full time job would be a fine thing indeed! Each and every blunder however and there have been many affects us to a significant extent! The general public cannot take much more of this, many working families are now on the breadline struggling to exist, and it simply won’t do! A flock of disoriented geese could do better! Let’s get them out!


I heard midweek that the Scottish football authorities are considering allowing the sale and consumption of alcohol within football grounds! Are their memories so short that they cannot remember the infamy of the tartan army when the word Scottish used to generate fear and revulsion wherever they went? It’s not a bad idea it is a horrific one that would lead to huge consequences for everyone in the country! Utter insanity!
DP I know iI overuse the exclamation mark but thats what I do!

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