Monday, 15 April 2013

Annual Wild Trout Competition.


Sunday, 14 April 2013

Annual Wild Trout Competition!

Photo 01 - You can always rely on Pete!

Annual Wild Trout Competition!

Yes the 28th of this month will see our annual competition competing for the autumn days Salmon fishing on the Upper pavilion on Tweed. Entry fee is £16.00 and this includes a strength building (you will need it) bacon or sausage bap and tea or coffee with the weigh in at the Tibbie at 16.30 hrs where hunger will be tamed by their legendary barbeque. Fishing time 10.00 to 16.00 methods are any legal method and the size limit for the day is eight inches. Catch and release may be employed if catches are verified by other entrants and a photo which should contain a measurable item. Fish or no fish it’s always a great day out among real anglers!

Pete does it again!

Yes our longest standing member Pete Young yet again showed us how it’s done when yesterday he had a couple of nice Trout during an action packed 15 minutes. Yes a nine inch and a twelve inch Trout came to his piscatorially magnetic flies. The killing patterns were a Bibio which is well known as a good attractor on the loch and a Watsons Fancy which I must confess I have never heard of but I am tying today! Given the choice between hiring an unqualified fool or gleaning information from Pete the unqualified fool loses every time!

Respect Due!

Photo 02 - Not a bit of greenery to be seen.

The wider world in my view!

Death of a loathsome dictator and butcher!

Of course I am referring to Margaret Thatcher the butcher of industry, and divider of the nation! A woman who with the nodding consent of the Con-Dems will cost the people of this country upwards of ten million pounds to bury which is nothing short of a national disgrace and another smack in the face for those who were savaged by the policies of this tyrant! A woman who dismissed the concept of society in favour of making greed the new god, where instead of helping your neighbour you were encouraged to use him as a stepping stone irrespective of the deleterious effects on him, me, me, me became the byword! A woman who fatally injured the heavy industries of this country when all that was needed was precise major surgery as was clearly demonstrated by other more forward countries, the woman who used a sledgehammer to crack a nut! A woman who introduced the words “poll tax” to our vocabulary and with it introduced bitterness the likes of which had never been seen before!

Photo 03 - Perhaps the first sign of spring!

A woman who did not unite a nation but divided it with horrendous long lasting consequences that are still with us today! A woman who sold off council house stock at prices that were unbelievably low denying the countries coffers of much needed revenue but giving her policies a boost! A woman who sold off public utilities to the new greed ridden middle classes making many of her friends new millionaires and set in motion the wheels of corruption inherent in these private companies that to this day bight us still, the assets of the people distributed among the rich and the greed inspired newly created middle classes whilst the poor slipped further into destitution! A woman who started the deregulation of the banks culminating in the hitherto unheard of banking crisis! Yes I could go on and on for I have no fond treasured memories of this creature rather feelings of revulsion and great distaste!

As mentioned it has been estimated that her funeral will cost around ten million pounds with much of this falling to the taxpayer! This woman did nothing in her life to merit such a high ceremonial funeral. There are those invariably at the lower end of the social spectrum who loathed even intensely hated the woman! Similarly there are those who could not get enough of her greed ridden policies invariably at the top of the social ladder! Such a person does not deserve such an accolade and yet again the Tory puppets the Lib-Dems siding with the Tories have approved such a circus! Compare the legacy of the witch with that left by Professor Sir Robert Edwards the pioneer of In Vitrio Fertilisation who died this week whose work brought joy and happiness to millions of people worldwide enabling them to have children! Now a ceremonial funeral for such a great man as this would have been a right and proper action rewarding a lifetime of hugely important work!

There will be a great number of protests and parties on the day and this is only right given her legacy and the democratic right of the people! The funeral will with all its pomp and circumstance will be nothing short of a pantomime, a joke that will empty our pockets.

As usual Lord Snooty has misjudged the feelings of the nation recalling parliament to allow Tory zealots to heap praise upon her again at great cost to the nation!! Even in death this woman stirs up feelings that have remained suppressed for many years! People of my generation know firsthand the unfeeling brutality of this woman, there are no redeeming factors! The song “The witch is dead” looks to be heading for the number one spot in the music charts and the BBC are going to play it as they should! A huge number of people in this country detest Butcher Thatcher and her policies! How dare they squander taxpayer’s money on one who was seen by many as a callous monster! Far better a private funeral at no cost to the taxpayer attended by close friends and family to avoid what will turn out to be a media circus. She did nothing for the working classes and alleviating poverty, she did nothing to further the cause of women and minority groups and as a final damning epitaph she did absolutely nothing for humanity! As with all people she must be judged on her actions! Spend millions on such a divisive politician – not in my name!

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