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The Good Guys and a “Complaint”!

With all the recent talk about Muppets and Neds I thought it would be nice to portray a slice of the good guys, who are by far our more regular type of visitor. You heard about Ian L last week who incidentally finished his session with 6 Pike, “Matilda” (in his own words - “a Brown Trout of a lifetime” at 8lbs 6oz), 3 Perch and a load of Eels overnight. The heaviest of the Eels at 1.5lbs is the heaviest recorded of the season to date well done mate!

Met up with Bill McM, Alec McM and Harry J all from Birtley near Newcastle, they are regular visitors to the lochs having visited for a number of years now and usually book a couple of days since they travel a good distance. Our arrangements are no problem to them, they come up fish have a few beers and enjoy the craic, scenery and the fishing. You have the biggest Pike of the month so far lads at 15lbs well done!

As usual they had a story to tell and its one that ends with the obligatory soaking.
Bill stayed on the bank whilst Alec and Harry went off in their boat to do a spot of lure fishing. On the bank the line pulls and Bills into a good one and he sets about playing it in, after a good struggle he reaches for the net but it’s not there. Puts the pike on the baitrunner gets the net, winds her back in and is just about to slip the net under her when out of the corner of his eye he sees a Pike following the 15 pounder in to the shore.

He could do nothing but stand with mouth agape as the following Pike grabs a dead bait just below one of the other lads rods which they had reeled in, turns and heads back out to the centre of the loch only problem being it was attached to the rod which promptly jumped off the rod pod and into the water and starts pulling away at a rate of knots.

No time for messing around quick thinking and action was the order of the day and Bill duly followed the rod in, dives on it and gets completely soaked but manages to keep hold of it, unfortunately the Pike, a decent one threw the hooks.

When Alec and Harry return a bedraggled Bill bursting to tell his story meets them and recounts the tale, aye right said the lads but luckily he had the photo to prove it! Just another day for a fisherman! Enjoyed speaking with you lads come back anytime you are the type of anglers we like to play host to!

A Complaint

Excerpt from an E-mail received last week – “I fished your loch for Pike last week and blanked, didn’t even get a run, how are you going to improve this”?
Well in short I am not, what can I do to improve your situation? No e-mail enquiries have been received from your address asking for information as to where to fish, what methods/baits to use.

Most anglers make enquiries when fishing on a new water you did not, and may have paid the price for not so doing! The loch is fishing very well at this time and has given many anglers a good bag, I wonder if you should seek out one of these “Plastic” Pike fisheries where a pond is overfilled with Pet Pike stocked from another source and equally so with a food source making a blank highly unlikely even for the most feckless angler, though I would be extremely reluctant to class it as angling!
Undoubtedly a godsend for the terminally inept but a resounding affront to proper anglers everywhere!
We will revisit this concept in the near future as it proved to be our most popular article of the year.

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