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The pride of our fleet!

Photo - Peter poses with Saucy Sue!

The first of our two 16ft Arran's arrived on Thursday without event Peter our loch keeper taking the boat from Dave Naitby the proprietor of Arran boats and launching her at the Tibbie safely rowed her down to her new home at the boat house on St Mary's Loch. She will be joined by Saucy Sue on Sunday to complete our upgrade. Click the article title above to visit Dave's site and see for yourself the quality products on offer. The first Arran to arrive is in need of a new cuddy window which Dave has kindly supplied and we will sort this item shortly, however first on the agenda is to cosmetically enhance her and work to this end has already commenced. Saucy Sue (baulk) needs no work whatsoever and is ready for hire. Our new engine also arrived on today; it is a fuel efficient and powerful 4Hp Mariner 4 stroke long shaft engine which will also be for hire. See the photo below as peter the lochkeeper brings her in to the boathouse mooring area, he took girlfriend Natasha on a romantic cruise of the loch and when they reached the bottom promptly ran out of petrol, typical man I hear you say!

Next it was my turn and she really is a super craft mega steady,sturdy and the cuddy offering protection from the elements. Of more interest to me was the construction akin to that of a battleship and yet me and Peter easily turned the other one over to give some attention to the underside. My outing however only lasted about 30mins after which I was alerted by frantic waving from the boathouse area it was Davide C one of our members a restaurateur from Moffat desperately wanting to hire the new acquisition so to my dismay I had to come in. These new additions are sure to maximise an anglers outing allowing complete coverage of the loch is a very safe manner. We now have 7 boats in total with one being based on the Lowes. A programme of yearly maintenance is to be initiated to keep the boats in tip top condition and to this end we urge anglers who find anything untoward with regard to the boats to report the matter to Peter our loch keeper without delay.

Photo- view from Saucy Sue at speed.

Big Trout?

One of our members struck into a super Brown trout of 4lbs 2 oz whilst trolling the loch for Pike scales were taken and these will be given to the Tweed foundation for analysis, validation and life history.

Dead Sheep

Peter our loch keeper came across a dead sheep in the loch and after contacting several farmers could not locate its owner. Realising the consequences of allowing a rotting sheep to remain in the loch he contacted SEPA for their advice and they advised that he should contact Trading Standards! Seems an odd choice of agency to be dealing with such a matter, the saga continues tomorrow.

Loch Level Gauge

We are to install a loch level gauge for anglers to see if the is a correlation between fish captures and loch level. We are not sure yet where to site this but the area around the boat house has been mentioned as a possible spot. We will calibrate the scale from an existing water board one which should give a meaning to the various points on the scale.

Lowes boat

The boat is now complete and will be launched as soon as a few bodies can be gathered probably at the weekend .

Jolly decent blokes!

Met up with Rab and Davy from Edinburgh a couple of now becoming regular visitors to the loch today and yesterday down to fish for Pike and to have a go at the wily Trout in the loch. The Pike fishing is slow at this time and no runs were recorded. similarly the Trout proved elusive with Davy getting broken on his only offer he thinks due to a wind not! Bad luck or words to that effect but were they despondent? No, in the manner of true anglers they have vowed to come back with their impressive armoury and attempt to outwit this most cunning adversary! We look forward to your return lads, anglers in the true meaning of the word!

Another couple of lads from the Windermere area we were talking to on Saturday (Sorry lads I forgot your names) were kind enough to point out that the annual Pike spawning ritual looks like it has commenced. We watched whilst speaking to them as fish thrashed and darted about on the surface at the top of the Lowes, great to witness such action. The water temp yesterday had risen to eight degrees usually a sign of things to come! Frog activity was also furiously taking place so they wont be feeling the effects of the cold then!

These lads are typical of the anglers who now visit the lochs decent friendly and amiable chaps come back anytime you like, you are most welcome!

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